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Userlytics enlists freelancers to test websites for usability, prototypes and games

Expected pay: $5 to $90, depending on the test


Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: National / international (remote)


Requirements: 16 or older; able to sign a legal contract; relatively late-model smart phone, tablet or computer with appropriate software, an internal microphone, and (for some tests) a webcam

Userlytics review

Userlytics enlists freelancers to test websites for user experience, as well as prototypes, games, advertisements and videos. The site promises payments ranging between $5 and $90 per test.

How it works

Freelancers register on the site, providing basic information about themselves and providing their contact information. Once registered, the site will send you invitations to do tests.


Each test will have a set of instructions that delineate what you need to do. In some cases, your test will be recorded with your webcam, which the site wants to show your facial expressions. In other cases, the site will record your voice and your mouse movements, but will not require video.

However, because all the tests are aimed at helping Userlytics clients create a better user experience for customers, they often involve commonplace things like looking for a pair of jeans on a retail site. Or exploring a site’s layout to see if it’s intuitive. Or simply reacting to advertisements or videos and answering questions about your impressions.

Tests usually take between 20 and 40 minutes.

Software issues

With some tests, you’ll need to download Userlytics software, which is occasionally glitchy — seemingly particularly on Android devices. However, some tests are done with moderators and do not require additional software.


Payments range from $5 to $90 per test and are made through PayPal within 30 days of completing a test. However, users say the most common payments are $5 to $10, which is on the lower end of the scale for pay at similar testing sites.


While pay is on the lower end of the scale for similar sites, users say they like this site and feel that they are paid fairly. You can sign up for Userlytics here.

However, like most testing sites, Userlytics doesn’t guarantee regular work. If you like user testing, you may want to sign up with several sites to increase your chance of getting more gigs. Other sites to consider include UserTesting, Userfeel and TestingTime.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

I am enjoying Userlytics. I have recommended it to several people. Its an easy way to make some side cash while helping companies make their apps/websites etc more user friendly.

I’ve been a tester for Userlytics for a few years now. They always pay on time and have great customer service. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

I have been using for 3 years now and I have enjoyed the opportunities and experience. With their user friendly website and test offers for pay, I have enjoyed testing while receiving compensation. I look forward to making more money and gaining more exposure in 2023.

Love it

Excellent platform to test website/app prototypes. As a contributor, the process was seamless and I was able to answer the questions given to me while walking through the website, speaking thoughts aloud and elaborating on each point. I also liked how there was a prompt to keep track of time while completing the session. i.e. *3 minutes left, please finish your final thoughts.* Also the “Thank you for your feedback” It goes to show that Userlytics truly care about their contributors and ensure their experience is a smooth one!
Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Great customer service

Customer service is excellent. I reached out to Daniel and his responses were so prompt and friendly and provided me with everything I needed to successfully complete the study, even though I had some initial difficulties (on my end, not theirs). Test was easy to follow with good instructions.

My moderator was great, she gave time to think my answers, didn’t rush me and I think that is really important to help me give feedback. On the other hand, I would have liked to know a little bit more about what the test was expecting from me, so that I could articulate my answers more effectively. But overall, good experiente, looking forward to help other companies.

Not enough work

Everytime I get an email, the work has already gone, and I waste no time in getting straight to it and still nothing is available.

Good platforms with rare test for the uk but most are fun and easy to complete.
Recently had a test for €5, which I exited after spending 15 minutes as it would have taken near 40 minutes to complete

From Google Play

Sometimes, the app doesn’t load properly, which can be inconvenient for mobile testing. Other than that, I enjoy being a tester. $10 for 30 minutes is not bad at all. You can receive a number of invitations with different incentives. They may seem small, but they definitely add up fast. Good little extra way to earn some extra bucks.

When I first downloaded the app I was able to use it on my device, but now every time I try to open it on my device it tells me that there’s some kind of error and it’s I’m able to open text invitations. This is becoming a real pain because now I cannot access any tests that are required to do on a mobile phone for Android and I have to just resort to test that can only be accepted via PC.

App issues

I have lost 40$ because of the app… I get invitation but when I am about to start it won’t load… I contact customer support and they email me its fixed so when the next 40$test came… I still cannot get past it loading …. Please fix it before you assign testing on the app.

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