How to Get Featured on Instagram as a Blogger


Get Featured on Golden Bloggerz’ Instagram!

Do you want to grow your Instagram account while connecting with other like-minded Bloggers?

Then, you should get featured on our Instagram account as a Blogger!


Golden Bloggerz is a community of supportive Bloggers dedicated to help each other grow their Blogs & their Social Media Channels. From on, a few Bloggers’ posts are going to be featured daily on our Instagram profile (@GoldenBloggerz)!

How to Get Featured

You can request to repost a post of yours or feel free to create one to publish it on our account for the first time.

  1. Follow us @GoldenBloggerz
  2. Tag us @GoldenBloggerz on the photo (better) or use #goldenbloggerz (or both)

You’ll need to tag on the photo, otherwise there will be no notification to discover your post!


To feature you on our Stories, tag us on your story.

Your post/photo will be published giving full credit to you & encouraging our followers to follow you!

The Types of Posts We Are Looking For

Since I receive many requests daily, it’s not possible to feature all of them. This way, I’ll give priority to:

  • the most beautiful posts
  • Posts with carefully-crafted description
  • Posts related to Blogging world

I don’t require your posts to have a specific type, but I recommend the following options in order to receive more follows & likes:

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1) Introduce Yourself

Post a photo of yourself or something related to you. Don’t forget to add a description about who you are, what your blog is about and anything else you’d like us to know about you (goals, dreams, who you’re looking to connect with etc)

2) A Quote You Want to Share with Us

Quotes that can inspire or motivate our Bloggers friends!

3) Funny Posts or Blogging Memes

Literally anything that can make us laugh and relieve some pressure!

4) A Recent Success Story

Did you achieve something that you’d like to share with us? We’re here to listen!

5) A Beautiful Outdoors Photo of the Place You’re Blogging from

Do you get a stunning photo of the place you’re right now? No matter if it’s a city, a town, a village, an island or a mountain, we’d like to see it!

6) Anything else that Inspires Creativity

We’d like to see anything that can benefit the Blogging group!

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