10 Best Trivia Topics to Have Fun and Build Team Camaraderie


Whether you’re looking for team-building activities, icebreakers, or just a break from the usual routine, trivia topics for the workplace are a great way to inject a dose of intellectual fun at the workplace. But which ones are the most interesting and can get people talking the most at the workplace? Which ones make you go, “Wow, I didn’t know that!”? 

Let’s dive into some of the best trivia topics that will have your colleagues eagerly raising their hands to participate.

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1. What Trivia Topics Suit the Workplace?

Trivia can be a fun workplace engagement that brings everyone together and promotes team bonding. It isn’t just showing off what you know; it’s a great way to turn quiet chats into fun office conversations. Whether you’re gearing up for a fun Friday workplace quiz or just looking for engaging topics to spark conversation,the perfect trivia topics should align with your workplace culture and the interests of your team to make it engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

2. The Best Trivia Topics For A Lively And Focused Workplace

2.1 Know Your Company – Office Tales

Every business, whether a huge corporation or a small startup, has memorable stories and moments. ‘Know Your Company’ trivia is like a fun treasure hunt to discover behind-the-scenes stories. It could be interesting information about your company,  funny anecdotes such as silly team goof-ups l, or the reason behind a funny nickname for a meeting room. These fun trivia questions help you to know the more human side of your company. 

  • Who was the very first employee hired?
  • In which city is our largest branch located outside of the headquarters?
  • What’s the origin story behind our company mascot?
  • Our CEO once mentioned their favorite movie in a town hall. What was it? 
  • Which team had that hilarious mascot during the last company sports day?

2.2 Holiday Trivia – Festive Fever

Holiday Trivia - Festive Fever

From the history behind Halloween costumes to why we light candles on Hanukkah, there’s a world of fascinating facts behind every festive date. Holiday trivia isn’t just about knowing the holidays you celebrate—it’s a window to the diverse world of celebrations. So, the next time you’re gathered around the water cooler, you can surprise your coworkers with a fun fact about their favorite holiday. It’s all about the joy of sharing and learning with your team.

  • According to Irish legend, which plant is traditionally worn on St. Patrick’s Day to symbolize the Holy Trinity? 

Ans – Shamrock

  • In which country is the “Day of the Dead” primarily celebrated with colorful altars and sugar skulls? 

Ans – Mexico

  • In which Nordic country is it a tradition to light bonfires and dance around a maypole during Midsummer? 

Ans – Sweden

  • Which bird is traditionally pardoned in a White House ceremony before American Thanksgiving? 

Ans – Turkey

  • In which country is there a tradition to hide brooms on Christmas Eve to prevent witches from stealing them? 

Ans – Norway

2.3 History Trivia – Time Travelers

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used a form of toothpaste? Or that there was a time when the Olympics awarded medals for art? With History Trivia, you don’t need a time machine to experience the thrill of stepping back in time. Every trivia question takes you to old times, letting you see the world like the great adventurers and change-makers did. 

  • Who was the only U.S. president to serve more than two terms in office?

Ans – Franklin D.Roosevelt

  • The ancient city of Petra, known for its rock-cut architecture, is located in which modern-day country?

Ans – Jordan

  • Which famous 13th-century explorer documented his travels to the Yuan Dynasty in “The Travels of Marco Polo”?

Ans – Marco Polo

  • The Battle of Hastings in 1066 was a turning point for which European country?

Ans – England

  • Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and remains the only person to have won Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry?

Ans – Marie Curie

2.4 Movies & TV Trivia – Popcorn Pros

Movies & TV Trivia - Popcorn Pros

Have you ever felt the thrill when your favorite character drops that iconic line, or the plot twist makes your jaw drop? Movies & TV trivia offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane, right from your workspace. These trivia questions transport you back to those cherished cinematic moments, letting you experience the magic and emotions all over again. It’s a fun way to bring those big-screen vibes into your workplace.

  • In which popular TV show do characters frequently hang out at Central Perk?

Ans – Friends

  • Which iconic movie series features a weapon known as a “lightsaber”?

Ans – Star Wars

  • Who voiced the lovable ogre in the animated movie “Shrek”?

Ans – Mike Myers

  • Who played the character Jack Dawson in the film “Titanic”?

Ans – Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Who played the iconic role of Godfather in the movie “The Godfather”?

Ans – Marlon Brando

2.5 Music Trivia – Tune Titans

Movies & TV Trivia - Popcorn Pros

Can you recall the classic hits that once ruled the radio waves or pinpoint the album that changed the course of music history? And what about those iconic musicians whose names are etched into the history of musical greatness? These trivia topics challenge your understanding of classic hits, groundbreaking albums, and legendary artists. 

  • In which U.S. city is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located?

Ans – Cleveland, Ohio

  • Which iconic singer was formerly known as Robert Zimmerman?

Ans – Bob Dylan

  • Who sang the 1995 hit “You Oughta Know” from the album “Jagged Little Pill”?

Ans – Alanis Morisette

  • The song “Purple Rain” is associated with which legendary musician?

Ans – Price

  • Which female rapper had a 2019 hit with “Truth Hurts”?

Ans – Lizzo

2.6 Sports Trivia – Game Day Gurus

When we think of sports trivia, it’s easy to assume it’s only for those hardcore enthusiasts who can recall every player’s name, every game’s score, or every championship date. However, the beauty of sports extends beyond statistics and die-hard fandom. It’s in the universal exhilaration of witnessing an Olympic athlete achieve a new world record or the collective gasp when a soccer player scores an unexpected goal in the dying minutes of a match. Sports trivia celebrates these moments that unite your team in awe, anticipation, and shared celebration.

  • Which country hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics?

Ans – Brazil

  • What term is used in tennis when the score is 40-40?

Ans – Deuce

  • Which NBA player is often referred to as the “Greek Freak”?

Ans – Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Which country won the FIFA World Cup in 2018?

Ans – France

  • In which sport might you perform a “salchow” or a “triple lutz”?

Ans – Figure Skating

2.7 Science & Math Trivia – Brainy Bunch

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue or how that calculator on your desk works? With science & math trivia topics, you can explore the mysteries of the universe, delve into intricate formulas, and challenge your understanding of the world around you. You can dive into fun facts and tackle enjoyable math puzzles at work. Whether you’re a newbie or a math and science enthusiast, it’s a delightful way to explore the wonders of our science and math together at your workplace.

  • Which mathematician is known for the Pythagorean theorem?

Ans – Pythagoras

  • In which organ of the body would you find the medulla oblongata?

Ans – Brain

  • What is the smallest prime number?

Ans – 2

  • What gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere during photosynthesis?

Ans – Carbon Dioxide

  • Who is known as the “Father of Modern Physics”?

Ans – Albert Einstein

2.8 Slogan & Business Trivia – Brand Buffs

Slogan & Business Trivia - Brand Buffs

“You’re in good hands” and “Just do it” sound familiar? They’re more than just words; they’re powerful reminders of brands that have become a part of our daily lives. We often don’t realize it, but the world around us is filled with memorable slogans and exciting stories of how brands came to be. This trivia doesn’t just test your memory; it’s a fun exploration into the business and branding world that impacts us daily. So, gear up and dive into this game of logos, taglines, and corporate tales. 

  • Which company assures you to “Just Do It”?

Ans – Nike 

  • Which candy, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”?

Ans – M & M’s

  • “Every Little Helps” is a tagline for which supermarket chain?

Ans – Tesco

  • “Have it Your Way” is associated with which fast-food restaurant?

Ans – Burger King

  • The slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” is associated with which car brand?

Ans – BMW

2.9 Travel & Nature – World Wanderers

Travel and nature trivia, closely tied to geography, takes you on an exciting virtual journey across the globe. Just picture it as a board game where every question is a new destination or a fascinating nature fact. You could find yourself diving into the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives one moment, then trekking through the busy streets of Tokyo the next, all while participating in workplace trivia sessions. 

  • Which country is home to the world’s most extensive coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef?

Ans – Australia

  • The city of Venice is located in which country?

Ans – Italy

  • Which European city is often called “The City of Light”?

Ans – Paris

  • The island country of Madagascar is located off the southeast coast of which continent?

Ans – Africa

  • Which Asian country is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

Ans – Japan

2.10 GK Misc Trivia – Know-it-all Knights

GK & Misc Trivia  Know it all Knights

GK and miscellaneous trivia is a treasure chest for the curious minds and the jack-of-all-trades who pride themselves on knowing a bit about everything. In this type of trivia topic, you have a lot to explore, from world capitals to famous personalities, culinary delights, and artistic wonders. It’s a great way to learn something new and break the ice as well at the workplace. 

  • Who wrote the historical novel “War and Peace”?

Ans – Leo Tolstoy

  • In which year did the Titanic sink during its maiden voyage?

Ans – 1912

  • What’s the capital city of New Zealand?

Ans – Wellington

  • Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Ans – Leonardo Da Vinci

  • The currency “Yen” is used in which country?

Ans – Japan

3. FAQs

  • What is a good trivia theme?

A good trivia theme is engaging, relatable and sparks interest among participants, such as movies, historical events, or cultural milestones.

  • How to host a successful trivia session?

To host a successful trivia session, you can prepare engaging team building questions, ensure a lively atmosphere with a clear format, and consider incorporating multimedia elements for an interactive experience.

  • How do you make trivia fun at work?

You can make trivia fun at work by choosing diverse categories, mixing humor, encouraging team collaboration, and offering prizes for motivation.

  • What are some good trivia topics for work?

Good trivia topics for work can include – company history, industry facts, or fun challenges related to colleagues’ hobbies and interests.

  • What are some excellent trivia facts?

Good trivia facts are surprising, informative, and entertaining, such as “honey never spoils” or “bananas are berries, but strawberries are not.”

  • Why are trivia sessions essential in the workplace?

Hosting trivia sessions in the workplace fosters team bonding, offers a break from routine, and stimulates cognitive thinking, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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