This 1 Life Hack Has Served Me Well In My Flipping Business!


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I’m going to share a life hack that has served me so well in my flipping business. 

The hack that has served me well is a mindset hack and it’s the thought that if just one person has done it before then I can too. 

I don’t know why I’m wired that way, but I just have to know that it is accomplishable. If I know that, then I know I can work towards it and do it. It reminds me of Roger Bannister who broke the four-minute mile. That record stood for decades and nobody could beat it. Once he beat it, so many other people started breaking that record too.


Now, I’ve never beat a four-minute mile, but this concept can be applied to an early success that we had. 

Discovering The Hack

We have a story that was really pivotal for our flipping business. If this had not happened, we would not be where we are today with flipping the high profit items. 

Back in the day, Melissa had stopped personal training and was about to have our third child, Brody. I was still doing homeowners reports and flipping on the side. I had the other job for health insurance. I found out they were getting rid of our health insurance and it ended the day before Melissa was due. We ended up going to flipping full time when we lost health insurance because I only had that job for the insurance. 


It was a pivotal moment because we went all in on flipping, but we still had to make more money. At the time we weren’t doing freight shipping, so I was limited to who I could reach via Marketplace. I bought a dining room table and 10 chairs at an auction. It was a huge expensive set with a buffet that held silverware. We got it for $350 and I had it listed for $750 locally but could not get anyone to buy it. 

I went on eBay and saw other people were selling large high profit items on eBay and offering freight shipping. They were doing it, so I thought why can’t I? 

Selling The First Freight Item

We listed it for $2,200 because it retails over $10,000 new. I ended up selling it for $2,200 plus $500 shipping. We figured it out. We learned how to do it.

We made more money selling it on eBay and shipping it freight. 

This 1 Life Hack Has Served Me Well In My Flipping Business!

That moment was pivotal too because it opened up the world of things we could sell on eBay because we could offer freight shipping. 

From there it’s been years of trial and error. But me seeing other eBay sellers do it, encouraged me to try it. 

After you do it, you’ll learn the shortcuts and you’ll get more efficient each time you do something. Even if you’re scared, do it anyway.

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