Roadie Driver Review (How To Get Started in 2023)


If you love using your car to make money, you might be a future Roadie driver. Roadie connects drivers with delivery opportunities and was built on the idea that you’re already driving somewhere, so why not drop off a package and make some bank.

But is it worth the cost of gas, mileage, and time? In this comprehensive review guide, we will walk you through the pros and cons from signing up to maximizing your earnings with this flexible side hustle


Roadie Driver Review (How To Get Started in 2023)

What Is Roadie?

Roadie, which was recently bought by industry giant UPS, revolutionizes the way packages and items are delivered. It matches individuals and businesses who need to send something with drivers who are already heading in that direction. 

You use the app to view potential gigs, like delivering small packages or even large appliances if you have the vehicle, equipment, and know-how for that. Roadie drivers “bid” for a gig by clicking on it, having them compete with other drivers for the same gig. The app works behind the scenes to assign it to the driver that best matches the opportunity.

What We Like About Roadie

Like any gig economy platform, Roadie has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of being a Roadie driver:


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How To Get Started as a Roadie Driver

To be a Roadie driver you must be 18 or older, and you’ll need a vehicle, a driver’s license, a smart phone, and auto insurance. It’s simple to sign up following these steps:

  1. Download the Roadie app and create your account.
  2. Complete the driver application.
  3. Attend an onboarding session or complete the online training.

How Much Does Roadie Pay?

The Roadie site says drivers average about $13 per hour. Roadie bases their payment structure on factors such as distance, size of the delivery, and the level of urgency. If you hone in on a particular niche of delivery, like appliances or long distances, you may average higher pay. 


Roadie pays weekly via direct deposit, which is another pro. After you’ve completed a minimum number of gigs and time with the service, you’ll be eligible for Instant Pay, which has a $2 processing fee. This is an awesome feature to get paid the same day!

How To Make the Most of Your Time

To make the most out of your Roadie driver experience, consider these tips:

  • Be available: The more available you are, the more likely you are to get the gig, and the more deliveries you complete, the more you can earn.
  • Accept multiple deliveries: You can accept multiple deliveries along your route to make each trip worth more money.
  • Optimize routes: Plan your deliveries strategically to minimize driving time and maximize efficiency, especially if you’re combining a delivery with an errand or commute.
  • Provide excellent service: Deliver packages promptly and with a smile. Building a positive reputation can lead to higher ratings and more opportunities.
  • Communicate with customers: Keep customers informed about the delivery status and any potential delays. Clear communication goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. This is an important point because Roadie demands a 4-star rating on your profile to accept deliveries.

Alternatives To Driving With Roadie

If you find the concept of delivery driving appealing, you might also want to check out some similar driving apps.

  1. Doordash: Dashers focus on delivering food, groceries, and convenience items, and have several options for maximizing their pay, like driving in premium hours and picking up a delivery on your way home. Learn more in our DoorDash Driver Review.
  2. Uber Eats: An offshoot of the popular ride-sharing app, Uber Eats specializes in food deliveries from a wide variety of restaurants.
  3. Instacart: If grocery shopping is more your speed, Instacart could be a great fit. As an Instacart shopper, you can earn money by shopping for and delivering groceries to customers.
  4. Shipt: Owned by Target, Shipt focuses on delivering groceries and household essentials from a variety of local stores.

The Final Word on Becoming a Roadie Driver

The user-friendly app and variety of delivery options, make being a Roadie driver a decent side hustle to make extra cash. To make the most money, try combining Roadie work with other driving gig apps like Doordash or Uber.

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