Writing jobs are booming. Here’s where to find them


Writing jobs are booming, according to the latest Fast 50 report by Freelancer.com. Creative writing, content writing, copy writing, report writing, and ghost writing have all seen a significant boost over the past three months. And, year-over-year, thousands of new jobs in these categories have been posted.

However, the best place to find writing jobs depends on the type of writing you do. Here are a dozen sites where you can find jobs doing different types of writing — from resumes to reports; creative to copy.


Advertising and marketing writing

WorkingNotWorking connects creatives in the advertising, entertainment, media, and marketing markets directly with companies that want to hire them.  The idea is to avoid agency fees and commissions levied on the talent. This site puts the cost of hiring on the company seeking work.

You sign up; upload a bio, resume, portfolio and list your skills and references. The site uses both computer modeling and a board of advisors to determine where your information shows up in any given employment search. Once you apply for a position, the arrangement is solely between you and the company that’s doing the hiring. WorkingNotWorking is not involved in that process; doesn’t guarantee payment; and doesn’t take a commission from you for providing the connection.

Robert Half, a seasoned staffing firm, also has a creative division that helps advertising, marketing and public relations experts find gigs — part-time, full-time, temporary and permanent. There’s no cost to the job seeker. Companies seeking seasoned professionals pay Robert Half to find them good candidates.


Business writing

Contently connects companies looking for copy with writers willing and able to produce it. But what makes this site special is that it does not allow writers to bid against one another, which tends to push prices into the basement. Instead, it establishes a price for each piece and then offers the jobs to a group of writers who would be qualified to complete the work.

Skyword connects Fortune 1000 clients with content creators, to produce blog posts, infographics and corporate videos. The client sets the rate of pay, which can be accepted or rejected by the freelancer. Skyword charges the client, not the freelancer, a fee for the matchmaking service.

Comedy writing

If you’re a writer who is funny and has an irreverent way of looking at the world, you may want to try writing for Cracked. One of the largest comedy writing sites on the web, Cracked takes submissions from pretty much anyone. You don’t even need to be 18. Articles pay between $150 and $250.


Also consider looking for work at Creatively, which is a broader job site for all types of creative positions, from writing to fashion.

Copy writing

There’s a nearly insatiable appetite for copy writing of all stripes, according to Freelancer, one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. Over the past three months, some 10,817 new copy writing jobs were listed on the platform. And another 12,794 “content” writing positions were listed, according to Freelancers latest Fast-50 report.

The challenge with finding jobs on both Freelancer and Upwork is that applicants “bid” for positions, which can often drive down prices and force writers to accept poor pay for their work. Once workers accumulate enough reviews, they say they can nab higher-priced work and repeat business. But, many freelancers say the first months on these platforms can be miserable.

At FreeUp freelancers set their own rates based on their skill levels. Entry-level positions (generally reserved for people outside of the U.S.) pay $5 to $10 per hour; Mid-Level professionals charge $10 to $30. And experts can charge $30 and up.

Ghost and creative writing

ServiceScape connects freelancers in writing, editing, translation and graphic design with people who need their help. The site’s clients can be almost anyone — students and academics looking for help with research papers; business people needing proposals and projects written or edited; and/or writers of books, screenplays and other manuscripts. However, the bulk of the projects appear to be academic papers where the published work will be under someone else’s name.

Reedsy connects authors with professional book editors, writers and designers who can move a book project from concept to reality. Most of the authors using the site are planning to self-publish, so the quality of their manuscripts can vary widely. Freelancers here set their own rates and determine when progress payments are required.

Resumes and report writing

Fiverr is a broad-based freelance marketplace where you can provide almost any legal service. However, writers who operate in niche areas appear to be particularly successful here with things like resume writing, report writing and writing dating profiles. You set your own rates and deadlines here and clients simply buy your services. However, you pay a 20% fee to the platform for advertising and collection.

Upwork and Freelancer are also decent sites to find resume and report writing work. But mind the previous caution that getting started on these platforms can be challenging.


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