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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform?  


That was back in 2012, but I never went through with it until 2020.  

I was just looking online for work from home opportunities, and at the top I found Arise. 

What drove your decision to start your own business? And what has being a business owner meant for you personally and professionally? 


Well, I might not run a Fortune 500 company, but I did achieve a goal of mine, which was to become a CEO of my company. And it makes me very proud to say that I did that and to have reached my goals. 

What has been your favorite client program to service and why? 

My favorite client would be the roadside assistance client because its hours are 24/7, which makes it super flexible. 


It doesn’t hinder my personal time, and if I have to do something like go to an appointment, or if I have an emergency–the flexibility makes it so I don’t have to worry—and I don’t have to explain anything to a boss.  

It gives me a sense of freedom. 

Can you provide an example of when you really felt like you made a difference for a customer while servicing on the Arise® Platform?  

I helped this one mom who had a son who was stranded on the road. She was in one place, but her son was in another, and I know how it is—I have a son. 

And I didn’t want that parent to be worried, so I stayed on the phone until roadside assistance could get there to help her son. 

Of course, you help people on any client program, but with roadside assistance, the customers could be in very dangerous situations or in serious inclement weather, or even a teenager, alone and stranded on the side of the road. 

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your life? 

Oh, a lot, because I can go to the gym, eat when and where I want, and how I want—there’s no rushing. 

I could do the things that I probably wouldn’t be able to do if I worked 9-5, but now, because I run my own business, I can get my workouts in, get to my appointments on time—everything.  

It makes life super easy and convenient. 

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