20+ Best Apps To Earn Amazon Gift Cards


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As one of the largest online retailers in the world, it’s safe to say Amazon is popular. And this means getting gift cards to this ecommerce titan is basically as good as getting real cash.

The great news is that you can also snag some gift cards if you have a phone. That’s because there are plenty of legitimate apps to earn Amazon gift cards that you can use to begin earning rewards.

I’ve been using these apps for years to save more more money. And this guide is covering some of the best types of apps you can use if you want to get started.


The Best Apps To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Below, you’ll find several categories of reward apps that you can use if you want free Amazon gift cards:

1. Gaming Apps

Apps that pay you for playing games are one of the easiest methods to score free gift cards, including to companies like Amazon.


I’ve been using these apps since college to make money. And there are numerous ways to play games for Amazon gift cards, including with apps like:

  • Cash Giraffe: A newer gaming app that has PayPal and gift card prizes.
  • Rewarded Play: Lets you redeem dozens of free gift cards after earning just $5.
  • Money Well: A similar app to Cash Giraffe with a wide variety of games you can play.
  • Mistplay: One of the leading gaming rewards apps out there.

All of these apps can snag you an Amazon gift card in a day or two of hustling. Just note these apps are all available on Android. If you have an iPhone, check out our list of the top iPhone games for real money instead.

2. Survey Apps

If you’re willing to share your opinion, survey apps are another excellent category of apps to get Amazon gift cards.

The idea here is simple: you can complete short surveys on your phone in your spare time to earn cash and gift cards. Several top survey apps I’ve used and cashed out with include:

  • Branded Surveys: A leading survey site that also has a new mobile app.
  • AttaPoll: Lets you redeem free Amazon gift cards at just $2.50 in many countries.
  • Swagbucks: One of the most popular survey platforms in the world.
  • Survey Junkie: Another survey company with a fast $5 cash out minimum.
  • InboxDollars: A U.S. survey site that has a nice $5 bonus for new members.

Branded Surveys website

In my experience, earning $10 to $50 a month with these apps is quite realistic if you put in a bit of effort. And I like that you can earn money with your phone while you’re on the go with these apps, so it’s perfect for a morning commute or when relaxing at home.

Branded Surveys is my favorite option out of the bunch, but shuffling between several apps is best.

3. Reward Apps

Did you know it’s possible to get paid for shopping with free Amazon gift cards?

That’s right: plenty of apps pay you with gift cards or free money when you buy sponsored products or scan receipts. Some of the top apps in this space include:

  • Amazon Shopper Panel: Earn $10 per month in free Amazon gift cards just for uploading your shopping receipts.
  • Fetch: A leading grocery rewards app with a variety of gift card rewards.
  • Ibotta: One of the best cash back apps in the United States.
  • Upside: The best app to save money on gas.
  • Checkout 51: A popular app like Ibotta that also helps you save.

Upside App

Between these apps, earning $5 to $10 in Amazon gift cards each month is quite manageable. And all you have to do is take a bit of time to upload your shopping receipts before throwing them out to earn.

4. Passive Income Apps

If you like the idea of earning passive income, this category of apps to earn Amazon gift cards is for you.

There are plenty of passive income apps out there that pay you with cash or gift cards for selling your data. This lets you turn an old phone into an income-generating machine. Some of the highest-paying apps in this space include:


With a few of these apps, earning a free $5 to $10 in Amazon gift cards each month is quite easy. I suggest setting up an old phone you have with a few passive income apps to test the waters to find the apps that work best for you.

5. Mystery Shopping Apps

One final category of apps to get Amazon gift cards are mystery shopping apps.

Plenty of companies want to hear honest feedback from customers about their stores and products. To get this feedback, they often rely on mystery shoppers; undercover shoppers who go into stores to test employees and the overall shopping experience.

There are several apps in this category you can use to find gigs. Two of the most popular are Shopkick and Premise. Both apps pay you to complete tasks like taking photos of store displays or even just walking into stores, and both apps let you cash out with Amazon gift cards.

Shopkick app

You can also use mystery shopping apps like GigWalk and Field Agent. However, these two apps only offer cash payments, not Amazon gift cards, so I’d start with Shopkick and Premise.

How Much Can You Make?

In my experience, it’s possible to earn anywhere from $5 to $25 per month in Amazon gift cards if you try out a few of these apps. But you can easily earn more if you put in a bit of effort, especially with survey apps or cash gaming apps.

I used these types of apps for years during college to get Amazon gift cards. Just take a look at the screenshot below, which shows how often I was redeeming free gift cards for some proof:


Sure, using apps for Amazon gift cards isn’t going to pay all your bills. But this is an effective way to save money each month without much effort. And stacking a few apps can yield some pretty consistent results.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for apps to earn Amazon gift cards, you certainly have plenty of options. And with the right side hustle stack, I firmly believe you can get gift cards every single week, even completely passively.

So, take some time and pick a few apps from this list to test out. Over time, you’ll find the apps that work best for your phone and location and can enjoy a steady stream of rewards.

Thanks for reading!

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