5 Possibilities of becoming a “Successful Freelancer” in 2020


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You may be surprised to see the graphic above right? ok so let me start with explaining it.

Note: This quote is just my personal opinion after spending 8 years freelancing and learning from ups and downs. You are not bound to accept this but you should have solid reasons for not accepting.

So let me explain from the last:


freelance success analysis  

5. Doing Job – No Free Hours: Freelance Success possibility 25%

This is pretty much self-explaining. Obviously, someone already doing the job for someone else or for himself has a short of time on thinking, act and learn new things. Remember Success needs time! Thinking about anything needs time, Taking action on what he thinks, needs time, and learning from the thinking and action that has been taken on it, needs time. So “Time is Money” is the right answer.

Freelancing is a combination of Time + Learning + Action. You don’t have time to learn things, You can’t take action so it is better to focus on your Job where you spend your time and skills.

Freelance Success possibility rate is 25%.


4. Skilled – Doing Job – Few Hours Free: Freelance Success possibility 50%

According to my observation in freelancing, If someone already has a skill, he will focus on that skill as his primary thought. Everybody wants to do easy things first so no matter if someone learned a skill that is the most difficult for others but for him, it becomes easy after learning, he will focus and try to utilize that skill first. so for example, if he knows graphic design and he asked to join freelancing, he must think to start with graphic designing because he already knew it.

Now if someone already has a skill and doing a job utilizing his skill, he has fewer chances to learn a different skill to replace his primary skill especially when he is using that skill to make money. He spends time on a skill and job that he already has.

Freelance Success possibility rate is 50%.

freelance success analysis

3. No Skill – Doing Job – Few Hours Free: Freelance Success possibility 60%

As I discussed above, time is the main factor in learning and doing action for what you learned. So 10% chances are added to the previously discussed freelance success possibility rate because if someone already doing a “job” and spending his time, He may learn a new skill but the interest of making money with a new skill will be less than an unemployed nonskilled person. So having a job with few hours free can make it easy to learn a new skill that is considered to be a reason or resource for generating income or increasing income. But the interest factor may be less.

Freelance Success possibility rate is 60%.

freelance success analysis

2. Skilled – No Job – Few Hours Free: Freelance Success possibility 75%

An already skilled person always is ready to be hired so the hiring chances are up. Similarly, the employment space can be filled with a skilled person by the employer. If a skilled person spends his free hours in search of jobs on the internet, he is most likely to check job sites to see the job trends so the chances are for him to find a job but limited to his skill. For example, he will try to find a job in the freelance Web Development category if he has skills in web designing and development so utilizing his current skill will be the primary focus and he can miss more options related to a single category like a web developer can add more money making features with graphic designing, SEO, web hosting & content writing but since the freelancer has a primary skill his interest and focus towards the other “skills” learning and implementing will be less than a nonskilled and unemployed freelancer.

“Freelance” Success possibility rate is 75%.

freelance success analysis

1. No Skill – No Job – Free Hours: Freelance Success possibility 100%

I’m sure you are now can guess the reason for the 100% Freelance success possibility rate for a Nonskilled and un-employed person who has almost a full day to find, search, learn, implement, and improve one or more skills because his mind is ready to memorize the things and utilize hours and hours because he has the main factor that is Time. You remember I said:

“Freelancing” is a combination of Time + Learning + Action.

So the “freelancer” can view, observe, see results, get inspiration, increase interest, and most likely follow the successful freelancers for what they do. For all these things a freelancer needs time so time is really really big and important factor in freelancing. In other words, Freelancing is an ocean and when a freelancer dives into this, he sees and learns so many things, and then his mind motivates him to learn more than one freelance category and that’s the key point of this article:

A person can become a Freelancer with a single freelance category,

But to become a “successful freelancer“, he should be a multitalented and multi-skilled freelancer!

Since a Non Skilled, Un-employed persona has both boxes vacant with enough hours to utilize, he can fill the vacant boxes of skills and jobs with more than one skill and multiskills jobs on the internet because the internet is a place where a freelancer can learn, practice and switch to different freelance categories and skills to improve and get successful results for his time.

Freelance Success possibility rate is 100%.

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Conclusion :

Whether or not you agree with this analysis for the success possibility of a freelancer, psychologically a fresh mind without any skill or job is the most suitable candidate or prospect.

Example: Observe the selection and recruitment of Armed forces, they always recruit at a young age when a student just completed his matriculation or intermediate so the mind is ready to accept a particular field with ease and hardness. so many other examples can be given but you can understand what I mean.

A fresh mind without any skill, without any job, with lots of time available has 100% more successful freelancer possibilities than the others.

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