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UserPeek enlists freelancers to test websites for user experience and accessibility for $10 for each 15- to 20-minute test

Expected pay: $10 per test


Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)


Requirements: 18 or older; smart phone, ipad or computer with stable internet connection, webcam and internal microphone. Native English language skills.

UserPeek review

UserPeek enlists freelancers to test websites for user experience and accessibility. Testers generally get paid $10 per 15- to 20-minute test.

How it works

The site will ask basic information about you, your age, background and interests. These are to match you with appropriate test for UserPeek clients.


You’ll also be asked to engage in a sample test, which is not paid but is aimed at evaluating your ability to provide a good and clear website evaluation for the company’s clients. If you pass the sample test, you’re qualified to apply for paid tests on the site.

Tests generally involve spending 15 to 20 minutes completing a list of tasks on the target website, from finding specific products to going through the check-out process. Testers are expected to speak their thoughts out loud and consent to being recorded both visually and with audio.


Notably, never use your real information while going through the check-out process. These tests are recorded and shared with clients. Providing real credit credit card and personal information could subject you to identity theft.

Getting work

The site matches testers with appropriate clients from around the world. When a client matches your background, the site will send an email or push notification, if you’ve authorized these. Otherwise, the test will simply show up in your dashboard.

If you’re matched, the site will send you an invitation to participate. The invitation will describe the nature of the test and the compensation. Be sure to check the compensation figures on each offer because some tests are unpaid, according to the site’s terms.

UserPeek also appears to be a very young site, with few tester reviews. As a result, although the site says you can do an unlimited number of tests, it’s unclear whether you’ll find any tests here.


You need a computer, smart phone or ipad and a stable internet connection to participate in most tests. Your device also needs to have a microphone and webcam to record your verbal and physical reactions to the site.

Testers must be 18 years old or older, native English speakers and have a PayPal account.


Each test has a specific pay rate. However, the site says that it commonly pays $10 per 15- to 20-minute test. Payments are made through PayPal.


We see little downside to signing up here, if you like working in website testing. The site’s terms are reasonable, but there are few reviews to indicate how well real people have fared when testing through this site. If you want to work with UserPeek, you can sign up here.

There are a number of better established sites where you’re likely to find more work. These include UserTesting, Userlytics and Userfeel. If you’re serious about finding work in user experience testing for websites, these sites are likely to provide more frequent gigs. We’d recommend that you sign up for them all.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

This company is literally just a scammer. They asked me to take in 2 tests and I perfectly completed the tests. Then I asked them to compensate the effort and pay me the money but they never paid me and never answered my emails. Do not waste your time on this fraudulent website.

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