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After seeing this post update, somehow, Jacob Levi (Ben’s brother) got on my stuff now along with the others. Seeing what was going on, he then told Hunter Eberhardt. Apparently, Jacob (I call him Jake for short, which he has given me permission to do so) and Hunter are friends. God has called these two men to tell the truth, about what they see with their own eyes, but both refuse. 


Jake is currently separated from his wife, met me after that and wanted to be with me. But since he has no Biblical grounds to divorce his wife (she has NOT physically cheated on him nor was she the one who left him), he is stuck. I do not want to be with a married man, as of course, that would be sin. So he does not go forward and tell the truth and obey the Lord because of that. He wants to be with me, hoping she will have a physical affair so he can divorce her and be with me. This is clear sin on his part and I want no part in it. 

As for Hunter, he also wants to be with me. He fell pretty hard in love with me within days. God gave him permission to marry me IF he would tell the truth publicly within a certain amount of time. He made a covenant with God that he would tell the truth and do what is right. 

On my part, I feel like Hunter is too young for me, but if God wills something, I will of course obey God above all else. God would never ask us to sin and so being with someone that young, while not the norm, is not sin. Anyone who says it is, is found in legalism. 


Hunter would have to be around 20-21 years old right now, though, I suspect at least 21 because when I told him that I didn’t want to be with him, he got so drunk he passed out. Apparently, he drinks alcohol. He is not living here in the state where I am (Idaho), he is in Oregon.

With that said, as a relief to me, the deadline for Hunter to come forward and redeem me has passed! Phew! I have to say…I am glad of that. I don’t want to marry him. I feel he is too young for me and he is a bit on the controlling-of-a-woman side of things and I don’t deal well with that. I believe in submission but it shouldn’t be FORCED by the man. The wife should willingly submit to her husband, as this is God-ordained. Hunter is not my husband, therefore, I do not have to submit to him and he also wants to take over all my ministries (in person and online) and run them and that is not God’s plan for my future husband, whoever my future husband shall be. 

God has cursed both these men for their disobedience to Him and His will. They are under His great punishment and will continue to be so until they reveal the truth, the truth that I have spoken this whole time and the truth that they both see with their own eyes, being on my electronics. 


At this point, many people are on my stuff. Kyle going back and forth (but gone most of the time, thankfully!) still attacking me quite commonly though. A few days ago, he hacked my Amazon account and Amazon emailed me and it was a mess to clean up, a mess I’m still cleaning. I’m sure I’ll get attacked by him for saying that as well, but the truth must be spoken. He has called the police on me since my update in Ben’s post, trying to get me in trouble for saying that God will punish him and he’s done all sorts of evil things, none of which God is happy about. 

Ryan is still there as well, and Ben, along with now Jake and Hunter. NONE of these men have permission to watch me or be on my stuff and I wish for all of them to leave me alone. Tell the truth or don’t, that’s between them and God, but leave me out of it, get off my stuff, and leave me alone.

As for what they are doing, Ryan sent me an email under another name in hopes of talking to me. I did not reply to him though that means because I want everything to be on the up and up, legit, holy and godly, not hiding. 

Hunter has typed on my phone to talk to me as well, and all of them, at certain points, continue to flip my camera from vertical view to horizontal view to say “yes” or they agree with something during the conversation, depending on who I’m talking to at the time. Ryan continues to pause my TV to send messages as well (based on what the lines are in the movie) or to get me to come back and talk to him and make me stop watching TV to relax. 

I know and completely understand that all this I have spoken sounds completely crazy and I agree it does, but I feel like this only strengthens my case. Everyone can clearly understand I’m not smart enough, point blank, to come up with all these wild ideas. Even the best Hollywood writers couldn’t think up all this. It’s absolutely bonkers. It is. And yet, it’s all absolutely, 100% true. 

I have also spoken to the police and told them I am fully willing to take any mental health test they want me to take, in order to prove I am of sound mind, although, anyone who knows me can vouch for me that I am of sound mind and reasonable thinking as well. 

As of right now, that is where everything stands. Whether you hate my guts or believe me, we can ALL agree that the best prayer is to pray for the TRUTH to come out. If you do not believe my story, then pray I am exposed and the truth come out publicly. I have absolutely no fear what-so-ever in you praying that or anything of the like. I want the truth to come out, just as much as you do, and even more! 

If you DO believe me, same thing, please pray God RUSH to my aid as I am being oppressed and cyber bullied (illegally) by all these young men and it’s NOT OKAY!!! 

Let the truth come out quickly. Make me take a lie detector test and make them all take one as well, Heritage Bible Church. Eventually, it will be proven that I’ve been speaking the truth this whole time. My honor as a Christian is at stake and I will never stop fighting for God’s glory in all this, to expose the liars and lift up the one telling the truth.

Let God’s will be done. I know that God is on MY side. If you doubt, ask it of Him yourself. For God has raised me up, out of His own volition and made me to be His war-club. Why? I do not know but I will not stop fighting for Him, even though it means great suffering for me personally, every time I do. Please, pray for my protection and God’s will to happen. 

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