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We often hear about the attributes of God.

God is…







But we don’t often take the time we SHOULD, to really discover HOW and WHY He IS those things.

The more you study WHO God is, the more you can lean on Him and trust Him when the entire world around you is going absolutely bananas.

When your income suddenly drops to zero.

When your car breaks down and you don’t have the funds to fix it.

When your ex-husband leaves you homeless.

Those are the times where knowing who God is and what He’s all about, is so incredibly helpful. God is a God who doesn’t let us starve or beg for bread. He provides for us. He meets our needs. He’s a God who is faithful and never leaves us, even when others do.

Knowing Him deeply and intently should be the most important thing to us as a Christian and this Attributes of God Binder, will really help you discover a lot about God you never even realized!

You can print off the whole binder, or just a few chapters and worksheets at a time as you need them.

Plus, if you already have a binder there are different sizes of spines to fit whatever size you have on hand…no need to go out and buy another binder. Just use one you already have and you’re good to go.

If you do need a binder, here are the appropriate ones on Amazon:

I recently heard a sermon about how truly good God is, and it changed me forever. Suddenly, I wanted to be good, like my Savior. It inspired this incredibly deep and rich study on the Attributes of God.

Get Instant Access to the Attributes of God Binder

You’ll receive:

  • Attributes of God Study Plan (17 Lessons)
  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Favorite Bible Verses Sheet
  • Notes Sheets
  • Bookmarks
  • Hand Lettering Sheet
  • …and more!

Lessons list included:

  • Lesson 1: What Is Theology?
  • Lesson 2: The Personality of God
  • Lesson 3: The Attributes of God
  • Lesson 4: The Eternality of God
  • Lesson 5: The Immutability of God
  • Lesson 6: The Being of God, Part I
  • Lesson 7: The Being of God, Part II
  • Lesson 8: The Wisdom of God, Part I
  • Lesson 9: The Wisdom of God, Part II
  • Lesson 10: The Power of God
  • Lesson 11: The Holiness of God
  • Lesson 12: The Justice of God
  • Lesson 13: The Goodness of God
  • Lesson 14: The Truth of God
  • Lesson 15: The Love of God, Part I
  • Lesson 16: The Love of God, Part II
  • Lesson 17: The Sovereignty of God

Perfect for kids and adults to use as a bible study guide and learn as a family! <3



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