29 Ways to Make Money with a Cargo Van (Plus Tips & Tricks!)


So many people have a side hustle nowadays. In fact, 53% of Gen Z people, half of millennials, and 40% of Gen Xers have a side hustle.

A lot of those side hustles involve a car or a truck, (Uber, InstaCart, etc.). Making money with your car isn’t new. Taxi drivers have been doing this for decades.


If you have a cargo van and have been thinking about using your cargo van to make money, you are in luck!

Whether your vehicle is a Sprinter, Transit, Promaster or any other make and model, there are tons of ways you can turn it into a money making machine.

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1. Start a mobile pet grooming business

Pet owners are busy and don’t want the hassle of having to take their dog to a groomer. That’s why many people choose to use a mobile pet grooming business. It’s way easier and more convenient to get the service at home.


A cargo van is perfect for a mobile pet grooming business. You can drive to the client’s house and deliver the service.

2. Provide a moving service

Many people hire movers. After all, moving is a total pain. Most people want to avoid the hassle, so they’ll pay someone to do it for them. You can provide a moving service and use your cargo van.

You can start your own moving business. Some states have strict regulations for moving services, so before you start a business, make sure that you check the local laws.


Or, you could find moving jobs through GoShare (review here) or Lugg.

3. Rent out your cargo van

A lot of people are in need of a cargo van. Many companies look for cargo vans for their business operations. Also, many small businesses would rather rent cargo vans rather than buy new ones.

Some individuals may also need to hire a cargo van for moving or hauling stuff. So, you could list your vehicle on popular car rental sites for rental opportunities.

4. Provide a hauling service

Junk removal is a big business! A lot of individuals and businesses have junk or old items that they need to remove. So, you could provide a hauling service. Cargo vans are perfect for this type of business.

Many people are willing to pay people to remove their old stuff because it saves them the time and hassle of doing it themselves.

You can pick up things like old furniture from people’s homes, and old electronics for local businesses.

You can get a flat rate for taking the junk to the dump for them. You can advertise your services on sites like Craigslist and Facebook, and on online odd job marketplaces.

By the way, if you have a dump truck, this is one of the easiest and best ways to make money with a dump truck also!

5. Offer a towing service

You can make money with a cargo van by offering a towing service. You could tow cars, trailers, heavy equipment, and large objects.

This is another great business idea, and you could advertise your services online.

6. Deliver stuff with Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex pays you to deliver packages from Amazon. You’re able to search for available delivery blocks in your area using the app.

Amazon allows you to make a few different deliveries, such as:

  • Amazon.com deliveries: You collect packages from an Amazon delivery station and deliver them directly to customers. Usually, these delivery blocks are 3 to 6 hours.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: You pick up groceries or household items from an Amazon delivery station and deliver them directly to customers. These delivery blocks are 2 to 4 hours.
  • Store orders: This is where you pick up orders from local stores and deliver them directly to customers. Usually, delivery blocks are 2 to 4 hours.

On the day of your delivery block, you’ll head to your designated Amazon location to collect your packages. Then, using the Amazon Flex app, you navigate to each destination and deliver the package that corresponds to that address. You’re paid once your deliveries are complete.

Most delivery partners earn $18 to $25 an hour delivering with Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex pays via direct deposit on the weekday or weekdays you choose.

7. Offer retail deliveries

Another way to make money with a cargo van is to offer retail deliveries. Retailers require delivery services. So, you could offer delivery services to places like thrift shops, appliance stores, and hardware stores in your local area.

8. Make your van a mobile billboard

You can make your cargo van a mobile billboard. Companies pay vehicle owners to advertise their brands. Basically, you have ads put on your van and drive around like usual. The company then gets exposure for its brand.

You can work with an ad wrapping company or businesses that operate locally to cover your van in branding.

9. Deliver food and groceries

You could use your cargo van to deliver groceries and food to people.

Here are some food delivery apps you can try:

These apps will pay you to deliver groceries or food from restaurants to people’s homes.

Cargo vans are great for delivering groceries in particular because you have lots of space to put the food you’re delivering.

10. Start a home improvement business

Load up tools in your van and work some home improvement jobs. Lots of people need tasks completed around the house, like painting, yard work, repairs, and pressure washing. You could offer these services to people in your area.

11. Start a flower delivery business

You could start a mobile florist business. Many people send flowers to friends, family, and coworkers to celebrate their special occasions. You’ll need a reliable supply of quality flowers and a suitable climate that keeps your flowers fresh.

More Cargo Van Business Ideas

Need more ideas?

Here’s a list of other potential businesses you can start with your cargo van, be it part-time or full-time.

  1. Mobile Workshop: Convert your van into a mobile workshop and offer services like bicycle repair, small engine repair, woodworking, or electronics repair at clients’ locations.
  2. Pet Transportation: Start a pet transportation service for people who need their pets taken to the groomer, veterinarian, or even on trips.
  3. Mobile Farmers Market: Partner with local farmers and producers to create a mobile farmers market, delivering fresh produce and local products to neighborhoods
  4. Mobile Laundry Service: Offer a pickup and delivery laundry service, especially convenient for busy professionals or those without access to laundry facilities.
  5. Mobile Photo Booth: Convert your van into a photo booth for events like weddings, parties, and corporate functions.
  6. Art and Furniture Delivery: Transport and deliver artwork, antiques, and furniture for galleries, artists, and collectors.
  7. Mobile Advertising: Wrap your van with eye-catching advertisements and get paid for driving around town or at events.
  8. Moving Assistance: Offer moving services to help people relocate their belongings, especially in cases of small moves or specialized items.
  9. Mobile Fitness Training: Convert your van into a mini gym and offer personal training sessions at clients’ locations.
  10. Mobile Repair Service: Provide on-the-spot repair services for small appliances, electronics, or even bicycles.
  11. Courier and Delivery Service: Partner with local businesses to provide same-day or scheduled delivery services for their products.
  12. Mobile Classroom: Offer tutoring, language lessons, music lessons, or any other form of education from the comfort of your van.
  13. Mobile Salon/Barbershop: Provide haircuts, styling, and grooming services in your mobile salon.
  14. Specialty Tours: Organize unique tours like city tours, brewery tours, or historical site visits using your van as transportation.
  15. Mobile Pop-Up Shop: Turn your van into a mobile boutique and sell clothing, accessories, or other niche products.
  16. Mobile Tech Support: Provide on-site tech support and troubleshooting services for individuals and businesses.
  17. Outdoor Adventure Rental: Rent out camping gear, bicycles, kayaks, or other outdoor equipment from your van.
  18. Mobile Health Services: Partner with health professionals to offer services like mobile blood donation, medical testing, or mobile flu clinics.

As you can see form these ideas, a cargo van allows you to start a business with no money. The few that require some investment can be started with little money. In fact, you can start a cargo van business for under $300.

And most of that money is probably spent acquiring the correct permits and licenses.

Hitting the Gas on Cargo Van Earnings!

Unlock the potential of your cargo van to create a profitable venture. Start transforming your cargo van into a thriving business today! A cargo van is a great tool for many side hustles, and you can even use your vehicle to start a full-time business.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas or has inspired you to come up with your own ideas so you can start making money with your cargo van!

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