24 Smartphone Apps That Pay Real Cash


Are you looking for ways to increase your cash flow? How about making money while doing the things you love on your terms? Enter, dozens upon dozens of legit smartphone apps that pay real cash.


Whether you rock the corporate world, work from home, are a stay-at-home mama, or any combination of the three, you’re probably keeping a keen eye out for simple ways to increase those sources of income. I mean, who wouldn’t like an extra $30, $40, or $100 bucks every week (or more!) in their wallets?

When looking for money-making apps, I know I want something simple, quick, and fun (if possible). After researching, we’ve found those apps that will put money directly into your pocket for just about everything.

  • Shopping for clothes: I’m getting paid.
  • Buying groceries: I’m getting paid.
  • Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight: I’m getting paid.
  • Watching a movie: (yep) I’m getting paid!

Sound amazing? It is! Too good to be true—guess again!


Check out this list of legitimate mobile apps that pay real cash!

Survey Apps That Pay Real Cash

If you enjoy watching videos, surfing the web, reading emails, playing games, and taking surveys online, these companies will pay you real cash for using their apps.

1. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars