17 Writing Memes That Are Too Relatable


Writers might enjoy looking at writing memes because they often humorously capture the common struggles, quirks, and experiences that writers face in their creative endeavors.

Additionally, such memes can offer a brief but welcome break from the sometimes solitary and intense nature of writing, serving as a source of inspiration, motivation, or a good laugh amidst the writing process.


In this article, there are 17 of the best writing memes out there, but keep in mind that there are an endless amount out there for you to enjoy. This is simply for you to scroll through while you take a break (probably from a writing assignment you are putting off).

Let’s take a look at some great ones for you to enjoy!

What Are Memes?

For the most part, I can assume that almost everyone knows what memes are, but on the off chance you do not know what they are, let’s define what they are.


According to the dictionary, a meme is:

An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

Dictionary definition of a meme

When it comes to making it as a freelance writer, it can be a hard, lonesome journey. Not everyone will be able to write with people around them, or if they do, it is still a solitary venture.

Writing memes can help give you a much-needed laugh when you need it most. There is a lot of help that comedy can provide when it comes to enjoying your career.


Writing Memes

1. Life as a writer

Courtesy of: https://www.frabz.com/

When it comes to being a writer of any kind, so many people think our careers are different than they are day-to-day. For example, how many people think of us as starving artists who can barely afford their morning coffee?

2. Grammar Memes

Courtesy of: https://memegenerator.net/

Not everyone appreciates a good grammar joke, but most writers certainly will!

3. First draft jokes

Courtesy of: Pinterest

For most of us, our first drafts are… not great. What we publish to the world and what we first put down on paper are usually two very different types of writing.

4. Procrastination As A Writer

Is there anything more relatable than putting off your writing? Even for the most prolific of professionals, there will be times when writer’s block is heavy and hard to get through.

Raise your hand if you are guilty of doing things like cleaning your house, doing the dishes, color coding your Google Sheets, or rearranging your closet by colors instead of actually sitting down to write?

5. Writing hours

Whether you are a night owl or a morning bird, you might be able to relate to writing at weird times.

You never know when inspiration will strike and sometimes that’s at 2 AM.

6. Author humor

Source: Pinterest

Which author do you think is the most guilty of this? Some just love to kill off characters and make the story extra painful for the reader.

7. Focus for writing

Source: Pinterest

Is there anything worse than when you’re in the middle of writing and someone interrupts your thought? Statistics show it can take at least 20 minutes to get focused again once you have been distracted.

8. How we see our work vs how editors or clients do

Source: A writer’s life

This not only applies to authors, but this also applies to the freelance writing life as well. Sometimes, you will submit what you think is amazing, fantastic writing and your client or editor will think that your work is just average.

9. Battling resistance

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes life gets in the way of creating and it is easy to feel guilty over not spending time writing! It does not always last forever, but it certainly is hard when it does happen.

10. The freelance writing life

Source: Frabz.com

Similar to the other post about being a writer above, this is more specific to freelance writers. It is amazing what so many people think about when it comes to what the freelance writing life is like!

11. Forgetting a brilliant idea

As a writer, you have probably had the frustrating situation of realizing that you had a great idea in the middle of the night for something to write but cannot remember it by the time you need to sit down and put that idea on paper.

This is why a lot of writers choose to keep a little notebook or voice memo recorder beside their bed.

12. Spending time with a thesaurus

Source: Twitter

Almost all of us can relate to the idea of needing to use the thesaurus to come up with different words to use when it comes to writing. Whether you are repeating yourself over and over with a blog you are writing, or your want to mix up your pitches to potential clients, you want to find new ways to mix up your writing.

13. Fighting against distractions

The internet (and especially social media) is one of the greatest and also the worst things that ever happened to writers. Writers have always found ways to distract themselves, but having endless content just the click of a thumb away has made it even harder to focus.

This is why a lot of writers have to go somewhere without internet in order to get any quality writing done.

14. Ideas as a writer

Source: Tumblr

Not every idea we have as writers are always good ones! The most important part is that you keep coming up with ideas, even when they are not the best ideas.

15. Finally beating writer’s block

Is there anything better than finally fighting back against writer’s block and getting some words (or even pages!) written?

16. Working and writing through holidays

Source: memenet

Now, it is not a good idea to work so much that you completely ignore and forget to celebrate any of the holidays or fun times in your life.

However, most of us can relate to doing so either through necessity or passion when it comes to writing. Just do not forget to celebrate every once in a while!

17. The dreaded first draft

Source: Amanda write now

While this one is not as funny as some of the others, it still rings true for most of us!

The dreaded first draft is often the hardest hurdle for writers to overcome, no matter what kind of writing you do. It is important to sit down, focus, and get those words out!

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