15 Best Apps like Dave for Small Cash Advances (2023 Update)


According to a new report by LendingClub Corporation, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That explains why people need cash advances. They simply run out of money before the next paycheck hits their bank account.

Dave also offers ExtraCash, an awesome feature that lets you request up to $500 with the Dave Debit Mastercard. In addition, it connects you with companies that offer flexible side hustle opportunities, so you can make money when it’s convenient for you.


There’s no credit check nor any interest or late fees. Plus, being a Dave member only costs you $1 a month.

Dave’s website has approximately seven million visits per month. Though it’s a popular app, there are other finance apps you might like to learn about, and you can read about them below.

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Cash Advance Apps Similar to Dave

Check out these Dave alternative apps to find one that’s right for you.


1. Albert

Perhaps one of the best Dave app alternatives that let you borrow money is Albert. With Albert, you can get a cash advance in about a couple of days. (If you pay a nominal fee, you can receive your money within minutes.) Request up to $250 without worrying about credit checks or late/interest charges.

Albert also provides incredible perks like investing options, cashback bonuses, and financial advice from a service called Genius.

2. Earnin

Earnin (formerly known as ActivHours) is one of the fastest-growing finance and cash advance apps. If you don’t like to pay recurring membership fees, you’ll love Earnin. Instead of paying a recurring membership fee, you actually pay a “tip” for the service. You decide how much is fair to pay for the service.


You can get paycheck advances of up to $100 per day.

Earning has lots of other cool features as well which you can learn more about by reading my detailed Earnin app review.

3. Brigit

Want quick cash without worrying about fees or tips? Consider Brigit.

Since there’s no credit check, you can download and use the app within a few minutes. You can receive at least $50 and up to $250 in cash advances.

Brigit offers a Free plan and a Plus plan. The Free plan includes financial advice, side-income opportunities, and Finance Helper, a feature that provides data on your spending habits and outcomes.

The Plus plan comes with the same features as the Free plan along with extra benefits like credit building tools, overdraft protection, and instant cash payments for $9.99 a month.

4. Cash App

Though it has limited availability, Cash App (review) offers a loan program where users can borrow up to $200.

It charges a flat five-percent interest rate, and you need to pay off your balance within four weeks before the interest rate increases to 1.25 percent per week once the grace period ends.

I like the fact that Cash App doesn’t just provide short-term loans. You can also use it to send and receive payments and even file taxes.

5. Empower

Empower truly lives up to its name because it gives you many choices in taking control of your finances.

Start with Empower Advance to receive up to $250 right after downloading the app and signing up. You get the money quickly since you don’t need to make a security deposit or go through a credit check.

Once you’re ready, you can upgrade to Empower Thrive, which allows you to extend your line of credit up to $1,000.

You can deposit your funds either to your Empower Card (which has no overdraft fees) or your external checking account.

6. FloatMe

A best friend and a financial app rolled up into one? That basically describes FloatMe.

Why is FloatMe the digital ally you might want to have on your phone? For one, it protects your bank account(s) with Plaid, a company that functions as a go-between among banks and finance apps.

Additionally, it offers Floats, its name for cash advances. You can request up to $50 in Floats to cover any surprise expenses until payday.

You even receive records of past transactions to keep track of your spending.

FloatMe costs about $2 per month. However, you’re welcome to try it for 30 days at no cost to you.

7. Grid

Get extra money and your tax refund through Grid!

With CashBoost, you can get a cash advance of up $200 with no fees or credit checks.

PayBoost lets you receive a portion of your tax refund each month (up to $250) from each paycheck, and it’s absolutely free!

Sign up for a free account or the Grid Plus account at $10/month if you want cool features like the BoostCard and more time to pay off what you owe.

8. Klover – Instant Cash Advance

Klover provides an instant cash advance without a credit check, interest, or hidden fees.

That said, this app offers other great benefits like daily sweepstakes, credit and spending monitoring tools, and point-earning opportunities to increase your cash advance amount.

9. MoneyLion

You definitely get the lion’s share with MoneyLion. That’s because it has diverse cash advance options.

For example, Instacash allows you to start requesting cash payouts at $25. After about a month or two, you can ask for $250, the maximum amount you can receive. (By connecting your RoarMoney account with continuous direct deposit payments, you can request up to $1,000.)

If you decide to sign up for MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus membership, you can receive up to $300-cash advances each pay period, apply for loans, and monitor your credit score.

The cost of the credit building program is a bit steep at $19.99 per month. But it should be worth it for those wanting to improve their credit.

10. Possible Finance

Possible Finance makes it possible for users to borrow and pay back loans. Whether you have good or not-so-good credit, you can borrow up to $500. (Up to $250 if you’re a California resident.)

Plus, this app lets you pay off your balance in four installments — and you won’t get penalized with late fees if you miss a payment.

11. SoLo Funds

What makes SoLo Funds unique compared to typical cash advance apps is that it contains members who assist other members.

How? For instance, if you need to borrow money, just provide a valid ID when creating your account and post the reason for your loan request. After accepting a member’s offer, you pay it back.

This creates a win-win situation since you receive a SoLo Score, which increases when you promptly pay back your loan. As your Solo Score gets higher, you can request larger cash advance amounts.

SoLo Funds offers perks for members on the lending side, too. When you lend money to borrowers, they can choose to tip you. Another win-win!

12. Varo

Varo is an incredible online bank since it has no monthly or overdraft fees, no credit checks, and you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance in your account.

Also, you can send and receive money to/from other Varo accounts for free and cashback rewards with your Varo credit or debit card.

Need quick cash? Feel free to request $20 to $100 to pay for a bill or grocery item.

13. Vola Finance

Download Vola Finance to your phone if you urgently need money.

You can get up to $300 with no interest or any other hidden fees. All that’s required is a subscription fee ranging from around $3 to $29 per month.

Vola Finance even provides helpful tools like spending analytics to assist you with money management and a finance blog.

14. Chime

With Chime you can access your paycheck two days earlier than your scheduled paycheck date.

What makes Chime particularly popular is that it is completely free to use, there are no monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees, or foreign transaction fees.

15. Even

Another cash advance app alternative to Dave is Even. With Even you can borrow up to 50% of your unpaid wages for a given pay period.

You don’t have to pay any interest on borrowed money, however, there is an $8 monthly membership fee. That said, some employers subsidize all or part of that membership fee.

Dave App Alternatives: Final Say

Almost ¾ of Americans stress out over having enough money. You or someone you know can ease financial stresses by using a cash advance app. Dave and other apps like Dave can be a lifesaver for any emergency that may come up.

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