15 Best Capacity Planning Software for 2023


Selection Criteria:

In our quest to find the best resource capacity planning tools, we have analyzed the most popular tools in the market. Let’s take a look at five selection criteria that we used to review and compare the best tools for planning and managing resource capacity:

  • 1

    User friendliness & Navigation:

    A user-friendly interface enables you to navigate and understand the tool’s features
    easily, thus reducing the learning curve. Additionally, it allows users to filter and
    drill down relevant information quickly and save time. Therefore, user-friendliness and
    easy navigation are key features to look for when looking for a robust capacity planning

  • 2

    Configurability & Scalability:

    A tool should have a flexible architecture to accommodate the specific needs of your
    business. For example, can it handle your current needs, as well as your future growth?
    Will it handle increasing volumes of data without compromising its performance or
    accuracy? Hence, a highly configurable and scalable tool is necessary to meet your
    organization’s evolving requirements.

  • 3

    Multi-dimensional Forecasting:

    Multi-dimensional forecasting is a critical feature that enables organizations to predict
    future resource needs based on historical data, trends, and other factors. This capability
    can help organizations optimize their resource efficiency and performance. As a result,
    advanced forecasting is a must-have for any good resource capacity planning software.


  • When buying any software, testing out how it effortlessly integrates with your existing business applications is essential. A robust workforce capacity planning software should seamlessly integrate with your business ecosystem to provide a single version of the truth.

  • 5

    Built-in Reporting Analytics:

    Built-in reporting analytics such as graphs, capacity vs. demand reports, configurable dashboards, capacity tracker data visualization, etc., allows users to monitor KPIs, identify performance gaps, and make data-driven business decisions. Further, capacity planning tools should enable you to export data in various formats, such as CSV or Excel, to facilitate further analysis.

  • Pricing is a critical consideration, and it’s essential to conduct a cost-benefit analysis
    to evaluate whether a tool is worth the investment. Additionally, maintenance, training,
    and support costs should be factored in when selecting software to ensure that it aligns
    with the organization’s budget and needs.

Best Resource Capacity Planning Software Overviews

Best Capacity Planning Software for Enterprises


Saviom provides real-time visibility into critical KPIs with robust reporting

Suitable for:
Medium to enterprise-level organizations

SAVIOM capacity planning tool

is designed to help enterprises build an optimized workforce and future-proof their business.
With a robust client base of Fortune 500 companies across 50+ countries, Saviom has
established itself as a market leader in this space.

What makes Saviom unique?

Saviom is equipped with advanced forecasting capabilities that help in proactive demand
management. The tool enables companies to forward plan pipeline project requirements and
identify potential resourcing bottlenecks. Besides that, the capacity vs. demand reports help
identify workforce shortage/excess, minimizing last-minute firefighting for skilled employees.
Utilization heat maps help overcome under/overutilization and optimize the workforce. Forecast
vs. actuals helps improve future estimations of work.

The people-on-the-bench and project vacancy reports play a vital role in effectively
allocating resources to high-priority work and reducing bench time. Furthermore, the
customizable dashboards and BI-powered analytics provide insights into critical financial
metrics such as cost, revenue, profit margins, etc., allowing you to control the project
budget ahead of time. Overall, Saviom and its outstanding range of features is a valuable
addition if you are looking to streamline the capacity planning framework.

Saviom Features:

  • Advanced forecasting & capacity planning
  • Customized dashboards, portals, analytics, and reports
  • Real-time resource optimization, modeling & simulation
  • Early warning system & integration capabilities
  • In-built timesheet module

Saviom Pricing:

Saviom has a tiered

pricing model

that varies depending on the number of power and lite licenses. They offer a

60-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Tool for Professional Services


PMEntire helps futureproof the workforce with its advanced forecasting

Suitable for:
Small to medium professional services firms


is a next-gen capacity planning software equipped with powerful features that help
organizations gain foresight into the future and beat market volatility. The tool’s BI-based
forecasting capabilities are unparalleled, allowing businesses to accurately predict pipeline
resource demand and identify capacity vs. demand gaps well in advance.

What makes PMEntire special?

The tool lets users forecast and track critical metrics such as project financials, vacancies,
people on the bench, resource utilization, risks, etc., for agile capacity planning. In
addition, the platform’s customizable dashboards and real-time reporting provide insights into
resource excess/shortages and help managers take suitable course-corrective actions. Being a
highly configurable and user-friendly software, PMEntire is one of the best capacity planning
tools on this list.

PMEntire Features:

  • Advanced forecasting and early warning systems
  • Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Customizable dashboards, reports, and analytics
  • Seamless integration capabilities

PMEntire Pricing:

Pricing is available on request. PMEntire offers a

60-day free trial.

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Best Resource Capacity Management Software for Every Business


Monday.com provides visibility into potential resource bottlenecks with multi-dimensional

Suitable for:
Medium to large enterprises

is a versatile platform with an advanced capacity planner that allows organizations to predict
and manage team capacity across all projects effectively.

What makes Monday special?

The tool enables businesses to plan future resource requirements based on accurate
forecasting. In addition, the configurable, multi-dimensional dashboard and reports allow you
to visualize team members’ workload and identify any potential capacity issues. Users can also
view data in different formats like timelines, calendars, or Gantt charts to see their team’s
capacity and availability. Monday.com’s capacity planning software can help you optimize
resource schedules and stay on top of the projects.

Monday.com Features:

  • Dynamic capacity forecasting capabilities
  • Customizable fields and multi-dimensional dashboards
  • Time tracking
  • Business tool integration

Monday.com Pricing:

starts from $6/user/month. The platform offers a free version for up to two users. The pro
version offers a

14-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Software for Creative Teams


Smartsheet swiftly addresses critical talent gaps with data-driven capacity

Suitable for:
Small to large organizations

is a feature-rich work management software that offers robust capacity planning features for
businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, the
software can be configured to meet the multi-faceted needs of your business.

What makes Smartsheet special?

Smartsheet has excellent capacity forecasting features that anticipate hiring needs based on
existing team capacity and project pipeline. The platform lets you view and manage resources
across multiple projects, allowing team leads to streamline resource schedules and resolve
staffing conflicts in real time.

In addition, the tool’s robust
reporting analytics,
including Gantt charts, calendars, and dashboards, enables managers to analyze complex data,
spot evolving trends, and plan for future growth. A standout feature of the software is its
capacity planning template
which makes calculating capacity gaps effortless. With its range of visualization, forecasting tools, and integration capabilities, Smartsheet is an ideal capacity management tool to align your resource plans with broader business goals.

Smartsheet Features:

  • Real-time capacity management
  • Simplified resource allocation
  • Dynamic dashboards, reports, and analytics
  • Pre-built capacity planning templates
  • Seamless integration with other applications

Smartsheet Pricing:

For a single user, the plan is free.
for the Pro plan starts at $7 per user/month, and the Business plan starts at $25 per
user/month. The cost of the Enterprise plan is available on request. Smartsheet offers a

14-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Solution for Dynamic Businesses


Kantata uses advanced algorithms to predict project timelines and resource demands

Suitable for:
Small to mid-size Professional Service Organizations

has an excellent suite of capacity planning capabilities that enables PSOs to balance supply
vs. demand and stay ahead of ever-growing client expectations.

What makes Kantata unique?

The software’s forecasting module uses advanced algorithms to accurately predict project timelines and resource demands. Moreover, the tool’s custom dashboards allow managers to visualize data, recognize skill gaps, and identify development opportunities. In addition, the insightful reports and analytics provide information on parameters such as unstaffed demand, remaining capacity, and soft/hard allocations that help companies optimize their resource efficiency. Altogether, Kantata’s powerful planning abilities and minimalist UI make it a top-notch capacity management software for all businesses.

Kantata Features:

  • Capacity management and advanced forecasting
  • Task scheduling and management
  • Customizable fields, dashboards, reports, and templates
  • Timesheet management

Kantata Pricing:

information is available on request. Kantata offers a

free demo.

Best Capacity Planning Software for Project Teams


Float helps make smarter resourcing decisions with intuitive capacity planning.

Suitable for:
Small to mid-size companies

is a top-tier capacity planning tool that allows organizations to centralize their resource
data and assign the best person for the job every time.

What makes Float special?

The resource capacity planning software is equipped with forecasting systems that help predict resourcing needs proactively. In addition, the intuitive dashboards offer a real-time view of team schedules, helping managers proactively anticipate and resolve scheduling and allocation bottlenecks. A standout feature is the tool’s ability to set custom availability for team members, allowing you to take into account sick leaves, vacation time, and PTO. Moreover, Float offers robust reporting and analytics that generate customizable reports on capacity, utilization, and project timelines. Therefore, the excellent array of functionalities and configurable settings make Float a suitable capacity planning tool for teams of all sizes and industries.

Float Features:

  • Resource forecasting and team capacity planning
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Dynamic reporting tools

Float Pricing:

The different
pricing model
includes Resource Capacity Planning is $6 per person per month; Capacity Planning + Time
Tracking is $10 per person per month. Float offers a
30-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Tool for Managing Projects and Resources


Wrike offers in-depth insights through customizable dashboards and reports.

Suitable for:
Small to large-size companies

is versatile capacity management software that helps you manage projects and teams on a
centralized platform.

What makes Wrike special?

This agile capacity planning tool provides 360-degree visibility into resource capacity and workloads. This allows managers to take corrective actions to minimize instances of under/overloading. The shared team calendar offers insights into resource schedules and prevents double bookings. Moreover, the software lets users set up automated reports to create a performance metrics database that enables organizations to forward plan future projects. Given the robust functionalities of Wrike, it’s an ideal capacity tracking and planning software for agile project teams.

Wrike Features:

  • Multi-dimensional views and dashboards
  • Time-tracking capabilities
  • Business intelligence and automated reports
  • Customizable resource capacity planning templates
  • Automation and seamless integration

Wrike Pricing:

The software has five
models: a free plan, a team plan for $9.80 a month, and a business plan for $24.80 a month.
The enterprise and pinnacle plan has custom pricing. Wrike offers a
14-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Solution for Agile Teams


Ganttic helps firms balance capacity gaps proactively and run their projects

Suitable for:
Small to large organizations

is a flexible resource capacity planner that helps businesses identify and bridge resourcing
gaps to maximize organizational output.

What makes Ganttic unique?

The software’s high-level overview and accurate forecasts allow firms to plan short and long-term resource requirements ahead of time. This helps prevent resource excess/shortages, eliminating last-minute firefighting. Besides, customizable data fields help organize, filter, and track enterprise resources by multiple dimensions. The tool’s drag-and-drop action allows real-time schedule changes to ensure optimal utilization. Moreover, robust reporting analytics provide data-driven insights into current and future workforce capacity. Therefore, Ganttic is an excellent planning software that helps businesses balance resource capacity to meet dynamically changing client demand.

Ganttic Features:

  • Resource forecasting capabilities
  • Multi-dimensional views
  • Customizable filters, fields, and templates
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Seamless integration

Ganttic Pricing:

Ganttic offers
based on the number of users. The software is free for up to 10 users. For up to 150 users, it
is $149 per month. The price for up to 1000 users is $559 per month. Ganttic also offers a

14-day free trial.

Simplified Capacity Planning Software to Optimize Workloads

Resource Guru

Resource Guru helps identify and mitigate resource bottlenecks before they impact

Suitable for:
Businesses of all sizes

Resource Guru
is dynamic capacity planning software that provides organizations with a clear overview of the
entire resource pool and facilitates better decision-making.

What makes Resource Guru different?

The tool’s unique waiting list functionality helps you predict future team capacity needs and mitigate skill shortages before they become a crisis. Another key feature of Resource Guru is its ability to track your team’s availability and deploy them for projects. In addition, insightful reports can be sliced and diced to view metrics such as utilization, capacity, staff leaves, etc. Based on these data, managers can maintain an equitable workload among team members and avoid burnout. The software also provides capacity planning templates so that you don’t have to create resource capacity plans from scratch. Altogether, Resource Guru and its comprehensive set of features can streamline agile capacity planning in modern organizations.

Resource Guru Features:

  • Resource forecasting capabilities
  • Multi-resource bookings
  • Advanced clash management
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Pre-built capacity plan templates
  • Leave management
  • Robust reporting tools

Resource Guru Pricing:


pricing plan

of Resource Guru includes the Grasshopper plan starting at $2.50 per person per month, the
Blackbelt plan starting at $4.16 per person per month, and the Master plan starting at $6.65
per person per month. Resource Guru provides a

30-day free trial.

Best Forecasting Tool with AI Insights


Forecast enhances workforce productivity with precise project and resource

Suitable for:
Mid to enterprise-level organizations

is an AI-driven native platform that offers top-quality capacity management functionalities to help businesses anticipate future resource needs and optimize project staffing.

What makes Forecast unique?

The software’s powerful resource forecasting tools provide realistic resource estimation based on organizational data. This helps managers avoid workforce shortages or unnecessary hiring. In addition, the visually appealing and interactive UI offers real-time visibility into resource workload and team capacity. Moreover, the BI-enabled reporting and analytical tools provide moment-to-moment insights at the project and portfolio levels. Therefore, Forecast is the perfect capacity planning software that helps eliminate silos and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Forecast Features:

  • AI-assisted capacity planning and management
  • Project planning and optimization
  • Time tracking and management
  • Business Intelligence and real-time reporting

Forecast Pricing:

pricing details
include the Lite plan is priced at $29 per seat per month; the Pro plan is priced at $49 per
seat per month; and the Plus plan price is only available on request. Forecast offers a

free demo.

Best Suited for Scaling Teams

hub planner

Hub Planner harnesses historical data to anticipate future resources needs, ensuring
timely project delivery.

Suitable for:
Small, medium, and enterprise-level companies

Hub Planner
is a complete resource management solution with advanced capacity planning capabilities. This
well-designed tool offers great functionalities that help team-based organizations oversee,
track, and manage resources and projects with ease.

What makes Hub Planner unique?

The software is embedded with a comprehensive
capacity forecasting
module that allows users to predict resource needs based on historical data. This information
can be used to identify and mitigate potential bottlenecks as well as plan for future
projects. Users can also create schedules for resources based on availability, workload, and
other factors, allowing for
real-time capacity planning.

Moreover, the tool’s powerful
data analytics
helps gauge critical resource and project metrics, enabling managers to make smarter business
decisions. You can also share or export any data in real-time with its easy export, share, and
download features. On top of it, Hub Planner also lets you customize reports with its
Report Builder facility.
Overall, Hub Planner is a viable option for businesses looking to optimize their capacity
planning processes.

Hub Planner Features:

  • Robust capacity forecasting tools
  • Vacation and leave management
  • Pre-built reporting templates
  • Seamless integrations

Hub Planner Pricing:

for Plug & Play plan starts at $7 per resource/per month, and the Premium plan starts at $18
per resource/per month. The price for the Business Leader plan, which is for large
enterprises, is available on request. Hub Planner offers a

60-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning & Management Tool with AI Insights


Mosaic proactively bridges talent gaps with its AI-driven capacity planning

Suitable for:
Small to medium companies

is an AI-driven resource capacity planning and management software that brings greater transparency into work, helping businesses maximize utilization and improve profitability.

What makes Mosaic special?

Mosaic has powerful forecasting modules that accurately predict future workloads, enabling
managers to optimize capacity planning. It also alerts organizations when resource demand will
exceed existing capacity, helping them hire before there is a talent shortage. Additionally,
the platform’s
AI Team Builder
analyzes data to suggest competent resources for specific tasks.

Another key feature of Mosaic is its
automation capabilities
that help you streamline every aspect of capacity planning. Lastly, the
customizable dashboards
and easy-to-use
reporting analytics
provide actionable insights that facilitate data-driven decision-making. Overall, Mosaic is a fantastic capacity planner for businesses of all sizes.

Mosaic Features:

  • Forecasting capabilities
  • Robust reporting and data visualization
  • Vacation and absence calendar
  • Timesheet tracking
  • External integrations

Mosaic Pricing:

for the Team plan starts at $9.99 per user per month, and the Business plan starts at $14.99
per user per month. The cost of the Enterprise plan is available on request. Mosaic offers a

30-day free trial.

Best Capacity Planning Tool for Digital agencies


Parallax enables your skilled workforce to meet prevailing demands proactively with
advanced capacity management.

Suitable for:
Small to large professional services agencies

is a versatile capacity planner built for software development firms and digital agencies. The
tool optimizes service operations by consolidating capacity management, project planning, and
sales into a unified platform.

What makes Parallax unique?

Parallax’s robust
forecasting capabilities
provide accurate and actionable insights into future capacity requirements. Besides that, the
team-wide visibility
and easy
drag-and-drop function
of the tool enable firms to evaluate and adjust workload based on the availability of workers.
A key strength of the software is that it
auto-generates resource plans
based on skill requirements and existing team capacity.

The platform leverages
Business Intelligence
to analyze historical and current data and create reliable reports that boost data-driven
staffing decisions. Furthermore, the
scenario-planning module
allows managers to proactively plan pipeline resource demand and stay ahead of the curve. In
conclusion, Parallax is a valuable capacity management tool that offers an excellent range of
features and functionalities at a great price point.

Parallax Features:

  • Capacity management and forecasting
  • Project health tracking
  • Skills tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Business Intelligence and powerful reporting

Parallax Pricing:

Parallax has a subscription-based


model. Pricing is available on request.

Best for Small yet Dynamic Teams

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan’s capacity management helps unlock your team’s full potential and avoid
last-minute resource constraints.

Suitable for:
Small to mid-scale firms

Toggl Plan
is a comprehensive work collaboration platform with robust capacity tracking and planning tools that help fast-moving teams visualize and manage capacity effectively.

What makes Toggl Plan special?

The software allows managers to plan ahead for long-term requirements and identify skill gaps.
Moreover, it enables you to create a realistic resource capacity plan for your team by setting
the number of hours or days that each team member is available to work. Toggl Plan’s real-time
updates, time-tracking functionality, and powerful reporting tools work in tandem to help
businesses avoid last-minute rush and scheduling conflicts. Ultimately, the Toggl Plan’s
intuitive design, configurability, and ease of use make it an indispensable team capacity
tracker for project managers and team leaders.

Toggl Plan Features:

  • Capacity management and forecasting
  • Task management
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Time tracking
  • Third-party integrations

Toggl Plan Pricing:

information for Toggl Plan includes a free plan is for solo users, the Team plan starts at $8
per person per month, and the Business plan starts at $13.35 per person per month. Toggl Plan
provides a
14-day free trial.

Best for Collaborative Project Teams

Birdview PSA

Birdview PSA provides high-level visibility into projects, resources, and

Suitable for:
Small to medium-sized firms

Birdview PSA
is an agile capacity planning software with a user-friendly interface and multi-user environment engineered to help professional services firms manage their projects, teams, and finances from a centralized platform.

What makes Birdview PSA special?

This highly configurable software deploys advanced algorithms to help organizations forecast
future resource demand and compare it against its current availability to identify capacity
gaps. Features such as real-time visibility, business intelligence analysis, and
drag-and-drop scheduling
make it easy to optimize workloads and alter project bookings as per requirements.

In addition, the powerful reporting facility allows managers to evaluate real-time team
capacity and make informed hiring and training decisions. Further, the
timesheet feature
lets you track and monitor employees’ leaves and vacations, ensuring you have sufficient staff
to keep projects on track. So, if you’re in need of a comprehensive capacity management system
that helps you overcome real-life resourcing challenges, then Birdview PSA is a great option.

Birdview PSA Features:

  • Resource forecasting and planning tools
  • Business Intelligence analysis
  • Real-time reports, notifications, and updates
  • Advanced time tracking and reporting
  • Third-party integrations

Birdview PSA Pricing:

There are three


models. The price of the Lite plan starts at $27 per user/month. The Team Plan starts at $41
per user/month, and the Enterprise Plan pricing is available on request. Birdview PSA also
offers a 14-day free trial.

Other Capacity Planning Tools

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