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Please do not apply without reading all requirements.


Looking to hire for a volunteer position that will work directly with Sarah.

How this works: 

I hire for the person, making sure you are a good fit (on FIRE for God and wanting to serve and be used in His kingdom in BIG ways- that’s very important). After that, I provide a couple easy tests and see what you ENJOY doing and what you are good at and then give tasks that fit those skills and desires. 

Along the way, you learn a great deal and it’s always a life-changing experience for everyone who works with me. I make sure of that. ❤️


No experience is necessary.

What you’ll do:

You could be doing things as simple as collecting Bible verses on a particular topic to fill out the bones of blog posts (an example is here) or things as high-tech as working in Illustrator and everything in between, depending on your skills.

If there’s something you’d like to learn, we can work on that too. Again, it’s all about finding the tasks that are right for YOU, the things that light you up inside and make YOU happy to do.


Once we discover those tasks for you, you’ll be the go-to person for them. As we go and you’re able to learn more pieces/tasks, you’ll do more things, but we’ll stick to 1-2 tasks at first and grow from there, according to your desire. 🥰


  • Positions are long-term, incredibly steady and everything is super streamlined. Most team members stay on the team for over 2 years, though there’s no time frame required. 
  • Individuals looking to work around their already busy schedules should not apply (can absolutely work around your family life though, but commitment is necessary. This is God’s ministry and we must take His kingdom work seriously). 🙂
  • All training is provided. 
  • Energetic and enthusiastic is a must. We are on FIRE for the Lord and live for His glory alone.
  • Must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Strong morals, high integrity are necessary, as this is a Christian company.
  • Strong belief in putting people over money is mandatory and non-negotiable.
  • WordPress or Adobe Illustrator knowledge is not mandatory. 


I had the privilege of working for Sarah. It was an awesome experience. Sarah is an excellent teacher and mentor. She gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally, which in turn gave me more responsibilities to help Sarah serve her audience. She is about family, and the flexibility to work around family life was an added plus for me. It has been a blessing to be on her team. I have had so many opportunities to grow in my own personal business, and as a person, that I never would have had otherwise. It’s also helped me see what is possible when you put your faith in God and work hard. I’m so grateful for the time with her. If given the chance to work with Sarah, I’d say DEFINITELY do it!
– Kelly


It’s a pleasure working with Sarah. She explains everything so clearly. Plus you aren’t stuck to set hours, you can be flexible and work around your commitments. Most of all she genuinely cares and wants to ensure you are doing work you enjoy. 🙂”
– Jacqui



If you’d love to be part of the AH-mazing team, I’d love to work with you in this volunteer position. Please apply below…

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