Flip It For Christmas Challenge


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We are in the middle of our Flip It For Christmas Challenge and we are talking to Flipper University alumna Joanna Bradley. Joanna had to bust through some limiting beliefs when she first started her flipping business. 

Joanna was on her seventh wedding anniversary trip when she did this interview, which she paid for entirely by flipping! She has been part of our family for five years now, and is even helping us coach because she’s had amazing results and finds great items for people.

How Did You Find Flea Market Flipper?

Joanna was miserable in a job and didn’t really want to go get another job. She had flipped her daughter’s items when she was younger and when she found us, she had a lightbulb moment. She had been flipping items for $20-$50 profit, but was excited about the possibility of making more money. 


What’s It Been Like Since You Started Flipping?

Joanna says life has been so different because she used to have to save throughout the year for Christmas or vacations. Now she has a flipping pot of money that allows her and her family to do amazing things. She doesn’t stress and can make an extra car payment or take an amazing vacation since she just keeps stockpiling her flipping pot of money. 

Tell Us About Your Camper?

This was a big moment for Joanna because she paid $9,000 cash for a camper that she wanted. It was all money made by flipping. 

The owner wasn’t going to hold it, so Joanna sent a deposit so she would hold it until the morning. Then Joanna went to the bank and pulled out $9,000 in cash and got the trailer she’d been wanting.


What Was Your Biggest Obstacle At The Beginning? 

Fear. Joanna says she’s a watcher, so when she first joined the Flipping For Profit Facebook group, she’d watch what others sold. She was nervous, but she built her confidence by watching other people do it. Once she saw they did it, she realized she could too. 

She didn’t want to keep flipping $10-$20 items; she upped her goal to $100 and then she did it. Once that base level increased, she knew her ceiling for profit increased too. 

Joanna says it’s important not to overthink it. Just do it because once you do it, you can refine your process if things didn’t go as planned. 

How Long Did You Take To Ship A Big Item? 

Joanna had shipped bigger items via FedEx and UPS like an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven and a pretzel warmer. 

What Was Your First Freight Shipment? 

It was an Ekorne stressless chair. The chair sold right after Christmas and Joanna says remembering wanting to cancel the order. She and her husband palleted it up, took it to the freight yard, and had an amazing feeling when the worker picked it up with a forklift and drove off with it. 

In that moment she questioned why she had been scared. She made $1,150 profit on that chair. 

How Did You Change Your Mindset?

Joanna was selling $20-$50 items and saw Stacy who lives 30 minutes away find Sleep Number after Sleep Number, but Joanna couldn’t find any of those. She started doing different searches and checking places on different days and she finally figured out how to find items. 

It was a mindset shift of if somebody else can do it, I can do it too. And I’m going to figure out how to do it. 

Flip It For Christmas Challenge - Interview With Joanna Bradley

What Would You Tell Someone On The Fence About Flipping?

Investing in yourself is probably the best thing that you will ever do and that in a very short period of time, you won’t even think about the money you’re spending because you will have made it up. You deserve success and the relief that comes when you are hit with an extra bill because you know you can flip something and make that money.

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