24 Best Flower-Inspired Color Palettes



As a creative person and printables obsessed lady, I LOVE color. Color lovers unite! πŸ™‚ I especially love bold, bright color schemes against white. It’s shocking. It’s daring, and I just love it. <3 I take so much inspiration from flowers all around me and wanted to create some of the best flower-inspired color palettes.

But sometimes when I’m working on a project, I’m not all that inspired.Β Β 

That’s my cue to take a step outside in the garden, get some fresh air and clear my mind. Breathe in, breathe out. At that moment, I’m instantly inspired by the nature that stands before me, flowers, and I start looking at types of flower color combinations.Β 


Nature inspired color palettes fill me so much joy! Just LOOKING at the beauty, has a way of really making me happy, igniting my fire, and pumping those creative juices!Β 

Use these beautiful floral design color palette ideas for anything you can think of, but here are some ideas:

  • Weddings
  • Printables
  • Home Decor
  • Clothing
  • Graphic Design
  • Websites/Blogs
  • Coloring

You ready to get started?Β 


24 Best Flower-Inspired Color Palettes

I hope these flower-inspired color palettes take your breath away and fill you with tons of creativity! Beneath the picture is the color palette HEX codes.

This color scheme has the best of both worlds, several neutral tones with a bright splash of red!


  • Battleship Gray – #4a4850
  • Striking Red Rose – #f41722
  • Baked Gold – #e5b563
  • Cypress Green – #304929
  • Gray Chalice – #abafb8

Pink Roses on top of table with pastries - Color Palette

This mauve and gray color combination create a relaxing vibe with the coral and green.


  • Gray Sigma – #586264
  • Savannah Green – #75976a
  • Pinky Mauve – #cc5b76
  • Caramel Coral – #e6a16c
  • Gray Oasis – #cccfd8

Beautiful color palette of red roses

Rich and vibrant with a deep punch of red make this a beautiful happy color palette.


  • Blue Yonder – #6079bb
  • Emerald Isle – #3aa18c
  • Traffic Red – #c30001
  • Burgundy Bouquet – #732c42
  • Snow Kiss – #f7f8fd

Beautiful Pink Daises on a prairie Color Palette

This color palette has it all, sunny, happy and with a grounding neutral green shade.


  • Cyber Grape – #5b4b82
  • Pink Gerbera – #f5259a
  • Empire Yellow – #f4d000
  • Daisy Pink – #f497dc
  • Natural Green – #5a834e

Beautiful Color Palette of different tulips

You can’t go wrong with tulips. Am I right!? This color combination are cool and bright with a splash of warm yellow.


  • Treetop Green – #4d6a2e
  • Warm Yellow – #dbc25f
  • Hibiscus Tea – #e13751
  • Sumptuous Plum – #94305c
  • Gray Drift – #cdcbd2

Beautiful Pink Rose Arrangement Color Palette

Light and delicate and fresh and airy are the mood that this color palette strikes.


  • Crisp Gray – #c7ced8
  • Rich Mulberry – #684352
  • Pink Corsage – #f185b7
  • Airy Pink – #ecb8cf
  • Fresh Green – #abbd8b

Color Palette of beautiful flowers featuring the beautiful London Big Ben

Twilight is definitely the scene these rich colors evoke.


  • Yellow Afterglow – #fcfdb1
  • Dusky Pink – #d687b8
  • Blue Preserve – #7370b3
  • Sherwood Green – #3b4a32
  • Purple Silence – #625779

Beautiful Red, Yellow, White and Pink Flower Arrangement Color Palette

Cheery, vibrant and joyous are the atmosphere this flower inspired color palette create.


  • Twilight Gray – #cfc8c5
  • Yellow Sizzle – #f8dd06
  • Mandarin Orange – #ec6114
  • Vivid Pink – #ca1078
  • Tardis Blue – #29405e

Beautiful Table Decor Color Palette with pink flowers

Can you feel the elegance and sophistication these shades invoke?


  • Black Swan – #000905
  • Sophisticated Pink – #d05291
  • Elegant Lilac – #c485ae
  • Tart Apple – #b4d083
  • Blondie Yellow – #fff6ba

Beautiful Color Palette of white and pink flowers on a prairie.

A field of happiness are what I would call these vivid colors. Can you see it?


  • Jovial Green – #78982c
  • Berry Delight – #ad0020
  • Pink Bliss – #fd4a9f
  • Yellow Glee – #fcd701
  • Contented Gray – #ece9e4

Beautiful Decoration with Pink flowers and candles Color Palette

These color schemes for bedrooms say richness and calmness with a touch of warmth and energy.


  • Dark Blue Warmth – #182a2c
  • Serene Gray – #a5a5a3
  • Placid Purple – #af898e
  • Russet Harmony – #a54b4c
  • Energetic Yellow – #f6b907

Beautiful Color Palette of deep blue and purple flowers

These energetic, vivid colors still seem to provoke a certain peacefulness.Β 


  • Majestic Green – #035600
  • Continental Blue – #070616
  • Tahiti Night Blue – #0f1d53
  • Bluebell Peace – #483d9c
  • Blue Pearl – #c7d2f0

Beautiful Color Palette of purple flowers on a prairie.

Clear, quiet and at peace is the aura this special color palette gives off.


  • Blue Aura – #9fb9d7
  • Iguana Green – #789d00
  • Bluebell Trance – #6d6abc
  • Blue Decadence – #231168
  • Yellow Parchment – #e7d986

Red and yellow flowers with a beautiful butterfly Color Palette

Gorgeous, happy and wonderful is this bright and colorful palette’s inspiration. It would be PERFECT as website color schemes!


  • Yellow Jubilee – #ffff56
  • Lime Freckle – #bbd966
  • Exquisite Orange – #fb9b1b
  • Pink Dazzle – #fa1256
  • Gray Gauze – #edeff1

Purple Flowers color palette on a beautiful white background

This floral color palette from this image is delicate, cool, and serene. I’m definitely going to use this as my color palette for a printable!!


  • Black Emerald – #1a2622
  • Blue Poise – #6aabad
  • Purple Gladiolus – #8342d0
  • Serene Green – #99d7a0
  • Ice Cube – #f9f9f7

Purple flower hanging from a tree - Color Palette

Richness, boldness and beauty radiates from this color combination.


  • Lavish Purple – #6e0546
  • Blue Delphinium – #a9a4ff
  • Perfect Peach – #ffd3a8
  • Bold Green – #1f7403
  • Bright White – #ffffff

Beautiful Wedding Flower decoration on a sandy beach

This floral combination shines with femininity, celebration and tranquility. It’s a perfect complimentary color scheme for wedding flower color palettes.


  • Blue Spirit – #53b7cf
  • Dainty Yellow – #eae190
  • Pink Spree – #f44093
  • Tender Green – #acbb85
  • Coastal Fog – #d0d4c7

Beautiful white home with an astonishing pink tree Color Palette

Neutral and stark, but with a bold pop of bright color gives an unexpected, wow!


  • Gray Dawning – #b7b7b9
  • Garnet Symphony – #88052f
  • Cherry Blossom – #bb6477
  • Charcoal – #383434
  • Stark Gray – #736052

Gorgeous Red and purple flowers Color Palette

Royal, vivid and a bit refreshing, these colors will wake you up! This is EXACTLY how to create a color palette right here!


  • Poppy Red – #e11522
  • Blue Dominion – #1d2856
  • Lively Green – #74dc61
  • Baby Powder – #f7faf0
  • Lucid Purple – #5d3572

Pink Flowers on top of a nice and stylish green Chair Color Palette

Peaceful neutrals aren’t boring when there’s a pop of bright pink in the mix! That’s what this color palette expresses.


  • Cocoa Nibs – #211207
  • Southern Wood – #a16e55
  • Iconic Pink – #db0144
  • Kawaii Pink – #eaacbf
  • Sea Spray Gray – #98ac9e

Beautiful Flower arrangement Color Palette

This picture is a perfect for evoking color scheme ideas. Colors you may never think of putting together can go together exceptionally!


  • Black Shadow – #14191f
  • Grasshopper Green – #50884c
  • Bordeaux Purple – #5a0831
  • Orange Soda – #df5936
  • Hi Ho Silver – #aaaeb1

Beautiful Color Palette of purple flowers on a prairie.

You can absolutely put purple and yellow shades together without it being too youthful!


  • Deep Moss – #2f3010
  • Goblin Green – #7c7118
  • Duchess Lavender – #c7bdc5
  • Mystic Purple – #886099
  • Purple Hollyhock – #4f1887

Beautiful Flower Bushes Color Palette

These colors schemes examples of flowers say to me that neutral does not mean bland and boring!


  • Vintage Tea Rose – #cdafa7
  • Sanctuary Blue – #b1b8c0
  • Pink Gala – #b34561
  • Eden Green – #498652
  • Antique Penny – #987840

Need a shot of inspiration and creativity? These bright wedding flower-inspired color palettes are sure to help you with your project needs! #art

How gorgeous is this when you’re looking for color palette images?! If you’re looking for dreamy and mellow, these color shades have that, with just a touch of fire.


  • Tiger Orange – #dd6d23
  • Acapulco Green – #65b395
  • Wisteria Blue – #7d82e5
  • Blue Illusion – #422b92
  • Blue Meteor – #132d3e

For more color palette inspiration, check out the other collections here.

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