Why We’re Thankful For This Flipping Business


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We want to talk about why we are thankful for this flipping business and everything else in our lives, and hopefully encourage you to think about some of the things you’re thankful for too.

Thankful For Flipping

We are, of course, thankful for our family and the fact that our flipping business allows us to spend so much time with them. 

We’re thankful flipping gives us the flexibility to be more present in our kids’ lives. We didn’t have to put our kids in daycare. That was something that was important to us. Don’t get us wrong, it was a financial sacrifice for us to do that. But we worked hard and have slowly built the lifestyle we want through persistence and hard work. We love what we do and we’re thankful for it. 


This week we were scheduled to go skiing, but it didn’t work out because the mountain didn’t have enough snow, so we canceled it. Instead of having to go to work and leave our kids at home, we’re able to work within our schedule and still take care of the kids and do stuff. 

Flipping the switch, now instead of snow we’re going to the water with friends to go surfing. It is amazing to have that opportunity. We’re very thankful for friends and family around us that we’re able to spend time with.

Thankful For Each Other

One thing we love about each other is that we complement each other very well. I’m always a bit more positive and Melissa has to work at it more since she’s more of a realist, but we complement each other so well. She keeps me grounded and I help her find the positives. Think about who the people are in your life that really bring out the best in you or motivate you to continue growing. My challenge is to really seek out those relationships that you see are uplifting. 

Why We're Thankful For This Flipping Business

Thankful For Our Team

We have to give gratitude to our members of our Flipping For Profit Facebook group. That is a group that we hold near and dear and they have been a huge part of our lives since we created it eight years ago. We definitely appreciate you and everything you provide in our community, and we love that you are a part of our community and we’re very grateful to have you in there.

We also want to shout out our team members who help us with coaching, moderating, running events, and the podcast. This would not be possible without you! Thanks to Jenny Fyksen, Joanna Bradley, Stacy Gallego, and Nicole Klauss. These are some people who don’t get a lot of praise through what we do because they’re behind the scenes doing stuff.

We’re very, very thankful for everybody who helps us and is a part of our team and community. And thank you for listening. We would not continue to have the Pro Flipper Show without interested listeners who give us feedback, engage with us, and encourage us to keep going. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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