Make Up to $180,000/Yr. Selling Your POOP (Yes, You Read That Correctly)


by Chris Durst      Nov. 3, 2023


You might want to sit down for this…  ;)


If you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra cash but you’re convinced you don’t have the right qualifications to land a job or gig, pull up a “stool” and read on. (Last poop pun, I promise.)

From what I have read on the topic, we all have trillions of microbiomes in our digestive tract that contribute to our health. The problem is, modern eating practices have lead to damage of those microbiomes.


Researchers are working to track down people who have healthy poop so their healthy microbiomes can be collected from their stools for research.

It can even be used in lifesaving Fecal Microbiota Transplants for people who have certain deadly gut infections (putting your perfect poop into the intestines of people who don’t have your magnificent microbiomes in their own) .

Here are TWO companies who want you to give a crap…


According to their site, “The GoodNature™ Program is recruiting healthy individuals who have regular bowel movements and are 18 to 50 years old, are of a normal weight, don’t smoke, and have no history of gastrointestinal disease or alcohol or drug abuse to donate their poop. You must be available to donate three to four times a week at the collection site. People cannot participate while they’re pregnant, though we encourage them to keep us in mind for the future. Please note that answering and submitting these questions in no way obligates you to participate.”

All Poops Are NOT Created Equal

There is an evaluation process that will help determine whether, in fact, you have prime poop!

A small percentage of the population has healthy enough poop to contain good microbiomes. So, you will have to answer some questions before you will be asked to submit a sample for testing.

But, if you are one of those folks who are blessed with special poop, you could be paid $75 per poop; up to $1,500 a month in compensation to donate your poop (compensation may vary by city and is subject to change). AND, there are frequent donor bonuses for donating four to six days weekly for extended periods of time.

The Poop Process

According to the Good Nature Program site, “If it’s determined through the screening process that you’re a good fit, you’ll be required to provide a poop sample at the donation center near you three to four times a week for as long as you continue to be eligible. We cannot accept any drop-off or shipment of poop. During your visits, you may also be asked to have a medical screening, which includes a physical or a blood draw. This will likely happen once every two to six weeks.”

We encourage those who are interested to visit their site at the link below for full details.


This company seems to function a bit differently as you will be able to ship your stool via dry ice shipping as opposed to going to a center to make your donation.

They are currently paying $500 per stool and say, “If you’re having a bowel movement every day it can total $180,000 per year.”

What are the basic stool donor qualifications?

  • Donors must be in exceptional physical and mental health. Ideally, top young athletes.
  • Ideally, donors would be under 30 years old. Donors can be under 18 provided they have signed consent from their parents. Many children need FMT, and we’d like to match those children with young donors. We don’t currently have a minimum age.
  • Donors should have minimal antibiotic use.
  • A specific Bristol Stool Type.
  • We’re accepting donors from anywhere in the world where they have access to dry ice.

What is the general process of donating stool?

  • Collect your stool directly in a zip-lock bag.
  • Ship on dry ice, or optionally, store multiple samples in the freezer to ship together.
  • If there is a recipient local to you, you may agree on a local pickup routine.

A simple collection kit can be used if your bowel movements are typically not at home:

  • 1 insulated lunch bag.
  • 1 frozen ice pack.
  • 1 ziplock freezer bag.
  • You can store the ice pack and zip lock bag inside the insulated lunch bag. You can leave the kit in the freezer overnight and then take it with you during the day.
  • If you are willing, some recipients may request for the stool to be mixed with an antifreeze solution. Some may request for the stool to be encapsulated. These are optional, and you may charge what you feel your extra time is worth.

All equipment, materials, shipping costs, and dry ice will be paid for by us or the recipients.

CLICK HERE for GOOD NATURE PROGRAM / CLICK HERE for HUMAN MICROBES. For more jobs like these, be sure to see our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. To be the first to hear about jobs like these, like our Facebook page. Good luck!

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