Top 20 Movies You Never Get Tired of Watching


It’s time to kick back, pop some popcorn or snacks of your choice, and settle in for a movie marathon! There’s nothing like that special feeling you get when watching one of your favorite films over and over again—the familiarity of the dialogue, the excitement brewing as the plot progresses. To give you more ideas about which movies will keep that love alive through rewatches, we curated below the top 20 movies you never get tired of watching! 

1. Back to the Future

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One Redditor pointed out, “Back to the Future.”


Another user added, “And his best friend is a disgraced nuclear physicist!”

2. Shaun of the Dead

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One user shared, “Shaun of the Dead.”

Another user inserted, “While we’re at it, Hot Fuzz is equally as entertaining.”


3. Harry Potter 

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Harry Potter,” posted one Redditor.

Another user commented, “My wife’s still a sucker for those Harry Potter movies. It’s like a comfort movie or something.”

4. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride (1987)
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One user shared, “The princess bride.”


Another Redditor quoted, “‘As you wish’.”

5. The Matrix

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

One user shared, “The first Matrix movie.”

Another user added, “I did a rewatch of all four recently. I’ve seen the first one so many times I can practically quote every line. It’s probably my favourite movie ever.”

6. 10 Things I Hate About You

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

10 Things I Hate About You. High school love story of Joker and Robin,” posted one user. 

7. Stand By Me

Stand By Me, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Wil Wheaton, Jerry O'Connell
Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

One Redditor added to the thread, “Stand By Me.”

Another user replied, “Just watched this last night! I’d forgotten how much I loved it. Based on the stories my grandmother had told me about my grandpa when he was younger, I always picture him as Chris.”

8. Goodfellas

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Another user posted, “Goodfellas.”

One user reacted, “‘You are a funny guy’.”

Another user also replied, “Great pick! I had a huge argument with a fellow movie enthusiast about the best Mob movie. For obvious reasons, I went with Godfather. He insisted it was Goodfellas. Our plans fell through due to weather, so we watched Goodfellas and Godfather—We decided to come to a draw, but I forgot how much Goodfellas captured something special.”

9. Lord of the Rings

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

Lord of the Rings. Each time I watch the trilogy, I enjoy it for different reasons. Sometimes, the characters, others the plot. Sometimes, I like seeing a younger version of the actors—this almost all-star cast thrown together nearly two decades ago. Then, there’s music. I can’t get enough of that—the fights, of course. Sometimes, I like the vibes, how things are when the characters are someplace chill like the Shire or when things get tense in a cave. I’ve often rewound (is that still a term? 😀 ) the video so I can listen to more Elvish. I’ve had a few times where I just like to see the bromance or character development. Whether that be Gimli x Legolas, Sam x Frodo, or Sam’s personal glow-up, I think most of all, I enjoy watching it to remember all the other times I’ve watched it with someone I care about who may not be with me anymore.

“EDIT: Thanks for the attention. This blew up a bit. Going to try to get to everyone who took time out of their day to get to me,” posted one Redditor.

10. Snatch

Photo Credit: Screen Gems.

One user commented, “Snatch.”

Another user responded, “‘I thought you said he was a getaway driver. What the f- can he get away from, eh?’”

11. The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One user shared, “The Sound Of Music.”

Another user also commented, “You know what? That movie was on TV when I was a kid—I hated it—never watched it once I got out of the house. I watched it in my 30s and just loved it. Great movie.”

12. Shawshank Redemption

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

“Shawshank Redemption, if it’s on TV, I’ll have watched it over 100 times by now,” posted one user.

Another user shared, “I’m a simple gal—if I flip channels and land on the Shawshank Redemption, I must watch it.”

13. Mean Girls

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One user posted, “MEAN GIRLS.”

Another user replied, “‘I’m a cool mom.’”


14. A Christmas Story

Photo Credit: MGM.

“A Christmas Story,” posted one user.

Another user replied, “I love the 24-hour marathon on Christmas Eve. I will watch it beginning to end at least 3x during those 24 hours.”

15. Dirty Dancing

Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

One user commented, “Dirty Dancing.”

Another user shared, “I’m a guy, and when I tell women I love this movie, just about all of them think it’s strange.”

16. The Mummy

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Another Redditor commented, “The Mummy. The original one with our lord and saviour, Brendan.”

17. Almost Famous

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Pictures.

Almost Famous,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “I’ve said ‘It’s all happening’ at least once a month for the last 15 years.”

18 Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

One user commented, “Sherlock Holmes with RDJ. The film itself is ok. But the Victorian atmosphere is what I love about it. It’s my favourite history subject, so anything Victorian London / Industrial Revolution, and I’m hooked.”

Another user shared, “The look of that movie is definitely the best part. I love/hate the industrial revolution. Whenever the question ‘What could you talk about for 20 minutes with zero prep time?’ Comes up, my thesis is that everything in our modern world is directly traced to the moveable type printing press, and the industrial revolution is a major breakthrough.”

19. Home Alone

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Home Alone,” said one Redditor.

Another user asked, “[Heck] yeah. First two?”

A third commenter answered, “There are only two …”

20. Super Troopers

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One user shared, “Super Troopers. There is no other answer … ”

Another user replied, “Some [jerk] stole it from my Broken Lizard collection.”

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Source: Reddit.

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