24 Creative Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Do you want to start a business that pads your wallet and fuels your creative personality? Keep reading; we have a mega list of creative business ideas! 


Before I began my blog, my quest to earn a good living and do something I loved felt futile. I had always enjoyed helping people, traveling, and writing, but I could never figure out how to practically apply my passions to a career that would pay me a decent wage.

Many times I thought I had it figured out. But once I began the work, I slowly lost interest and started searching for my next gig. I couldn’t figure out what to do professionally.

Through the process of leaving the work world to become a stay-at-home mom, I eventually realized what I wanted. Aside from my desire to be at home with my daughter, I also longed for a career that would offer me flexibility, good pay, and a creative outlet.


Fast forward to today. I’m able to spend lots of time with my family, I earn more than I ever made as a nurse, and I get to call the shots and nurture my creativity.

The good news is nowadays; it’s a lot easier for individuals with creative personalities to start a business that they are passionate about.

If you’re ready to be in charge of your career direction and work on passion projects, here are some creative business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial journey.


1. Design and Sell Printables

If you love to create worksheets, planners, coloring sheets, gift card holders, or any other digital products, you can make good money with a printable business! For this business, you don’t even need any graphic design skills! You can use a free platform like Canva to create printables to sell on sites like Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

One business owner that earns over $1,000 a month selling printables on Etsy is Julie Berninger