Is Amazon Flex Worth It?



There is a lot of chatter these days about the benefits of working from home. However, not everyone is interested in blending the comforts of home with their workspace. If you are looking for a career or even a side hustle that takes you away from the casa and back out into the hustle and bustle of the world, look no further than an opportunity to drive for Amazon Flex

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What is the Amazon Flex program?

So glad you asked. Amazon Flex is a delivery service where Flex drivers use their vehicles to deliver packages from Amazon. Drivers are considered independent contractors (not employees) and pick up shifts on their own schedule. Drivers use the Amazon Flex App and choose available delivery blocks in their area. Every offer through the app details the potential earnings for the available blocks. Amazon Flex pay for most delivery partners is between $18-$25 an hour.


Getting Started With Amazon Flex

To become an Amazon Flex Driver, you need to download the app, set up your account, and look for deliveries that are located near you. You will then head to your designated pickup location to pick up packages. The app is your guide and will help you navigate to each destination, deliver packages, and move on to the next stop.

Much like food delivery apps in the gig economy like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart, you get paid once your deliveries are complete. Amazon Flex pays you via direct deposit on whatever weekday you choose, and you can track your payments in the Earnings section on the app. It’s an easy way to make extra money.

In regards to onboarding, everything is completed in the app and takes less than an hour. Once completed, you could be approved to start deliveries in less than a week. They do require a driver’s license, social security number, banking details, and details on your car insurance or auto insurance policy. Amazon does perform a background check with a two to five-business-day turnaround.



The criteria to gain a side gig with Amazon Flex:

  • You have to live in a city where Amazon Flex is available
  • You must be 21 or older.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must have your own vehicle, and it must be mid-sized or larger. (Generally, a 4-door, midsize sedan or larger. Think SUVs, vans, or trucks with a covered bed. This may seem pretty logical as it would be very difficult to make many deliveries on a motorcycle or scooter. Sadly, I can not incorporate my mental image of driving around balancing packages while driving a Vespa.)
  • You must have an iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • That’s it! 

What kind of deliveries will you deliver?

As an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you will be delivering Amazon orders. Specifically:

  • – You pick up packages from an Amazon delivery station and deliver them to customers. The delivery blocks are around three to six hours.
  • Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh – You pick up groceries and household items at an Amazon delivery station and deliver them to customers. Delivery blocks are two to four hours.
  • Store Orders: You pick up orders from local stores and deliver them to customers. Blocks are two to four hours.
  • Instant Offers – These are deliveries near your start location. Blocks are generally 15-45 minutes.

When dropping off deliveries, you will be delivering to customers’ places of residence. Common drop-off locations include the front or back door, 

Amazon Flex Rewards

Amazon Flex Rewards is a thank-you program for delivery drivers. With Amazon Flex Rewards, you can earn cash back with the Amazon Flex Debit Card, enjoy Preferred Scheduling, and access thousands of discounts as well as tools to navigate things like insurance and taxes. 

Delivery drivers earn points by completing blocks and making deliveries. Rewards include cash back on the Amazon Flex debit card, preferred scheduling, discounts, etc. There are also different levels of rewards that offer increased discounts.

Amazon Flex workers can utilize the Stride app to access their discounts.

A few things to note:

  • If you are thinking of bringing a furry companion to keep you company while you deliver? Pets, except for service animals, must not have any interaction with customers and cannot accompany you while you deliver.
  • You can have a passenger, but there are rules. For example, passengers cannot get out of their vehicle at stations. Passengers cannot drive the vehicle while you are delivering.
  • You do not have a uniform. You may want to wear a reflection vest, which can be picked up at a delivery station. You will also want to make sure you have a phone charger. Amazon also suggests bringing flashlights, water and snacks, a rain poncho, gloves, and a cart or dolly. 
  • Amazon Flex, like Lyft drivers or Uber drivers, needs to keep track of their expenses since you are an independent contractor.

Does amazon flex take out taxes?

Taking jobs through Amazon Flex means you are working as an independent contractor – meaning your own business. Amazon doesn’t take out taxes, but the good news is you will be able to write off some of your vehicle expenses.

Do amazon flex drivers get tips?

Amazon customers are allowed to tip their Flex driver and 100% of the tip will go to the driver.

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Is Amazon Flex Worth It?

Amazon Flex can be worth it is worth working for if you want a flexible side gig that pays around $20 per hour on average, but you also have to take into account gas prices, as Amazon doesn’t reimburse you for any driving costs. 

So, it’s a better side gig if your vehicle is fuel efficient and you prefer delivering packages instead of delivering food or being a rideshare driver. 

Can you make Amazon Flex a full-time gig? That depends on how many other Flex drivers there are in your area. While there are no limits to the number of Amazon Flex blocks that you can take, as more people find out about it, Amazon Flex blocks are becoming more competitive and harder to get. This results in less consistent income.  

It can be an easy way for earning some extra cash fast, with minimal hassles.

The bottom line is that Amazon Flex pays more than minimum wage on average and doesn’t require previous experience, a degree, or any particular skills. 

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