10 Offbeat Team Building Activities in Canberra for Unlimited Fun


1. Why are Team Building Activities Important?

Team building activities are a very essential part of ensuring that your team is successful at achieving its goals. One way this happens is that these activities help to enhance communication. as they provide team members with a chance to socialize in an informal environment.

In addition, team building activities can also be a fantastic way to foster mutual trust, which would eventually result in a higher level of cooperation as they are more likely to work together to achieve set goals. Finally, engaging in team building activities encourages teammates to think out of the box, so they are more likely to provide fresh creative ideas when they are back in the workplace.

2. Top 10 Team Building Activities in Canberra

2.1. Take a Walk at John Knight Memorial Park

Take a Walk at John Knight Memorial Park

Location: Belconnen


One of the most beautiful outdoor team building activities in Canberra is taking a walk at the John Knight Memorial Park. Located on the eastern foreshores of Lake Ginninderra, and part of Lake Ginninderra District Park, this is a park that comes with amazing amenities.

It sits on a large 12-hectare area and includes facilities like barbecue facilities, fitness equipment, playgrounds, a disc golf course, basketball courts, and picnic facilities with recreational opportunities for all ages. Due to the varied options of activities available for your team, and the outdoorsy nature of these activities, a walk at the John Knight Memorial Park, with your team, can be one of the best fun activities in Canberra you’d ever have. 

Price: Free


Duration: 60-120 minutes

2.2. Challenge Yourself at the Riddle Room Canberra

Location: Mitchell

Looking for an opportunity to get your team to wind up and catch a breath, and also not lose their cutting-edge skills? One way to do this is to get them a date at the Riddle Room, one of Canberra’s top-rated escape room centers. With four rooms on the ground and more to come, this escape room venue offers your team a different kind of entertainment, compared to the lunch breaks in the cafès.


They also allow you to customize some of their puzzles for special occasions, allowing you to design them to bring out the best of the different skills and personality mix in your group. This makes it one of the best team building activities in Canberra for your team.

Price: $42 to $55 per person

Duration: 60 minutes

2.3. Experience flying at the Jet Flight Simulator Canberra

Experience flying at the Jet Flight Simulator Canberra

Location: Lyneham

One of the team building activities in Canberra for adults is participating in the Jet Flight Simulation Challenge at the Jet Flight Simulator. At the Jet Flight Simulator, your team is allowed to experience an unforgettable flight experience that is based on the Boeing 737-800NG run by professional pilots.  This means that you get to become a pilot for a day using one of the most advanced flight simulators in Australia. 

In this simulation, an experienced instructor will guide you through your successful flight. Each “pilot” can also take up to three passengers with them in the cockpit. You can also choose from 22,000 airports and all kinds of weather conditions.

Price: $110 to $299

Duration: 30 to 120 minutes

2.4. Tour Around AIS (Australian Institute of Sports)

Location: Bruce

Another activity your team can engage in is a tour around the Australian Institute of Sports. This is one of the few sports team building activities in Canberra that you can engage in. 

The Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) is a world-renowned training facility for top athletes. But it’s also open to the public, offering an amazing opportunity for groups and individuals to experience the best of Australian sports.

Located on a 65-hectare site, the Australian Institute of Sports at Canberra campus allows your team to further hone their collaborative skills and competitive nature. The site also includes a Visitor Centre and the AIS Arena, which is a 4,200-seat indoor multi-purpose sports center used for sports, concerts, functions, exhibitions, and other public events.

Price: $20 to $57

Duration: 90 minutes

2.5. Enjoy Axe Throwing at Maniax

Enjoy Axe Throwing at Maniax

Location: Canberra

With the recent popularity of axe throwing as a form of entertainment, it could serve as one of the many indoor team building activities in Canberra. This activity brings both the physical challenge of the activity and the social engagement of being part of a group. 

With Viking-themed artworks, set in a space that looks like a warehouse, Maniax is set up in a way to invite you into an adventurous journey. They have “ Axeperts” who seek to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their skill level, can have an enjoyable experience. They also have a dining area where you and your team can enjoy pizza, and savor refreshing soft drinks to complete your thrilling axe-throwing session. 

While it may not be the most popular activity, you can be sure that all of your team can have an addictive, and adrenaline-pumped experience throwing axes at targets. 

Price: $49 to $118. Multiple packages with different inclusions

Duration: 120 minutes

2.6. Play Racing at Power Kart Raceway

Location: Griffith

One of the things to do in Canberra for young adults and groups is to race at Power Kart Raceway. With a multi-level track designed to challenge and excite drivers of all skill levels, the indoor karting venue boasts additional top-of-the-line electric vehicles, giving you an amazing riding experience.

So, if you’re looking forward to having a team building session with your teammates, especially one that is fun, challenging, and competitive, this one would be perfect for you and your team

Price: $36 to $120. Multiple packages available 

Duration: 30 min

2.7. Take a Dip at Manuka Swimming Pool

Location: Griffith

One of the best places to hold team building activities in Canberra for adults, is Manuka Pool, as you all can enjoy a swim, relax in the sun, or have some fun playing card or board games.

With its art deco design, expansive lawns, and pools, it has become a great place to host corporate events in Canberra. 

The 50-meter pool’s main attraction is water aerobics so you and the team can look forward to enjoying some fun physical sports. However, the pool is only open during the summer months, and there is an entry fee. Also, it can get crowded on weekends and holidays.

Price: $8.50 to $76.50

Duration: 60-180 minutes

2.8. Have Fun at the Big Splash Waterpark

Have Fun at the Big Splash Waterpark

Location: Macquarie

Getting your team to have a fun date at the Big Splash Waterpark can be one of the best team building activities in Canberra you can engage in. Over the years, this waterpark has grown to become a haven for thrill-seekers and aquatic enthusiasts alike. With a diverse selection of slides, from towering plunges like the Tornado and the Kamikaze, to winding tunnels like the Black Hole and the Anaconda, you can be assured that your team will be bubbling with excitement.

It also comes with other perks like arcades with games, food courts offering a wide selection of snacks and drinks and a large wave pool. However, it is important to note that Big Splash Waterpark is only open during the summer months. 

Price: $6 to $28

Duration: 4-5 hours

2.9. Visit the Casino Canberra

Location: Canberra

The Casino Canberra is an amazing and unique blend of old and new, as it boasts a charming art deco design that dates back to 1994. It has recently undergone a major renovation, adding a new extension that houses a variety of new restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Although it is a smaller casino in size, it can meet your requirements for team building activities in Canberra. The casino comes with a variety of table games that include blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and craps. You also have a pretty good number of slot machines to pick from.  

The intimate setting of the casino makes it a perfect fit for a group looking for a venue to recharge and enjoy the good times.

Price: Starts from $234 per person

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

2.10. Break Things at Breakr

Break Things at Breakr

Location: Fyshwick

Pent-up emotions and workplace tensions can be extremely distracting and counterproductive to the effectiveness of any team. As a result, inviting your team to go break things at Breakr can be one of the best team building activities in Canberra.

However, Breakr isn’t your typical entertainment venue. It has grown to become a safe space for people who need to let loose and break things. They provide the breaking tools like a hammer or crowbar and over 30 breakables such as glass utensils, and ceramics. So, it might be best to bring your team here after a bad day or a deal gone south, just for them to let out the negative emotions, although in a controlled environment. After the session, you get to wind down with food and drinks making it a cathartic experience for the team.

Price: $50 to $100. Three packages available.

Duration: < 60 minutes

3. FAQs 

3.1. What are the 6 C’s of team building?

The 6 C’s of team building are: Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Conflict Resolution, and Celebration.

3.2. What are the different soft skills for team building?

Soft skills needed for team building include effective communication, active listening, collaboration, and adaptability. These skills enhance teamwork, promote a positive work environment, and contribute to the overall success of the team.

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