8 Telecommuting Order Processing Remote Jobs Online


The name may sound quite technical but it is in fact very straight forward. The role of telecommuting order processing is simply receiving customer phone calls and emails in regards to orders they wish to place or enquire about and you can assist them from the comfort of your home. So it covers customer service representative and data entry jobs.

As a telecommuter, that is, a person who works from home, you could end up working for companies like Amazon, Sutherland just to name a few.


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Many companies are still pretty flexible when it comes to working virtually and are finding that having remote staff allows for them to provide a more comprehensive service to their customers 24 hours a day. This work from home opportunity is also beneficial to those who wish to work part-time or on a schedule that suits as you can choose the shifts that most fits in with your home life.

What Are The Order Processing Duties?

As mentioned above you will need to do the following:

  • carry out customer service through phone calls, emails
  • data entry
  • stock checking
  • price verification for products or services
  • sales order and shipping order creation
  • logistics arrangement
  • invoice creation
  • Develop knowledge of company services and products

To do all this and more you will need great communication amd interpersonal skills, a good command of written english and if you are bilingual then you have an added advantage.


What Qualifications Do You Need?

For most positions you do not need any formal qualifications except for a high school diploma but if you have customer service or sales experience then this will be a great opportunity. 

The other must-haves are being organized, able to problem-solve, multi-task and have a friendly and helpful manner which are essential in carrying out the job. You will also need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment, and have basic computer skills.

What is Needed to Telecommute?

To carry out the job as a remote order processor you will need some basic equipment such as:

  • A quiet place to work
  • High-speed internet that is reliable
  • A laptop or pc
  • Headset with noise cancellation

Companies Recruiting for Telecommute Order Processing Jobs

As someone looking for a remote job you need to realize that it is not just large companies thst require the service of a remote order processor but also small ecommerce stores that use platforms like Shopify. You could end up working online for a nearby online store. Here are a few of the most well-known companies that have vacancies for telecommute order processing.

#1 – Amazon

Amazon, well-known company has great work from home opportunities and it includes positions that cover order processing. There are openings in different countries so take a look to see if you can find the ideal position. The job might not say exactly order processing so make sure to take the time to read the job description to know what the role entails.

#2 – Sutherland

Sutherland a global business process outsourcing company prides itself on recruiting work from home solutions to make life easy for its clients and their customers. The company provides the right people to carry out the processes of ordering, admin, logistics and all the backend duties and they work with some very well-known brands.

#3 – Concentrix

Concentrix is a reknowned company that focuses on customer satisfaction and has a number of global opportunities that also include order processing. The industries they cover range from travel and tourism, banking and finance, to retail and ecommerce and much more.

#4 – Jetty

This vibrant outsourcing company hire Claims Associates to handle order entry, customer service, and support. They work with a number of renters and property managers to make renting a home more affordable and flexible. Jetty pride themselves on recruiting the best to provide a great customer experience. Apply now!

#5 – Alorica

Another popular customer service outsourcing company that has offices worldwide and offer telecommuting jobs is Alorica. They have lot of great work from home positions and even have a veteran and spouses recruitment initiative. Take a look at their list of latest vacancies.

#6 – Cardinal Health

This company has a number of Customer Care Representative positions all across the US and they describe the roles as meeting the needs of their customers throughout the entire order placement lifecycle. You will be responsible for providing customer assistance, order placement, product information, order status, order discrepancies, and customer complaints.

#7 – Ibex

A direct competitor to Alorica and Sutherland, ibex is another outsourcing customer experience provider with offices located in different parts of the world. The jobs available are not only in office call centers, some are also work from home positions such as Tech support and order processing.

#8 – Upwork

As mentioned earlier, there are small business owners that also require the services of a remote order processor and Upwork is a good place to find independent ecommerce entrepreneurs who need additional help with processing their customer orders. Sign up to this freelancer platform to see if you can find the ideal virtual order processing position.

Final Words

Now that you know what telecommuting order processing jobs are and that they are more or less the same as work from home customer support positions you can apply to any of the companies listed above. If you have customer agent experience, the relevant equipment already at home and looking for a flexible job that you can do remotely then these options are a great start to your telecommuting journey.

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