Research and Policy Center Five Most Popular Articles of 2023: Capital Markets


The “Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2023” takes the top spot.

The CFA Institute Research and Policy Center (RPC) focuses on four forward-looking research themes to drive content engagement, action, and outcomes. These themes are Capital Markets (Strengthening the Structural Resiliency of Capital Markets); Technology (Understanding the Latest Developments in Data Analytics, Technology, and Automation); Industry Future (Providing New Insights into the Future of the Profession); and Sustainability (Advancing the Industry’s Thinking on Sustainability Challenges).


Below are the most popular top five articles of 2023 published under the Capital Markets theme in the RPC since its inception. The theme underscores a commitment to the dynamic relationship among asset managers, asset owners, and individual investors/savers through the capital markets, given the backdrop of trends in the regulatory and policy environment.

1. “Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2023”

This report delivers the world’s most comprehensive comparison of 47 retirement income systems, representing 64% of the global population, and suggests ways to improve the efficacy of each pension system studied.

2. “Cryptoassets: Beyond the Hype”

Based on interviews of investment professionals and crypto experts, this report, by Stephen Deane, CFA, and Olivier Fines, CFA, goes beyond the hype to understand the state of crypto investing and the implications for investors and policymakers.


3. “CFA Institute Global Survey on Central Bank Digital Currencies”

Stephen Deane, CFA, and Olivier Fines, CFA, gauge demand for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) by examining the attitudes of a significant segment of potential CBDC end-users. Their data is derived from a CFA Institute global membership survey.

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4. Revisiting the Equity Risk Premium

Held once a decade since 2001, the Equity Risk Premium Forum gathers leading investment minds to discuss new equity risk premium (ERP) research and key trends. The 2021 consensus was lower expected returns in the future. The publication, edited by Laurence B. Siegel and Paul McCaffrey, includes contributor updates by Clifford Asness and Jeremy Siegel, among others, from 2023.

5. Valuation of Cryptoassets: A Guide for Investment Professionals

The valuation of bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptoassets is a challenge for the investment industry. Urav Soni and Rhodri Preece, CFA, review the tools available to value cryptoassets, and in doing so, aim to help practitioners better understand the dynamics of cryptoassets.


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