How We Made $5K In 24 Hours In 2 Sales


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We just sold two items in 24 hours to make $5,000 on eBay!

This just shows you how much success you can have with high profit flipping. We’ll share how we found these items and sold them. 

We’ve noticed an uptick in sales lately because I’ve been listing more. So list more and sell more! Quarter four is also generally good for resellers because people are shopping for Christmas. We don’t buy stuff that is necessarily for Christmas, but we’ve just been listing more. 


Road Trip Flips

The first item we picked up on our road trip over the summer. We’ve been doing summer road trips across the country for the last four years to see national parks, and we bring a trailer to pick up items along the way. This item is a commercial exercise machine. It’s a total gym machine and it’s not the run of the mill ones you see everywhere; it’s a machine used in rehabilitation facilities. It’s commercial, it’s heavy, and it’s big.

I found this in Michigan for $40 and it sold for $2,500. These things are over $5,000 new and it’s in great condition. 

Finding items on the road shows you can find items anywhere, not just in super busy cities. 


Shipping Out Of State

The second item we found while we were attending a Mastermind event in Boise, Idaho. It was a cooktop that we found while thrifting in Boise. I talked to my friends who live in Idaho before I bought it and asked them if they could store it there until it sold and had to be shipped out. They were okay with it, so I bought it, cleaned it up, photographed it, and palleted it up so it was ready to ship when it sold. 

We flew back from Boise and then I listed it for sale and it sold within a month of listing.

I got it for $150 and it sold for $2,500.

How We Made $5K In 24 Hours In 2 Sales

Why Sell On eBay?

I picked both of these up using local apps like OfferUp or Marketplace. Why can we make so much more on eBay? 

We are taking items from a small community or city, and listing them nationally so they are before a lot more people. The exercise equipment was from a small town in Michigan with a population of maybe 20,000. 

Now, putting it on eBay, I’ll get it in front of millions of registered users, which gives me better chances of selling it at the price I want to make. 

Both of these items shipped freight, but they fit in the back of a minivan or SUV. You don’t need a forklift or trailer to get started. You can get started in this high profit flipping business with what you have.

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