20 Things People Do That Are So Wholesome


When you think of the world today, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the negativity that saturates our news feeds and social media. But beneath all the grime and grimness lies a world full of countless wholesome people and things. To prove this point, we’ve compiled a list of some awesomely heartwarming behaviors below.

1. When People Get Really Excited Over Something

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One user posted, “When people get really excited over something they enjoy.”


Another user replied, “I’m like 99% certain this is the only reason my girlfriend is into me. I’ll catch myself getting way too into the weeds explaining some tedious technical thing that she obviously couldn’t care less about, start apologizing for getting carried away, and say, ‘No, keep going. I love seeing you get really into things you care about, even if I don’t understand!’ She’s a keeper.”

2. When Someone Remembers a Really Small Detail I’ve Only Mentioned Once

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There’s very little that can make you feel more loved than when you feel seen. There’s something uniquely special to knowing that somebody paid close attention to you, to what you said and what you love.

One user shared, “When someone remembers a really random small detail I’ve only mentioned once.”


Another user commented, “Bought a girlfriend her favourite flower for Valentine’s Day. She was blown away because she didn’t remember ever saying it was her favourite. She had mentioned it in passing on maybe the second date. But yeah, I won a billion brownie points for that.”

3. Doing the Right Thing Even When It’s Inconvenient

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It’s hard enough to do the right thing when it seems minor or negligible, or when nobody’s going to know. But if you choose to do the right thing even when it might hurt other people’s perception of you, that’s a pretty incredible display of character.

Another Redditor posted, “Doing the right thing even when it’s inconvenient. I was on a date, and he took a call from a friend in crisis. They worked the problem out, and he said ‘I love you’ to his friend (who said it back). He explained he needed to take the call and apologized that it happened during the date. No apology is necessary! He demonstrated loyalty and vulnerability, and it was incredibly [attractive]. Even better that it’s just who he is; none of it was for show.”


4. Fully Present Parenting

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There’s a lot of different methods and theories for parenting out there, but no matter what route you take, it’s crucial to remember that children are whole persons. Their desires matter and make a difference, even when correction is needed. And there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing adults treat children with respect and personhood.

“My husband will run around playing games with our son in the playground and fully commit to whatever game. There’s no standing around talking to the adults; he will get fully involved in the make-believe world. 10/10, fully present parenting,” stated one user. 

5. People Who Make Themselves Crack Up

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One Reddit user shared, “People that make themselves crack up. People with their particular and weird little sense of humour that unashamedly laugh at what they think is so funny. Extra points if they’re laughing because of a joke they’re telling themselves. It’s my favourite thing to see someone do.

“As long as the joke doesn’t seriously hurt other people. I love good dark humor. If someone’s genuinely trying to be hateful, it loses appeal completely.”

6. Seeing a Man Be Genuinely Happy for Someone Else

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One user shared, “Seeing a man be genuinely happy for someone else, I recently discovered this about myself.”

Another user replied, “As an add-on to that—when a man is so supportive of his partner and their goals but does not feel threatened by them. I have a bachelor’s degree, while my husband has an AA, so I’ve always made more money than him. I intend to go back to grad school someday & he recently even asked if I’d do my PhD after, something I hadn’t even considered, not because I don’t think I could do it; I just hadn’t thought that far ahead. It made me so giddy knowing he fully believes in my capabilities & is ready to support me no matter what.”

7. When Someone Helps Old People

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The same ego-centric attitude that blinds people to the personhood of children often makes them blind to the personhood and respectability of the elderly. But each of us has been young, and we will eventually be old. We were whole persons then, we are now, and we will be as we age too. We should treat other people with the respect we hope will be offered to us.

“When someone helps old people. Maybe getting up to give their seat to them in a public bus or, in general, helping them carry their heavy bags or something,” one user shared.

One user replied, “Compassion, in general, is such an attractive quality.”

8. Making Sure That Everyone Around Her Has Eaten on Time

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At some point, we’ve all been victim to low blood sugar. Whether you actually felt weak and shaky, or you just got grumpy and irritable, or you noticed it was harder to think clearly, at some point we’ve been affected by the symptoms. So how incredible would it be to have a friend who didn’t take your attitude personally, but just asked if you’ve eaten anything?

Another user shared, “A friend of mine has this habit of ensuring everyone around her has eaten on time. ‘A well-fed tummy makes the brain think properly.’ That’s her exact words.”

9. Silliness, the Sillier, the Hotter

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There is something magical about having friends who know how to be silly. It’s as if the walls really come down and they let you see the playful heart they’ve been holding on to since childhood. Silliness is about as wholesome as it gets.

“Silliness, the sillier, the hotter,” posted one user. 

10. When a Person Knows the Right Time to Listen

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Being able to problem-solve is wonderful, and being the friend who motivates others to take action is impressive. But in an emotional crisis, everybody needs a good listener. It’s extra special to have people you can rely on to listen and understand without feeling the need to solve or fix your problems.

One user shared, “When a person knows the right time to simply listen to someone in distress and the right time to offer advice.”

11. There Is Nothing Like Seeing Compassion in a Man

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There is something almost universally wonderful about meeting a man who has tenderness and compassion.

Another Redditor shortly shared her husband’s story and said, “My husband grew up extremely poor. Not homeless, but close. Whenever we’re out, and we see someone asking for food, he will quietly walk over and take them to whatever restaurant they want. He will then order them whatever they want. When we met, he was in grad school and had no money. He still did this. It made me swoon.”

One commenter replied, “There is nothing like seeing compassion in a man.”

12. Confident Without Being Cocky

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It takes a lot of character to be willing to let others get the credit, to show of that they know the answers, while you also know the answers. That’s humility. And humility with intelligence is an incredible trait. Humility allows us to see others and serve others, and help others do well; but paired with a good intellect and the ability to succeed well? That’s nearly unbeatable.

“How to explain this…? When I was in junior high, all the good students would raise their hands, barely staying in their seats, just desperately trying to get called on. There was this one guy, Jack, who just leaned back and watched. Totally chill. Jack NEVER raised his hand. But any time the teacher called on him, he knew the answer.

“He was the smartest guy in the class, but he felt ZERO desire to prove it or show off. I found that So. [Dang]. Hot. I’ve been drawn to quiet confidence ever since,” shared one Redditor.

13. They Cared About the Burdens I Face

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Sympathy is the ability to care about somebody’s problems, but empathy is when you’re able to feel some of the same things they feel, either because you’ve been in the same circumstance or because you’ve felt those feelings in another situation. And empathy will win loyalty like no other skill or trait.

One user stated, “Empathy. I would follow someone into battle at the Fields of Pelennor or the Black Gate of Mordor if I got the sense that they understood and cared about the burdens I face.”

Another user confirmed and responded, “100% the same.”

14. When They Cook for Me

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I’ve heard it said that when a friend or family member is grieving, instead of asking how they are, you can just ask if they’ve eaten yet today. And if they haven’t, you can take care of them and make them feel loved just by making them a meal to eat. Food really does act as a love language.

“Being cooked for. Nothing better than your significant other making sure you’re fed.” 

15. He Can Talk to Anyone

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“My husband is basically a collection of wholesome traits that I find outrageously attractive. He never snarks, gossips, or puts people down. He’s all about lifting people, whatever their life may be. He loves to hype people and celebrate life.

“He can talk to anyone and make a connection. He would go to anyone’s family cookout and legitimately be so happy to try the food and find out what your aunts and uncles were like. When I say, ‘Hey, someone new is coming to our house for dinner/to spend the weekend,’ he’s just like, ‘Cool! Let’s plan recipes!’

“Our Maine Coon has him absolutely under her control. He talks to her so sweetly. He’s precious with our old lady dog. One of my favorite pics of him is from a hike where her joints started hurting. He carried her like a baby the rest of the way, and she looks so happy in the pic.

“No matter how tired he is, when we are visiting any of our parents, he fixes things around their house for them. It’s nothing for him just to install a dishwasher or move machinery equipment.

“He really, really appreciates anything new he gets. Like I got him some nice sandals a few weeks ago, and he has told me how much he likes them at least four times.

“When we became a couple, he made a video for me. It was a screen recording of him deleting all his dating apps. Each one asked why he wanted to cancel/delete, and he gave them a 1-star review and wrote, ‘Didn’t have BurntGreens.’ And the two apps he did match with me on, he gave five stars and said, ‘Found BurntGreens.’

“In every decision I’ve seen him make, he chooses what’s best for the greater good over what’s easiest for himself.

“He’s become fishing buddies with our neighbour, who is a very good dude as well. My husband recently bought a boat—something both guys have wanted for a long time and the neighbor couldn’t afford. My husband said, ‘Now, this isn’t my boat. It’s our boat. We’re both captains.’

“When I told him how much I struggled with self-esteem stuff once, he bought a heart-shaped bowl and filled it with little folded pieces of paper, each describing something different he loved about me. … 

“EDIT: I’m so glad y’all love him as much as I do! Man, I could talk about that dude all day.

“Someone commented on him sounding too optimistic. If you only knew this dude’s backstory—he’s lived through crazy, crazy life experiences and been so resilient. He wound up dropping out of high school as a result, lived through [some awful things], and pulled himself up. Today, he’s a self-taught IT engineer,” shared one user.

16. When Someone Is Singing or Humming to Themselves

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There’s something beautiful about knowing that a person can be content and happy in their own little world. It’s as if they’re able to create their own little contented environment, and people who do that are so often able to invite you into cheerful and contented environments. Those people cultivate joy on purpose.

Another online user posted, “Whenever someone is singing or humming a song to themselves and they seem like they’re just lost in their own world, it usually makes my heart skip a beat. My ex used to do this a lot, and it was one of the cutest things they’d do.”

17. Being Friendly to Animals

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It’s been a true test for ages now; if you’re kind to your animals, you’re likely to be kind to people as well. It takes humility and consideration to make sure your animals are taken care of properly, and if you’ve cultivated the ability to be kind and tender towards an animal, then it comes much easier with people.

“Being nice to animals,” one Redditor shared.

18 Watching Anyone Be Good With Kids

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One user shared, “Watching anyone be good with kids, really listening and engaging with them makes me think nothing but about how nice they are, and I bet they’d look great being not nice to me in the bedroom …”

Another user replied, “I’ve been on the receiving end of this several times. First time it ever happened as a teen. I didn’t realize she pounced on me once we left the house because I was nice to her nephew and niece … “

19 When a Guy Has a Positive Mindset Despite All Odds

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There’s a time for compassionate listening, and there’s a time for getting down to the solution. And sometimes finding a solution takes lots of work and gets pretty stressful. It requires the ability to come up with lots of ideas and the ability to cheerfully accept that many of those ideas may not be the right ones. That’s a pretty rare trait all around, but for women who are more focused on emotional connection, holding a relationship as separate from the process of finding a solution and shooting down ideas is extra hard. And therefore, extra fantastic.

Another user stated, “When a guy has a positive mindset despite all odds. The ability to find a solution instead of being negative is hot …”

One user replied, “In the same vein, women who can collaborate to solve a problem. I do IT work, so it’s a requirement at work, but when it happens outside of work naturally, it’s pretty f- awesome.”

20. Being Genuine

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All of us put up some kind of front, at some point. But there’s a huge difference between simply toning down your normally exuberant behavior so you don’t disrupt a classroom, and practicing a masking behavior with the hope that nobody will see past it. And occasionally, you’ll meet someone who tries to keep the mask off entirely as often as possible, and their honest and openness can be really refreshing.

“Being genuine. So many people I deal with try to project this attitude and personality that just [isn’t] them, and it shows. It feels dishonest, and it feels shallow. Like they are trying to be some idealized person to capture someone they want, and then what will they do? Keep up the lie forever, change, or revert to who they are and hope the person will stay. It just is something that really means a lot to me is when someone is genuine with who they are. Even a s- person is less s- to me if they are true about it,” one user shared. 

Do you agree with the things listed above? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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