6 Best Ways To Become An Amazon Product Tester (Full Guide!)


Amazon is one of the largest companies in the entire world, and it’s the go-to shopping option for millions of people.

But, did you know it’s also possible to make money with this ecommerce giant as an Amazon product tester?


Becoming an Amazon product tester is a popular and rewarding gig if you know how to get started. And this post is sharing how to get an Amazon product tester job and what you need to know before you get started. 

What Is An Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon product tester is someone who tests various products that are sold on Amazon. They then write reviews on Amazon itself or on other websites and social media. Testers also provide feedback to the seller to help them potentially improve the product.

This is one of the most popular ways to get free products to review and even write reviews for money. However, it’s a competitive field, and it can take a while before you land your first gig.


Also note that most gigs simply pay you with free products in exchange for your tests and feedback. Some gigs pay cash or with free gift cards, but these are less common.

How To Find Amazon Product Tester Jobs

Here are some of the best places to look if you want to get paid for Amazon reviews as a product tester.

1. Amazon Vine

One of the top ways to become an Amazon product tester is through an invitation only program called Amazon Vine. This program invites select Amazon reviewers to participate in this exclusive product testing group known as Amazon Voice.


While the full criteria to get chosen for this Amazon review program aren’t fully known, Amazon typically invites individuals who are very active reviewers. Reviews also need to be thoughtful and comprehensive.

An example of a Vine Voice review I saw.

Generally, Amazon Vine members get sent products that are new releases or products that aren’t even on the market yet. So, this is an excellent way to find consistent product review gigs for exciting products no one has seen yet.

This program is also run by Amazon; it’s actually against Amazon’s terms of service for sellers to send you product directly for review.

Just note that Amazon Vine testers don’t get paid with cash. Instead, they keep the products they review, so you can always sell them online if you want quick money or keep them for your own use.

2. Snagshout

One of several discount style websites, Snagshout is another way you can find Amazon product tester gigs if you do a bit of searching.

The website provides coupons and rebates for thousands of products, including many that are sold on Amazon. Some rebates are for 100% as well, meaning you can purchase an Amazon product and get a complete refund from the seller.

SnagShout free products
An example of a free SnagShout product I found.

Sellers often do this to help encourage people to try new products going to market, and to get reviews. Some products require you to pay for shipping, and not every product has a 100% discount. But even so, Snagshout can help you save more money while finding Amazon tester jobs.

Just make sure you understand the terms before you order and agree to review the products you try.

3. Rebaid

Like Snagshout, Rebaid is another reviewer discount website where you can get free or heavily discounted items to review. The site also has many products from Amazon sellers, so it’s easy to find popular products to test and review.


Many of these items are only available in a limited quantity and the products that are available change frequently, so be sure to check back with them often.

Like Snagshout, also read terms and conditions carefully or any instructions from sellers.

4. Become An Influencer

One of the most consistent ways to get Amazon product tester gigs is to become an influencer yourself.

There are more ways to be an influencer than ever before. This unique way to make money online can include starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel, or simply being active on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. 

As you grow a following as an influencer, it’s not uncommon for brands in your niche to send you free products to review. This often includes Amazon sellers, so you can begin striking brand deals for cash and free merchandise.

You can also apply to become an Amazon affiliate to earn even more by recommending products on Amazon to other people. This is one way Tom makes money with a niche blog, and it’s an excellent source of passive income once you establish a following.

Niche Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Income from one of Tom’s niche blogs.

As a long time blogger myself, I include my Amazon affiliate links in my social media and my blog posts regularly, especially for products I love and use regularly. This generates regular sales and passive income from my content and the earnings can really add up.

5. Vipon

A popular Amazon deal site, Vipon offers its users deep discounts on a variety of products and even offers free products in exchange for reviews.

This site offers up to 20 review products at a time, making it a popular option for those who want to be an Amazon product tester. 

For reviewers who are considering this website, be sure to look at the details. Not all products are free and many have a fee to purchase (although it is a heavily reduced price). Make sure the product is worth the money and time to review before you purchase.

6. Home Product Testing

One last resource to make money as an Amazon product tester is Home Product Testing.

Like some of the other companies on this list, Home Product Testing offers product testers a chance to get free or discounted items for review. This includes many products from Amazon merchants, so keep an eye out for free products or ones at massive discounts.

Just note that Home Product Testing is only available for U.S. residents at this time.

Which Option Is Best?

There are plenty of ways to find Amazon product tester jobs. However, the most consistent and profitable path is to become an influencer or blogger.

This is because influencers tend to get larger brand deals that can also include cash payments for their product tests and reviews. Plus, if you build up an audience, you can land these opportunities more regularly. And influencers can also earn by selling their own products, landing brand deals, and with affiliate marketing or display advertising.

This being said, becoming a successful blogger or influencer doesn’t happen overnight. It can take time to build a readership and followers, which can limit your ability to make money while your following grows.

Many people who start a new blog or social media channel still maintain a day job for steady income until they are making full-time income from this side hustle.

Do Amazon Product Testers Get Paid?

Most Amazon product tester jobs only pay you with free products and don’t pay cash. In other words, you get to keep the products you test as a form of payment. Most sellers also cover shipping so you’re never out of pocket.

Some companies are willing to pay testers with cash or free gift cards, but this isn’t common. This is why becoming an influencer is likely the most lucrative path forward.

My Advice For Getting Started

It can be tempting to say “yes” to every free product testing gig that comes your way. However, if you want to be an Amazon product tester, there are a few things to keep in mind that I’ve learned over the years:

  1. Consider Usefulness: Is the product something you actually need? I get dozens of inquiries every week to review baby products including strollers, high chairs and more. My kid is over 6 feet tall now, so these items are no longer applicable for me. While I could still sell these products on sites like Poshmark or eBay, you still need to decide if it’s worth the effort.
  2. Consider Time Investment: Is the product worth your time? I frequently get review opportunities for inexpensive items such as bags of food. While the items would be free of charge, I also consider the time to do the review requested. In some cases, it’s not worth it to do the review for an item that would just cost me a couple dollars to buy.
  3. Disclose Your Deals: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires reviewers to disclose when they receive items free of charge in exchange for review. It’s important to include this information and failure to do so can result in fines.
  4. Consider Financial Impacts: Depending on where you live, the “free” items you receive to review may be subject to tax depending on the volume of merchandise that you receive.
  5. Watch Out For Scams: While most Amazon product testing offers are legit, there are still scams. Never disclose passwords, banking information, or other personal info. Scammers might also ask you to purchase the product ahead of time at your own expense and then offer to reimburse you after you post your review. If they fail to follow through, you can lose the money that you spent, as well as time for the review.

Final Thoughts

So can you get paid to be an Amazon product tester? Absolutely. In fact, there are numerous testing opportunities via Amazon and through marketplace brands directly.

I’ve been a blogger and influencer for over 10 years. I have personally tested and reviewed more products than I can count, including items from Amazon. From clothes to toys, electronics to food, it’s been amazing to get free stuff in exchange for my reviews.

Overall, this is a fun side hustle that can help you save more money while trying out new products and gadgets. Just remember to review each opportunity and to make an informed decision if it is right for you.

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