Office Jobs With No Experience: Career Path for Newbies

There are many reasons why a person needs an entry-level office job, including gaining relevant experience, mastering new skills, learning more about a profession, growing a network, and more. Working an office job with little or no experience may seem daunting, but there are few barriers to entry if a person is willing to learn. 

So, as an entry-level office worker, you can start earning quickly and develop related experience to develop your career at the same time. In this article, we will take a closer look at five office jobs that you can perform with no experience.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the easiest office jobs to perform with no relevant experience. That said, this is a job for a person who is detail-oriented because accuracy is extremely important. A data entry specialist will copy text to a document or spreadsheet to categorize data efficiently. 

This is a flexible job and you can work online from home and easily schedule work around other commitments. The typical rate of pay is around $15 per hour, but this is a route into higher-paying work.

Customer Service Rep 

The pandemic changed many lives and this was especially noticeable when it came to remote working. Out of necessity, many companies pivoted to support remote workers to continue operations throughout the lockdowns. There was an increase in the demand for remote customer service representatives to deal with phone calls, emails, complaints, and queries from customers trapped at home. 

After the pandemic, this trend continued because many people prefer to shop online and remote workers are an important part of the supporting infrastructure. Many employers need a high school diploma from people who want to work in this field and others may require a college degree. 

There are many opportunities for people who have a good grasp of modern communication and technology. Many employers offer on-the-job training for people who have rusty skills, and a remote customer agent can earn around $28,500 per year. 

Admin Assistant 

An admin assistant is often referred to as a virtual assistant and this is an excellent job for people who have other commitments. Virtual assistants work remotely for their clients to help them complete administrative tasks that would distract them from their core business. 

Virtual assistant tasks may also include scheduling, data entry, proofreading, editing, invoicing, ghostwriting, replying to emails, and more. Working in administrative positions will not likely get you bored, as the work is pretty varied, and you can expect to earn around $15 per hour. If you have strong organizational skills, you can have multiple clients to earn $60 per hour or even more!

Social Media Coordinator 

Many companies have one or more marketing positions to boost the profile of their business. Social media has been an incredibly powerful tool to promote goods and services and to engage in messaging that boosts the brand.

If you enjoy using social media and you understand marketing, you can offer your services to businesses. Some of the key roles in the social media coordinator niche include Facebook Ads manager, SEO strategist, content strategist, social media manager, and more. 

If you have gaps in your knowledge, there are online courses that can help you change your interest in social media into a marketable skill. A social media coordinator can expect to earn around $21 per hour and working with multiple clients at the same time can further boost the hourly rate.


Many people have a fixed idea of what a secretary or office assistant does, but this role has changed a great deal in the last decade. The usual responsibilities remain, such as taking messages, typing, answering calls, keeping a business diary, scheduling appointments, preparing reports, and more. 

But, an online secretary now needs to have even better communication skills, and they are often working as part of a flexible team. Many employers will require no formal qualifications, but some may ask for a high school diploma. A smaller group of employers may require a degree in information science, English, IT, or some other relevant subject. 

Many employers will want applicants who have some relevant administration or office work experience. These skills can be gained from working temp jobs with recruitment agencies, which can lead to full-time work opportunities. 

Some employers may be looking for candidates with audio typing experience or the capability to type a minimum number of words per minute. These skills can be gained with online secretarial courses or at a further education college. 

Temporary vs Full Time 

We are lucky to live in a time when there are numerous opportunities to work online and offline in a temporary or full-time capacity. No job is perfect, but there are pros and cons to consider when you’re looking for a new job:

Temporary Work

Engaging in temporary work is a great way to gain relevant experience and achieve certain career goals. If this sounds like the right career move at this time, there are several pros and cons that may affect your decision:


  • Growing a Resume: A temp worker can work in a wider variety of positions, and this can help them gain the skills and experiences that an employer needs.

  • Job Flexibility: A temp job offers a lot of flexibility that you simply cannot find in a full-time office position. This can give you time to work on personal projects, travel (for remote workers,) and more.

  • Growing a Network: A temp worker will work with a wide variety of professionals who value a strong work ethic and useful skills. This will be helpful later if you want to work full-time or develop a freelancing career.

  • Finding a Full-Time Job: Temp work is varied and it can be rewarding, but many people would prefer to find full-time employment. One of the best ways to secure a full-time position is to showcase what you can do to potential employers.


  • No Stability: A temp worker will be entirely dependent on the job market and the availability of work may vary at times. Developing multiple skills can offset the risks to a certain extent, but there are no guarantees.

  • No Benefits: Benefits are not guaranteed for temporary workers.

  • No Job Security: Steady employment is the antithesis of temporary work. But, if you’re regularly networking and developing new skills, it’s pretty easy to transition between positions as needed.

Full-Time Work

There are several full-time employment benefits, but for some people with unique goals for their careers, it can be stifling. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a full-time job position in more detail:


  • A Fixed Work Schedule: A full-time employee is expected to work on a set schedule, which may be an advantage for people who want their day planned out for them.

  • Secure Salary: This is probably the greatest advantage for most workers. Engaging in full-time employment will ensure that you get steady payments every month for your work.

  • Company Benefits: If employee benefits are an important consideration for you, then full-time employment is desirable. Many companies offer comprehensive benefits for full-time employees, including paid time off, healthcare, and more.


  • A Lack of Resume Versatility: If you want to develop certain skills or garner experience in other areas, you may feel limited in a full-time position.

  • A Stagnant Career: When you’re performing the same daily tasks for months on end, it’s easy to experience atrophy in your skill set, and your career may stagnate.


Working as a freelancer is a great way to use your skills to obtain more experience for a part-time or full-time job later. Finding the right freelancing opportunity to meet your needs will be determined by what you know and what you want to learn. Let’s take a look at three popular freelancing jobs in more detail:

Freelance Graphic Designer

Working as a freelancer in this field requires a specific skill set and a working knowledge of design software, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, and others. It can be hard to find work at first, but if you’ve got a good eye for creative designs and you can work quickly, you will attract clients.

 A freelance graphic designer can work from home and the rate of pay will vary from $25 up to $100 per hour depending on your experience. Freelance graphic design work can be found on a number of different freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many others.

Freelance Web Designer

This role is disregarded by many people because they believe that there is an insurmountable barrier to entry. But, many aspects of web design can be outsourced to talented freelancers, and it is entirely possible to work as a kind of project manager. The demand for efficient and well-designed websites has never been higher, and you will have plenty of work if you can work on a modest budget. 

No deep programming knowledge is needed to get started with basic website design, and you can earn as you learn. To work on more lucrative projects, you will need more programming skills later. The route into this field is informal. People like to look at your work and it’s easy to get started on a gig platform like Fiverr.

With some experience, you could expect to earn $29 per hour, and this will rise as your skills progress and as you gain experience. To fill in gaps in your knowledge, there are thousands of hours of free programming tutorials on YouTube alone. 

Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer can be a lucrative part-time job or a full-time career. You can work from home online; this is a flexible job so it’s easy to work around other commitments. There are many freelancing writing platforms for networking and finding clients who want to employ your services, such as Babble, Narratively, Upwork, and others. 

You can even start out with simple writing jobs on Fiverr to build up your skills and confidence. Freelance writers tend to write about a wide variety of topics and this ensures that you won’t be bored as you work. The hourly rate is $15 for a complete beginner, but if you develop your skills and build a client base, this could rise to $200,000 per year.

Tips for Getting Office Jobs with No Experience: 

Let’s take a look at five tips that can help you get an office job with little or no experience:

  • Adopt a Flexible Approach: At first, it’s a good idea to take part-time and temporary jobs that are available right now. These roles may not be what you’re ultimately looking for, but you will be earning money and you gain valuable skills and working experience. This will help you fill your resume to secure the position that you really want later.

  • Use a Temp Agency: One of the best ways to obtain temporary work is through a temp agency and they tend to have a lot of entry-level office jobs. This will give you the opportunity to work in different agencies to discover which work you enjoy most. A good temp agency will also be prepared to discuss your career plans, and they may help you find your dream job.

  • Customize Your Resume: This can be a lot of work, but it’s really worth it so take some time to customize your resume for every job posting that interests you. Read the job listing to see what skills and experiences you need to emphasize for that specific role. When you’ve done this a few times, you will have some variety in your resume to fit most entry-level job applications.

  • Emphasize Your Transferable Skills: These are the skills that can be valuable in an office job, even if you’ve never worked in an office environment before. Check your work history and look for skills that could be applied to office work, such as basic math, specific software experience, attention to detail, customer service skills, typing, and more. Placing sufficient emphasis on these skills could improve your chance of securing an entry-level office job.

  • Consider an Internship: Although internships are unpaid, these programs are always competitive because they are a great way to pick up contacts, experience, and useful skills. Some companies will hire interns for full-time positions when the internship ends, which can be a significant draw for many people seeking employment. Even if you are cut loose to look elsewhere, completing an internship is a great experience to put on your resume. 


If you want to try low to no-experience jobs, the advice in this article may help you to secure a temporary, part-time, or full-time position. Remember that you can always earn as you learn, and gaining experience in multiple industries can be beneficial. Freelancing is a viable alternative; you can gain the skills you need gradually and develop a side gig into a full-time career. 

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