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Bacon connects warehouse, catering, cleaning and event workers with companies who need temporary help

Expected pay: $10 – $25 per hour


Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 35% – 40%, paid by employers

Where: 16 cities in 14 states (see review)


Requirements: 18 or older; verify ID; pass a background check

Bacon review:

Bacon connects warehouse, cleaning, catering and event workers with companies looking for temporary staff.

How it works

Potential staff members sign up with basic information about who they are and what they do. The site will require you to provide proof of your identity and pass a background check.


You’ll also need to take a seven-question quiz, which establishes that you understand how Bacon works. (The site wants to make sure you know that you’re an independent contractor, responsible for your own taxes. And you need to know that Bacon has a zero tolerance policy for drinking, drugs, violence and theft, among other things.)

Once approved, you’ll have access to available shifts on the Bacon app. Since most of the jobs available through this site are for unskilled labor, you can generally apply to any job that you feel you can do. The employer will make the final decision about whether or not you get the gig, however.


Workers are rated on a one-to-five scale after each gig. These ratings show up on your profile, and can impact whether or not you’re chosen for jobs.

Consistent bad ratings also can get you booted from the app.


Pay for each shift is shown on the app before you accept or pass on any given shift. To determine your hourly rate, you need to divide the pay by the number of hours. If, for some reason, the job goes into overtime, you’re supposed to get additional pay at that hourly rate.

Workers are generally paid once a week by direct deposit. However, the employer is responsible for confirming the worker’s hours and has up to 48 hours following a shift to do that. Employers are given a financial incentive to report hours quickly, but several workers say in reviews that they had trouble getting paid at all.

Commissions & fees

Workers do not pay commissions or fees on their wages. However, companies pay up to 40% of worker wages in fees to the Bacon platform. The platform gives employers a 5% break on this fee, if the employer rates their workers and verifies their wages within 24 hours of workers completing a shift.


Bacon is somewhat cagey about telling prospective workers where they can find jobs through this app. It lists only states where it operates, but not the cities. The site says this is to prevent competitors from targeting its markets. But it is often only operating in one city in each of those states. So workers may have no idea why they’re not getting shifts, when, in reality, Bacon just isn’t anywhere nearby. We see this frustration play out in the site’s worker reviews.

The site also seems to have an issue with its Android app. Company insiders say this problem is now fixed. But if you’re having trouble getting the app to load, you might want to try another one of the better-established players in this space, which you can find in recommendations (below).


There are several similar sites that have larger geographic footprints. So if you like this type of work, also sign up with Qwick, Wonolo and BlueCrew.

If you want to sign up with Bacon, click here.

What their users say (from Indeed)

Honestly, this is one of the easiest apps that offer temporary work. Very easy to pick up/ accept a shift. It’s very rewarding & easy if you just do the jobs you signed up to do & go home. Some jobs are looking to hire as well if you’re a good fit. Each job is described before going so you know what to expect. Definitely recommend.

It’s essentially an app for gig work, which is nice and in theory a good idea, but the only problem is there are never any jobs available. I live in a big metro area and have searched the apps for weeks, no opportunities ever appear.

From Glassdoor

Flexible schedule. Pick the type of work. Receive pay quickly

They have good hustle side jobs, if you are in a rush for money. If you need to pay a bill quick, or short on gas. But an employer has the right to review your job and some of them are not honest enough. There is no way to fix it, and Bacon doesn’t get involved. You can’t really do it as a full time because once you’ve been there a while, they start giving you low paying jobs.

Easy online onboarding app. You pick your jobs, you choose when you want to work, where you want to work and you can get paid the next day or weekly. It’s so up to you.

Bad experience

I don’t even know where to begin, when you sign up and begin going through the process you find out they require third party sign up with a place to get paid. They do not do their own direct deposits (hint: there are fees attached to even getting paid but that’s not a huge issue, you most likely won’t get paid). After working a shift you get stuck in a spot where you cannot get paid if the employer doesn’t verify your hours. You get ghosted by both the app support and the employer and never get paid.

From the Apple AppStore

I’m almost a pro on Bacon but would not recommend this app to anyone. So many issues with it — from companies saying I didn’t show up, when they turned me away as a “back up” so they don’t have to pay the $15 — to companies outright refusing to pay me. It took me 2 weeks to get the money I was owed finally. And it was no thanks to Bacon support, which is absolutely useless and takes forever to respond. I had to go through the labor commission. Most of the jobs pay pretty low wages and are sketchy.

As an “Elite” level worker it’s been frustrating using the Bacon app. Ever since December 2022 the app hasn’t been showing the available jobs. And when a job shows up, it’s taken immediately. I go to apply and keep getting “application limit reached” or “not accepting applications”. The people at “Bacon” keep apologizing for things, saying their constantly bringing new clients/ jobs on board. Yet nothing is showing.

So I live in a pretty big city and I download this app a month ago. And I have yet to see any jobs pop up on the app or me being notified of any. In fact, the only jobs that pop up are a month or a couple of months old.

From Google Play

Idea is great. Execution is great when it works. The app is pretty and has everything you would need but it’s always slow and crashing. Constantly force closing. Adjusting my time to make sure my shift was recorded properly took almost 10 minutes. 6 taps should take 2 minutes tops. There are times when I refresh listings and then a job pops up then I go back to the main screen and it disappears. I refresh again and it reappears. Hard to find work but maybe that’s due to oversaturation

I have attempted to sign up for over a month now. Once I get to the text verification, nothing happens. I never get a text and it doesn’t give an error. There are so many other options out there that this one is not worth any more of my time. Uninstalling today.

I passed the on boarding quiz multiple times and it won’t get the checkmark for me to see jobs. Very frustrating when I’m waiting 15 min between each test and im answering the questions right…

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