Cult Classics: 20 Movies to Watch Before You Die


Cult films are the gems of movie culture; they evoke a sense of nostalgia, timelessness and individuality that regular blockbusters and top-grossing movies can’t replicate. Have you ever watched a cult classic and felt connected to its peculiar humor, cryptic storyline or unconventional characters? Movies like these aren’t often part of the mainstream, but they tell their own unique stories. We’ve compiled 20 captivating cult classics everyone should watch!

1. Rocky Horror Picture Show

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One user posted, “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”


Another user replied, “Nothing quite like a sweet transvestite from trans-xual Transylvania!”

One commenter added, “Sorry, the script called for killing Meatloaf…”

Another Redditor exclaimed, “The OG cult classic.”


2. Evil Dead

Evil Dead, Shiloh Fernandez
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

One Redditor shared, “Evil Dead.”

Another user replied, “YES!!! I absolutely love the third one. ‘The only things you’re in charge of are Jack and s-, and Jack left town.’”

One commenter added, “Listen up, you primitive screw heads!”


Another shared, “You wouldn’t understand the future. It’s full of molecules and, er …”

3. Heathers 1989

Photo Credit: New World Pictures.

Heathers 1989!” one user mentioned.

Another user commented, “Underrated answer.”

4. This Is Spinal Tap

Photo Credit: Spinal Tap Productions.

One Redditor commented, “This Is Spinal Tap.”

Another user shared, “Lol, funny story. So, a friend of mine had to go to the hospital, and they needed to do a spinal tap on him. The guy f- it up ten times and got it right on the 11th. My friend called me to b-. When I arrived to visit him, I gave him his get well soon gift, This is Spinal Tap on DVD.”

5. Young Frankenstein

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

One commenter shared, “Young Frankenstein. So quotable!”

Another user commented, “That movie was hilarious.”

One Redditor added, “Blücher!”

6. Repo Man

Photo Credit: Edge City Productions.

Repo Man,” one user shared.

Another replied, “A man’s gotta have a code.”

7. The Room

Olga Kurylenko, The Room 2019, O'Brother Distribution
Photo Credit: O’Brother Distribution

One Redditor commented, “The Room.”

One user replied, “Oh, hi, Mark!”

8. Sn*tch

Photo Credit: Screen Gems.

S*atch,” one user commented.

Another user responded, “‘Got anything to declare?’ ‘Yeah, don’t go to England.’”

9. Clerks

Photo Credit: View Askew Productions.

One user shared, “Clerks.”

Another user quoted, “Daa dunn daa dunn daa dunn salsa shark.”

10. A Clockwork Orange

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

A Clockwork orange,” posted by one Redditor.

Another user commented, “It’s a bit scarier now than when it first came out because some of what it foreshadowed came true. I remember being in a theatre when it first came out and seeing a sign that talked about how the theatre would not show this film—not because it was violent, but because there was [unclothed people] in it.”

11. Donnie Darko

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One Redditor shared, “So many, but for some reason, Donnie Darko was my first thought upon reading your question.”

Another Redditor replied, “That movie is a trip. I need to watch it now and see if it has the same impact.”

12. Office Space

Office Space,” one Redditor mentioned.

Another user added, “Mother s-, son of a f-!”

13. Crybaby

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

One user posted, “Crybaby.”

Another user commented, “This is one of my all-time favourites. I hardly ever see it mentioned, even though it’s so wonderfully campy.”

14. Withnail and I

Photo Credit: Cineplex Odeon Films.

Withnail and I,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “I can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find Withnail.”

One added, “Dealing with a b- behind the eyes.”

15. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta
Photo Credit: Miramax.

One Redditor posted, “Pulp Fiction got a bunch of Oscar nominations (and one win) and massive acclaim in its initial release; it was immediately recognized as brilliant and was the most influential film of the decade it came out in. If that’s a cult classic, the term has lost all meaning.”

One user commented, “That’s my take too. A lot of people think ‘cult classic’ means ‘offbeat movie that isn’t a traditional Hollywood flick in its time, that I love.’ To me, it’s not cult unless it barely got attention when it was released, and hardly anyone outside its niche knows it exists.

“Something like Boondock Saints, Simon, King of the Witches, or Satan’s Sadists would be ‘cult classics.’”

16. Blazing Saddles

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One user shared “Blazing Saddles.”

Another user commented, “15 is my limit on schnitzengruben.”

One commenter added, “Mongo like candy.”

17. Forbidden Zone

Photo Credit: Hercules Films Ltd.

Forbidden Zone. It features a younger Danny Elfman in it as the devil. (His brother Richard directed it,)” one user posted.

18. Rosemary’s Baby

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One user shared, “Rosemary’s Baby, of course. That was a classic with a cult in it.”

19. Angel Heart

Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures.

One Redditor shared, “Angel Heart, a very underrated movie. It should have been s-, but it was actually a great movie.”

20. Freaks 1932

Photo Credit: MGM.

Freaks 1932, everyone’s heard of it, but how many people have actually watched it?” one user shared. 

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