Top Companies Hiring for Remote, Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs


In recent years, the healthcare industry has embraced the dynamic shift towards remote work, opening up a plethora of opportunities for nursing professionals to practice their expertise from the comforts of their homes.

The surge in telehealth services, coupled with advancements in digital healthcare technologies, has created a fertile ground for nurses to forge successful careers in a virtual space. Whether you are a seasoned nurse seeking greater flexibility or a budding professional keen to explore diverse roles, the remote work paradigm offers rich possibilities.


In this blog, we unveil the cream of the crop when it comes to companies offering promising remote, work-from-home nursing jobs. These industry leaders are redefining the contours of healthcare delivery, marrying convenience with quality care. Let’s discover the top companies that are spearheading the trend of remote nursing jobs, promising not only growth but also a rewarding work-life balance.

What is a Work From Home Nurse?

A “work from home nurse” refers to a nurse who performs their duties outside of the traditional hospital or clinic setting, typically from the comfort of their own home. With the advent of telehealth and other remote healthcare services, a variety of nursing roles have become feasible to be conducted remotely.

What Is Working From Home as a Nurse Like?

Working from home as a nurse offers a unique set of benefits and challenges when compared to traditional, bedside nursing. Here’s what it’s like:



  1. Flexibility: One of the most appreciated aspects is the flexibility in schedule. Depending on the role, nurses may be able to set their hours or enjoy a more predictable work routine.
  2. Comfort: Working from the comfort of one’s home can be less stressful without the need for daily commuting, saving both time and money and help avoid burnout.
  3. Increased Focus: The absence of hospital distractions can allow for better focus on administrative, consultative, or educational tasks.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Remote nursing often offers better work-life balance, especially for those juggling family or educational commitments.
  5. Safety: Especially during health crises, working remotely can reduce exposure and stay healthy.


  1. Isolation: Some nurses might feel disconnected from their colleagues, missing the camaraderie of a clinical environment.
  2. Boundary Setting: It can be challenging to set boundaries between personal and professional life while doing remote job, especially if there’s no dedicated workspace at home.
  3. Technological Hurdles: Not everyone is tech-savvy. Adapting to new software, troubleshooting tech issues, and maintaining a reliable internet connection can be daunting.
  4. Limited Hands-On Patient Interaction: Those who derive satisfaction from direct patient care might find remote work less fulfilling.
  5. Home Distractions: Children, pets, and household chores can sometimes distract from work. Learn how to work from home with kids here.
  6. Maintaining Skills: Some nurses fear their hands-on clinical skills might get rusty if they’re not practicing them regularly.

Top Companies Hiring for Remote, Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

The healthcare industry, including nursing, has seen a significant shift in recent years with the advent of telehealth services, virtual health platforms, and remote patient monitoring systems. This has opened up opportunities for nurses to work in remote, work-from-home positions.


Here are some companies hiring for remote nursing roles:

  1. UnitedHealth Group: A diversified health company that often hires RNs for telecommuting positions, such as case managers, clinical coordinators, and care advocates.
  2. Aetna: A major health insurance company that regularly hires for remote nursing roles such as health coaches, case managers, and patient care coordinators.
  3. Anthem, Inc.: Another leading health benefits company that offers telecommuting opportunities for nurses in roles like case manager, auditor, and consultant.
  4. Humana: An insurer that provides opportunities for telephonic or home-based case managers and coordinators.
  5. Cigna: A global health service company offering roles for case managers, patient care coordinators, and health service coordinators.
  6. CVS Health: Besides its retail and pharmacy services, CVS Health often hires for remote roles in its health service division.
  7. Healthfirst: A not-for-profit health insurance company providing affordable and high-quality health insurance plans to residents in the New York area.
  8. Vatica Health: A healthcare technology company specializing in offering risk adjustment and quality of care solutions to enhance patient engagement and improve healthcare outcomes.
  9. Syneos Health: This biopharmaceutical solutions company often hires for remote-based clinical research associates and patient educators.
  10. AIM Specialty Health: A pioneering health services company specializing in providing clinical solutions that drive appropriate, safe, and affordable care to improve health outcomes and enhance the patient experience.
  11. Cerebral Care: A digital healthcare company offering comprehensive, data-driven mental health services via online consultations and medication management.
  12. CareCentrix: Helps patients get the care they need at home and often hires remote nurses for care coordination, clinical support, and other roles.
  13. Varsity Tutors: A leading ed-tech company that connects learners with experts for personalized, one-on-one tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects, including health sciences, via its advanced virtual learning platform.

Common Remote Nursing Jobs From Home

As healthcare continues to embrace digital transformation, especially after the pandemic’s push for telehealth services, several remote nursing jobs have gained popularity. Here are 10 common remote nursing roles that can be performed from home:

  1. Telehealth Nurse: Provides nursing care, advice, or follow-up services over the phone or via video calls. Average Salary is $60k – $85k per year.
  2. Nurse Case Manager: Manages patients’ long-term care plans, ensuring they receive the appropriate care and that it’s cost-effective. Average Salary is $70k – $90k per year.
  3. Nurse Consultant: Offers expertise in the healthcare industry, often working for insurance companies to review medical claims or for legal firms as a medical consultant. Average Salary is $75k – $100k per year.
  4. Health Informatics: Combines nursing with IT skills, assisting in the development, implementation, and optimization of electronic medical records and other systems. Average Salary is $80k – $100k per year.
  5. Nurse Medical Reviewer: Works for insurance companies or healthcare facilities to review medical claims and determine their accuracy and compliance with regulations. Average Salary is $70k – $90k per year.
  6. Clinical Research Nurse: Works for pharmaceutical or biotech companies, coordinating and overseeing clinical trials from home. Average Salary is $70k – $90k per year.
  7. Health Coach: Offers guidance and mentoring to patients looking to improve their overall health, often focusing on wellness and preventive care. Average Salary is $45k – $65k per year.
  8. Patient Advocate: Acts as a liaison between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that patients understand their care and rights. Average Salary is $40k – $60k per year.
  9. Nurse Educator/Instructor: Provides education to nursing students or offers continued education and training modules to practicing nurses, often through online platforms. Average Salary is $60k – $80k per year.
  10. Medical Transcriptionist: Although not exclusive to nurses, those with a nursing background can leverage their medical knowledge to transcribe medical reports accurately. Average Salary is $30k – $45k per year.

While these roles can be performed remotely, it’s essential to note that some may require occasional travel or in-person meetings. When considering a remote nursing position, always check the job description for any location-specific requirements or expectations.

How to Work From Home as a Nurse?

To successfully work from home as a nurse, you’ll need to consider several factors, including finding suitable roles, setting up a conducive work environment, and acquiring necessary skills and tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to start working for a work-from-home nursing job:

Step 1: Identify Suitable Roles

Depending on your specialization and interests, you can explore various remote nursing roles such as telehealth nurse, case manager, medical writer, health coach, etc. Research extensively to understand the demands and responsibilities of each role.

Step 2: Update Your Resume

Tailor your remote job resume to highlight skills that are relevant to remote roles, such as proficiency in using telehealth platforms, electronic health record systems, and experience with remote patient management.

Step 3: Develop Necessary Skills

Upgrade your skill set to include proficiency in using digital tools, understanding of telemedicine protocols, and excellent communication skills, vital for remote roles.

Step 4: Get Necessary Certifications

Depending on the role, you may need to acquire additional certifications, such as a certificate in health coaching or informatics. Research the qualifications necessary for your chosen remote job and pursue them.

Step 5: Setup a Home Office

Create a quiet, dedicated workspace equipped with a reliable internet connection, a computer with a webcam for video consultations, and necessary remote working tools.

Step 6: Apply for Jobs

Look for job opportunities on healthcare job boards, company websites, and remote job boards specializing in remote jobs such as DailyRemote. Ensure to tailor your application to suit remote positions.

Additionally, keep an eye on industry-specific job boards, such as the American Nurses Association’s job board, and popular job listing platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor, where you can filter by “remote” to find nursing opportunities that allow for work-from-home arrangements.

Step 7: Nail the Interview

During the job interview, emphasize your self-discipline, proactive communication skills, and ability to work independently, which are essential traits for remote work.

Step 8: Establish a Routine

Once you secure a job, establish a structured daily routine. This includes setting clear work hours, taking regular breaks, and designating time for administrative tasks.

Step 9: Communicate Effectively

Maintain open communication with your team and patients. Regular updates and virtual meetings can help foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Step 10: Continue Learning

The field of telehealth is constantly evolving. Keep abreast of the latest developments in your field and be open to learning and adapting to new tools and techniques.

Step 11: Maintain Work-Life Balance

Working from home can sometimes blur the lines between personal and professional life. Ensure to maintain a balance by setting boundaries and allocating time for personal pursuits.

By following these steps, you can transition into a work-from-home nursing role smoothly and build a successful remote nursing career. Remember, the key to success in remote roles is being self-motivated and adaptable to the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry.


In conclusion, the landscape of nursing is evolving, with numerous prestigious companies paving the way for remote, work-from-home opportunities.

These roles not only offer a fresh perspective on the fulfilling world of nursing but also open doors to enhanced work-life balance, reduced commute stress, and a chance to hone your skills in the digital realm of healthcare. As the demand for remote healthcare services continues to grow, it’s an opportune moment to leverage your nursing expertise in a remote capacity.

Explore these top remote companies, each presenting a unique pathway to merge compassionate healthcare with the flexibility and comfort of working from home. Embarking on a remote nursing career with these industry leaders promises a rewarding, dynamic, and empowering journey ahead.

If you are looking for remote jobs, you can search on job boards focused on remote nurse jobs from home such as DailyRemote. Searching for a remote jobs can be a challenging experience, but it is important to maintain a positive outlook and go over our guide on how to find a remote job and join like-minded people in our LinkedIn community.

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