What We Sold Last Week To Make $4,850


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We are talking about what we sold last week to make $4,850 in sales with just three items! Normally our sales are on eBay, but the fun part is two of the three sales were on Marketplace so we didn’t have fees and shipping costs for those items. 

Item #1 The Wheelchair

I bought this from one of my contacts. It was an electric wheelchair that I cleaned up and sold. It sold in less than a month and I crossposted it on eBay and Marketplace. We ended up selling it locally for $1,000 without fees or anything.

Sold: $1,000
COGS: $100
Shipping: $0
Fees: $0
Profit: $900


Item #2 Lift

We had this lift crossposted on eBay and Marketplace, and Marketplace is where it sold. It was a 1930s lift and I’ve had this for years. I used it to do things around my shop and finally decided to sell it. 

When I first got it, I had to replace the motor, and also replaced some batteries. 

Sold: $3,250
COGS: $250
Updates: $310 for batteries and motor
Shipping: $0
Fees: $0
Profit: $2,690


Item #3 The Cooktop

The cooktop we sold was given to me for free by a friend. He got it from someone else, and it had a tiny nick in one of the corners but was great other than that. I ended up sanding down the sharp corner so it wouldn’t cut anybody and made sure it was usable. 

Sold: $600
COGS: $0
Shipping: $75
eBay Fees: $80
Profit: $445

What We Sold Last Week To Make $4,850

Total Profit

The total of these items sold was $4,850, but we kept $4,000 of that as profit. We really shoot to 10x our investment and we hit that because our inventory cost was $350. This is just a week’s worth of income, so it shows you what this flipping business can do for you.

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