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Did you know that you can purchase some of the most sought-after work-from-home essentials on an Etsy?  From resumes, to cover letters, mugs, planners, stationery, and so much more…Etsy has just about everything you need to work from home.  I created an Etsy shop with some of the most requested items that you can now purchase and download today.


My Etsy shop is called Workersonboard named after my blog.  This shop is not even 2 months old and has cool products available to help you in your work from home journey.

Who would benefit from my Work from Home Etsy Shop?

  • Anybody who’s struggling to get hired to work from home.
  • Those who need access to work from home job leads and other money-making ideas.
  • People looking for a professional resume to send to employers.
  • Individuals looking for unique designs for their work from home office and/or home.
  • Anyone who desires a work planner to stay on track, manage their time, and get organized.

Here is a list of just some of the items I have available in my Etsy Shop below.  Please visit my Etsy shop here.


Professional Resume Template

This resume template is something I created to help people take out the guesswork of creating their own resume.  It is simple, minimal, downloadable, and editable. Employers prefer this kind of resume because they are easier to read.  This resume template is ready-made and written for you so that you will feel confident sending it to companies with work from home job openings.  It is designed and formatted to pass the ATS tracking system which will lead to better results.  It is my most popular resume template to date.  You will also receive a free cover letter and tips.

Simple Resume


This simple resume template is perfect for those who are seeking an entry-level work from home job.  It has keywords that many employers look for in customer service and other job descriptions.  You can download and edit this resume instantly to get better results in your work from home job journey.  This resume template also comes with a free cover letter.

Data Entry Resume

If you need help getting a data entry job, this Data Entry resume template will help.  It is simple but effective with keywords and abilities that companies desire from at home typists.  You can edit the resume to reflect your personal information, skills, and abilities.  Download it instantly to get more job offers.

Thank you Letter

If you have been asked to interview with a company, you can send them this Thank you letter afterward.  It will help you to stand out from the competition and remind them of your application/resume.  You will make a better impression and have a deeper connection with your potential employer after sending your thank you letter.

Ultimate Work from home Guide

This Work from home ebook contains 23 pages of information, tips, and job leads to help you start your work from home journey.  You will get access to over 100 companies now hiring people to work from home and so much more.  You can download this ebook instantly today.

Work from Home Sign

I created 2 designs specifically made for people who work from home.  These pictures can be printed in your home office and put in a frame to avoid unnecessary disturbances while you are working.  Visitors will be alerted to the message to be quiet while you work from home.  You can see examples below.

Wall Art

Get beautifully designed wall art with words and images to give you inspiration while you work from home.  You will love this modern look for your home decor.  You will get 30 printables for you to download and print right away.

Work Planner

This work planner will help you organize your schedule so that you will know what companies you applied to, whom you plan to apply to, what interviews and job offers you have upcoming, as well as your work schedule. You can plan with purpose to be more successful in your job journey.

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