101 Best Frugal Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2023


There are so many frugal blogs online, as well as these awesome personal finance software, that can help you to lessen your spending, save more money, and get yourself in better shape financially.

When we think about improving our finances, often, it’s making more money that comes to mind.


Increasing your income is so important because it gives you more room in your budget to save money. Definitely don’t discount it.

However, saving money is often overlooked and that’s a shame because it really can make a huge difference to your financial wellness.

Frugal living, if you don’t already know, focuses on being more economical with your money. You try to limit frivolous expenses and only spend your money on the essentials.


Frugal living can free up cash in your budget which you can put towards your money goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house, building an emergency fund, or investing in stocks.

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And there are plenty of frugal living blogs around that can help you to save money, stay debt-free, and just keep you inspired to budget and better your financial health.

In today’s post, I’m going to share the top frugal living blogs and websites!


This includes frugal couple blogs, mommy bloggers who share awesome personal financial strategies and hacks, frugal blogs for families, and much, much more!

There’s something to help everyone.

The Best Frugal Living Blogs to Follow

Here are the best frugal blogs to help you reach financial success!

1. Money Pantry

Okay, okay, I know that I am biased, but really Money Pantry has so many awesome posts on how to save money. We’re always sharing tools, like Ibotta, that can help you to save money and reach your financial goals. Do have a look at our posts on saving money for lots of tips and tricks.

2. Rich in What Matters

Rich in What Matters focuses on minimalist living, which is incredibly important when trying to lead a more frugal life.

3. Making Frugal Fun

Making Frugal Fun provides posts on so many useful topics like how to properly store produce, cheap places to shop on a grocery budget, and tips on how to organize your finances. This frugal living blog even provides a free budget planner.

4. Everyday Thrifty

Everyday Thrifty is a blog from Nicole, a mom from Tennessee who managed to pay off more than $67,000 of debt in 16 months. You’ll find articles on everything from how to stop buying stuff to saving money on a low income to meal planning on a budget.

5. His and Her Fi Post

If you’re looking for a frugal couple blog, have a browse of His and Her FI Post. The blog is all about financial independence, and it offers lots of inspiration for anyone looking to save money. You’ll find articles on so many different topics like paying off student loan debts, and how to budget as a couple.

6. My Stay At Home Adventures

Mom of four Joyce writes about frugal living on her blog, My Stay At Home Adventures. You’ll find posts on everything from meal planning that saves you money to how to avoid wasting money on back-to-school supplies.

7. Mama & Money

At Mama & Money, you’ll find a TON of practical tips on frugal living that you can easily implement. There on posts on topics like how to look polished on a budget, travel tips to help you save in the summer, and realistic ways to save money each month.

8. Our Life on FIRE

Our Life on FIRE is a blog from a family whose goal is to be financially independent, and who are motivated by the FIRE movement. FIRE, if you don’t already know, is an acronym for “Financial Independence Retire Early.”

With this method, you live below your means so that you can obtain financial independence and security as early as possible, and so that you can retire much earlier.

9. Tuppenys Fireplace

Tuppenys Fireplace is a UK blog that focuses on frugal living. There are so many great posts on there, covering topics such as budget friendly gift ideas for mother’s day, budget friendly ways to spruce up your home for spring, and frugal meals.

10. Savvy Frugal Mom

Savvy Frugal Mom is run by Emma who managed to pay off more than $300,000 in student loan debt within just 3 years. On her blog, you’ll find tons of useful posts on frugal living, which cover topics like frugal living tips from the Great Depression, and how to save money on groceries.

11. Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus runs this eponymously named website which not only offers tons of free printables but also plenty of tips on how to save money and live frugally. You’ll find blog posts on everything from where to find budget friendly décor to thrift store shopping tips.

12. Sweet Frugal Life

Sweet Frugal Life offers a lot of great posts on frugal living, covering everything from budget-friendly Mother’s Day gifts to how to stretch your meals so you can spend less on groceries.

13. Rich Frugal Life

Rich Frugal Life is a really cool blog from a family in Arizona. The blog chronicles the family’s FIRE journey. If you’re looking for lots of real-world stories about living frugally and tips on how to save money, it’s a great blog.

14. The Frugal Ginger

The Frugal Ginger is another good frugal living blog that has lots of tips and tricks for saving money.

15. The Little Frugal House

The Little Frugal House has lots of great posts on frugal living. And, this blog provides a free Frugal Living Checklist & Goal Planner too.

16. The Frugal Farm Girl

The Frugal Farm Girl describes itself as a blog that’s dedicated to helping you live your best life on a budget. It includes valuable information about homesteading, meal planning, and getting out of debt. It’s a good blog overall if you’re interested in frugal living. It even covers how to raise animals, which is useful if you are interested in homesteading and farm life.

17. Modern Frugality

Modern Frugality offers lots of useful tips on making money and saving money. Posts include things like frugal living tips you can use to save thousands and paying off your car loan.

18. The Free Range Life

Another good frugal blog that has some great tips to offer is The Free Range Life. Posts cover everything from how to stop living paycheck to paycheck to tips to creating a self-supporting homestead.

19. Under the Median

Under the Median features a great selection of blog posts on how to save money and live frugally. You’ll find posts on topics like how to live below your means when money is tight and easy frugal ways to cut expenses and save money.

20. The Frugal Farm Wife

You’ll find recipes, articles on saving money, and posts on how to make money on The Frugal Farm Wife. For anyone looking to live frugally, the blog is a great resource with posts on things like how to live off last month’s money, how to freeze zucchini, how to make peach jam, and how gardening can save you money every year.

21. Little House Living

Little House Living is a blog all about frugal and simple living. On there, you’ll find a bunch of handy posts on things like delicious ways to make use of overripe fruit, extreme ways to save electricity, ideas on how to save money in the summer, and frugal recipes for an old-time barbecue.

22. Frugally Blonde

Frugally Blonde is a great resource for cleaning and organization tips. You can find budget-friendly tips and frugal living advice there. Post topics include things like car cleaning hacks, how to fix deep scratches in wood, tips for weekly meal planning, and how to control spending with the cash envelope system.

23. Lemon Zest and Basil

On Lemon Zest and Basil, you’ll find recipes, DIY articles, and frugal living articles, with posts on everything from easy sourdough scones to DIY dishwasher detergent.

24. Frugal Thumb

Frugal Thumb offers posts on budgeting, home and garden projects, and growing a thrifty and green life.

25. A Cultivated Nest

A Cultivated Nest provides articles on frugal living, cleaning and organizing, freebies, budget decorating, recipes, DIY and crafts, and gardening. You’ll find posts on the site on everything from things to make using fresh mint to frugal living tips to DIY greenhouse ideas.

26. Frugal Nutrition

Frugal Nutrition is a great website for those who are looking for some cooking inspiration on a budget. On there, you’ll find a plethora of healthy and affordable recipes. For meal ideas on a budget, it’s a great resource.

27. Frugal Travellers

Frugal Travellers is a dynamic travel blog dedicated to helping adventure enthusiasts explore the world on a budget. Through engaging and informative content, the blog shares practical tips, money-saving strategies, and insider insights for making the most of travel experiences without breaking the bank.

28. The Prairie Homestead

The Prairie Homestead blog is run by Jill, a homestead mentor who over the past 10 years, has helped thousands of families “learn how to grow their own food, ditch the grocery store, and live the Old-Fashioned on Purpose lifestyle.”

If you want information on living frugally and homesteading, then the blog is a great resource with posts like the ultimate guide to chicken nesting boxes, how to store animal feed, and how to pick the best livestock for your homestead.

29. Homestead and Chill

Homestead and Chill is a great blog with tips on gardening, keeping chickens, and food. You’ll find posts on everything from how to build a raised garden bed to how to make your own sourdough starter from scratch, to how to start seeds indoors.

30. Frugal Living NW

Frugal Living NW is a blog run by Angela Davis, a PNW native who helps people to live well on a budget. On there, you’ll find deals at your local stores, ways to save online, recipes, and frugal living tips and inspiration.

31. Frozen Pennies

Frozen Pennies is a blog that offers lots of money-saving resources. You’ll find posts like ideas for replacing kitchen countertops on a budget, how to downsize your home, tips for a successful garage sale, and frugal habits to teach your kids about money.

32. Six Dollar Family

For frugal living tips, Six Dollar Family is a really useful blog. On there, you’ll find posts like things to do with old pillows, how to barter for free food, things to reuse and recycle to save money, and fun, frugal activities for you and your family. It has lots of information on frugal living, DIY and crafts, family recipes, homesteading, and gardening.

33. Everyday Cheapskate

Everyday Cheapskate is a blog that provides a wealth of information on frugal living. There are tons of different useful posts on the site, such as how to make sure you are using the right amount of laundry detergent, useful ways to use dryer sheets around the house, and ways to cut the price of gasoline.

34. Stockpiling Moms

Stockpiling Moms is great for recipes and DIY ideas. You’ll find posts like easy three-ingredient banana bread and easy fruit salad.

35. The Frugal South

The Frugal South is a frugal blog with posts on budget travel, Disney World, DIY and recipes, and credit cards. You’ll find posts on the site like how to check your Amazon promotional credit, how to start a successful blog for $5 per month, and free things to do with kids at home and outside.

36. Frugal Confessions

Frugal Confessions offers a TON of money-saving tips. So, if you’re looking to live more frugally, then check out the blog. You’ll find posts like frugal living tips, the benefits of saving money, how to stop being broke, how to get free money towards your savings goals, and Dollar Tree dinner ideas.

37. Frugal Living on the Ranch

Frugal Living on the Ranch has plenty of frugal living tips on offer with blog posts like tips to help keep grocery bills low, how to stretch your meals for more servings, and uses for washing soda.

38. Milk Glass Home

Milk Glass Home is a blog that features posts on things like cooking from scratch, sustainable living, and slow living. Posts on there include things like zero waste pantry staples, the best plants for beginner gardeners, how to make green onion salt, and freezing raspberries and other berries.

39. Positively Frugal

Positively Frugal has posts on budgeting, frugal food, and frugal lifestyle. With posts like frugal meal planning, ideas for cheap dinners, frugal fitness, frugal hobbies, and how to travel for free, the blog has lots of great information that’s useful for anyone looking to be more frugal.

40. Frugal Pantry Cooking

Frugal Pantry Cooking offers cheap meal ideas and frugal pantry tips. You’ll find budget recipes, food storage tips, and kitchen hacks on there. There are posts on the site like easy ideas for dinner with ground beef and how to save money for groceries.

41. Food Storage Moms

With posts on food storage, and gardening and DIY, and recipes, Food Storage Moms is another good resource.

42. Premeditated Leftovers

Premeditated Leftovers is great for frugal food tips, and also for frugal tips in general. Posts include how to make sugar scrubs, southwestern Fiesta chicken salad, how to start your first garden, and ways to save money on groceries without using coupons.

43. The Dollar Stretcher

There are lots of frugal living articles on offer at The Dollar Stretcher making it a great place to get information for those looking to save some cash. Posts include things like basic rules of frugality for the newly frugal, ways to save money on utility bills, ways to buy produce for less, ways to pay off debt quickly, and steps to building an emergency fund on a tight budget.

44. Love to Frugal

Love to Frugal features a selection of really useful posts on being frugal. You’ll find posts like budget friendly summer activities for kids, frugal tips to reduce expenses, and tips for thrift store shopping.

45. Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules is a blog from John Schmoll, a former stockbroker who helps readers to gain the knowledge they need to become financially independent.

The blog offers lots of great posts on topics like things to always buy at Aldi, tactics to build real wealth from absolutely nothing, items you should always avoid purchasing at Walmart, and ways you’re wasting money every day without realizing it.

46. Fabulessly Frugal

Fabulessly Frugal is a great blog for recipes and deals in particular. On there, you’ll find money-saving deals on a variety of products and recipes too.

47. The Frugal Girls

The Frugal Girls is another great blog where you’ll find recipes, posts on making money, and articles about saving money. There are a variety of posts on offer like Walmart grocery deals, hotel hacks, DIY cleaning products, garage sale tips, gas money saving tips, and tips for getting out of debt.

48. Common Sense With Money

Common Sense With Money offers a wealth of information on frugal living, online deals, coupons, and more. You’ll find posts like places to find the cheapest school supplies, things you should always buy used, and easy ways to save on kids’ sports expenses, and how to save more money each month.

49. The Money Principle

The Money Principle is another awesome resource with posts on things like frugal living and creating a budget.

50. My Frugal Adventures

If you’re looking for money saving deals, recipes, and posts on crafts and DIY, then check out my Frugal adventures.

51. Simply Frugal

With a plethora of useful tips for frugal living, Simply Frugal is an awesome resource. You’ll find posts on topics like how to menu plan for the week, zero-waste kitchen products, how to stick to your budget, how to make a budget that works for you, and ways to save money on groceries without using coupons.

It’s a Canadian website, and a good resource for Canadian deals, as well as frugal living tips.

52. The Frugal Girl

The Frugal Girl is a good resource for the budget-conscious providing posts on subjects like preparing for unemployment, frugal gardening, and other money-saving topics.

53. Miss Frugal Mommy

Miss Frugal Mommy offers content on being frugal, health, recipes, travel, and pets. You’ll find articles on topics like cheap family dinners, the benefits of attic insulation, ways big families can save money on laundry, ways to make your home more energy efficient, and decorating your bathroom on a shoestring budget.

54. The Thrifty Couple

The Thrifty Couple features posts on frugal living, DIY, and finance, as well as providing a selection of recipes and printables.

55. Family Budgeting

For anyone looking to live more frugally, Family Budgeting is a good blog to browse. It features posts on a variety of topics, such as effective ways to save money when painting your home, frugal interior design tips, money saving tips, how to run your house solely on solar panels, and tips to save energy at home.

56. The Frugal Navy Wife

Have a browse of The Frugal Navy Wife blog if you’re on the lookout for some frugal living tips. There are posts like how to save money on baby food, how to make vanilla extract, tips for successful Black Friday shopping, and frugal family summer activities on offer.

57. Prudent Penny Pincher

On Prudent Penny Pincher, you’ll find posts on DIY and crafts, printables, recipes, and posts on frugal living. With tons of posts on there on topics like free summer coloring pages for kids, dirt cheap recipes, meal prep recipes, cheap and easy DIY fire pits, frugal money saving tips, frugal Christmas decorations, and DIY Christmas gifts, it’s just an excellent resource overall.

58. Penniless Parenting

Penniless Parenting is another one to bookmark with posts on things like how to buy a home while living a frugal lifestyle, how to keep your finances afloat during emergencies, and smart and easy ways to pay off your debt faster, as well as recipes, like homemade cheap granola cereal.

59. Frugal Family Home

With articles on topics like easy ways to save money while grocery shopping, crops to grow to cut your grocery bill, and how to save money on a road trip, Frugal Family Home has plenty of awesome tips for those looking to live more frugally.

60. One Frugal Girl

One Frugal Girl is a blog all about achieving financial independence.

61. Thrifty Frugal Mom

Thrifty Frugal Mom offers posts on frugal living and homemaking and frugal recipes. You’ll find so many useful posts on there, like quick, easy chicken recipes, easy Mexican bean soup, canning for beginners, budget menu plan, Aldi meal plan, and frugal gifts for men.

62. Six Figures Under

Six Figures Under features posts on topics like ways to improve your finances for next Christmas and frugal recycling hacks. You’ll find posts on frugal living, finances, debt, and earning extra.

63. The Frugal Cottage

The Frugal Cottage has posts on budgeting, dividend income, making money, and saving money. You’ll also find crafts and recipes there. There are posts on topics like financial habits you should start today and ways to boost your savings.

64. The Frugal Homemaker

The Frugal Homemaker is the place to go for money saving deals with posts about things like affordable summer girls fashion and Walmart early Black Friday Deals. It also features DIY posts.

65. Shoestring Cottage

Shoestring Cottage has posts on things like purchases that will save you money, Aldi vs Lidl, and credit-crunch dinners.

66. Household Money Saving

Household Money Saving has posts on making money, saving money, and money management. You’ll find articles on things like how to save money on heating, and how to pay off debt.

67. Frugal Finance (MyFrugalFitness.com)

Frugal Finance has posts on things like frugal fitness, investing, business, frugal fitness, and couponing. You’ll find posts on things like exercising on a budget, ways to be more frugal, and debit cards vs credit cards.

68. Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous

On Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous, you’ll find articles like tips to keep your holiday spending in check, simple ways to save money every month, and tips for successful planting this spring.

69. Frugal Buzz

Frugal Buzz features blogs on topics like ways to save money gardening during springtime, simple, effective money saving tips, and basic money management tips for young adults.

70. This DIY Life

This DIY Life features posts on crafts and DIY, and saving money, as well as recipes. You’ll find posts on there like creative ways to repurpose old jeans, easy chicken thigh freezer meals, elegant DIY spring décor crafts from the dollar store, how to save money on groceries, and ways to save money on groceries without coupons.

71. From Frugal to Free

From Frugal to Free features posts on things like saving money at the pharmacy, frugal Father’s Day gifts, frugal concert tickets, how to find freebies, frugal ways to save on home improvements, where to find winter clothes for cheap, and Super Bowl food and entertainment for less. Overall, it’s a great resource for frugal tips.

72. Frugal Debt Free Life

On Frugal Debt Free Life, you’ll find a ton of useful posts, like time-saving meal planning tips for busy working moms with active kids, how to boost your credit score, how to find time to pursue your goals while working full time, how to ask for a lower credit card interest rate, and easy baked oatmeal.

73. Skint Dad

Whether you’re looking for tips on cutting household expenses, managing debt, or maximizing your income, “Skint Dad” offers down-to-earth advice and relatable stories to inspire you on your path to financial stability.

74. Penny Pincher Blog

The Penny Pincher Blog is a UK blog that features posts on cheap eats, deals, making money, and saving money. You’ll find posts on there like things to do with kids this summer on a budget, ways to help cut your monthly expenses and save money, the power of an emergency fund, and surviving the cost of living crisis (easy tips to save money on your grocery bill).

75. JustSave

An awesome resource for anyone looking to save money and live frugally is JustSave. On the site, you’ll find money saving tips, posts on how to save money, posts on budgeting, and financial tips. You’ll find posts on topics like ways to start investing without knowing anything, ways to save money on everyday expenses, how to manage your home on a budget, how to furnish your home without breaking your budget, and cheap European countries that you need to visit.

76. Frugal Patti

Frugal Patty features posts like budget-friendly summer activities for kids, how to save money on gas, and gifts for coffee lovers under $30.

77. Living Well Spending Less

Living Well Spending Less offers a great selection of posts, like ways to get your budget back on track, how to have a beautiful yard on a budget, how to cut your grocery bill in half, and how to break out of your financial slump. It also features recipes.

78. Midwest Modern Momma

Midwest Modern Momma features posts on ways to save money at the grocery store, how to organize a freezer, tips to become debt free, how to manage money when you’re broke, and frugal ways to update your home. It’s another good frugal blog.

79. Busy Budgeter

If you’re looking for a wealth of information on frugal living, then check out the Busy Budgeter. On there, you’ll find a huge range of posts on topics like affordable wedding gift ideas, cheap family summer activities, easy weeknight dinner ideas for moms with no time, cheap easy party food ideas for the ultimate budget party, and how to stop spending money.

80. 5 Dollar Dinners

If you’re looking to save money on food, then check out the 5 Dollar Dinners blog. On there, you’ll find plenty of affordable recipes, like chicken tacos, cinnamon roll French toast, and slow cooker Monterey chicken.

81. Frugal Chic Life

Frugal Chic Life has a selection of blog posts that are great if you’re looking to save more money. Posts on there include easy ways to simplify your finances, how to achieve financial independence and retire early, and how to start investing.

82. Life and a Budget

With a great selection of posts on offer for the budget-conscious, Life and a Budget is definitely a blog that you should bookmark. On there, you’ll find posts like monthly bill tracker printable, how to live on a budget and love it, and how to get ahead financially.

83. Miss Manypennies

An awesome frugal blog to check out is Miss Manypennies. The site has articles on lots of topics like how to be a more frugal family, how to have a baby on a budget, and money saving grocery hacks. There’s so much information on there making it a super useful resource for anyone on a budget.

84. Budget Travel

If you’re living frugally but still want to travel, then check out Budget Travel. It features articles on affordable travel, such as practical ways to save on a Disney vacation, the most affordable water and amusement parks this year, and ultra-affordable Airbnbs with unique designs.

85. Budgeting Couple

The Budgeting Couple is a blog with a lot to offer with posts on tips for budgeting finances as a couple, investing for beginners, and tips to keep a minimalist wardrobe.

86. His and Her Money

His and Her Money has some great posts like financial tips for newlyweds, how to save money on flights, and mastering the path to financial independence.

87. Fun Cheap or Free

Fun Cheap or Free is an awesome resource where you’ll find posts on things like chic and cheap party themes to host on a budget, summer snacks for kids that won’t break the budget, tips to pamper yourself on a budget, how to thrift shop online, how to find deals on braces and Invisalign, and how to save money on gas.

88. My Joy-Filled Life

My Joy-Filled Life is a blog focused on homeschooling and frugal living. On there, you’ll find blogs on topics like free family friendly Christmas activities, healthy dinner ideas that are cheap, fun and free things to do with kids, cheap summer activities for kids, and money saving tips for eating out with kids.

89. Chicken Scratch Diaries

With posts on saving money on groceries, cheap instant pot meals, meal planning, and cheap lunch ideas for kids, Chicken Scratch Diaries has plenty of posts to help you live more frugally.

90. Living On The Cheap

Living On The Cheap has posts on food and drink, shopping and saving, money and budgeting, and much more. On there, you’ll find posts on things like cheap and easy DIY home improvement projects, fixes that will get you a higher price for your house, ways to save on prescription drugs, and how to save money on food without using coupons.

91. Large Family Frugal Living

Large families who are looking to live more frugally should definitely check out Large Family Frugal Living. The blog has tips on things like how to cut the cost of healthy eating, tips and tricks to creating crowd-pleasing meals for less, large family meal planning on a budget, and things you should make from scratch.

92. Saving & Simplicity

Saving & Simplicity features content on saving money, frugal living, DIY, gardening, and making money. You’ll also find recipes there. Some examples of posts you’ll find on there include money saving Starbucks hacks and cheap and frugal meal ideas.

93. Inspired Budget

For anyone looking to save money, Inspired Budget is a great website. On there, you’ll find a range of posts on budgeting from how to use cash envelopes in 2023 to steps to save $10,000 in a year.

94. A Dime Saved

A Dime Saved has a lot of great tips for being frugal. Posts include things like how to get free baby stuff, ways to be frugal without being cheap, and frugal living tips to help you save money now.

95. Passion For Savings

Passion For Savings features a great range of tips on saving money and recipes. You’ll also find coupons and deals on there. The blog offers posts like how to eat healthy on a budget, how to save money on groceries, Dollar Tree wedding hacks, and the best family meal deals to order on busy nights that won’t bust your budget.

96. Living On A Dime

Living On A Dime has blog posts on everything from saving money on meat to cheap dinner ideas.

97. Living Low Key

For those looking for frugal tips, Living Low Key is an awesome blog with posts on everything from how to live cheaply and still thrive in 2023 to frugal meals you can make even on a small budget.

98. Savvy Budget Boss

Savvy Budget Boss has a great selection of posts like best frugal living tips, simple ways to save on groceries, and budgeting tips for beginners.

99. Cheap Recipe Blog

If you’re looking to save money on food, and many of us are, then check out Cheap Recipe Blog. It features tons of posts like how to feed a family of four for $100 a week, ways to save money on groceries, cheap picnic recipes, and cheap recipes for Father’s Day. It also offers money saving tips, with posts on things like ways to save money on laundry and how to save hundreds of dollars on utility bills.

100. Frugalwoods

Frugalwoods is a popular frugal living blog that chronicles the journey of a couple striving for financial independence and a more intentional life. Through their engaging narratives, they share practical tips, personal anecdotes, and strategies for achieving frugality in various aspects of life, from reducing expenses and embracing minimalism to homesteading and DIY projects.

101. Frugal Family Times

With a strong emphasis on quality family time, the blog offers creative ways to enjoy life on a budget, from budget-friendly recipes to DIY projects and family activities.

Frugal Living Blogs: From Savings Tips to Success Stories

Frugal living blogs are perfect for anyone who wants to get into better financial shape. I mean, really, you can find blogs to suit everyone from moms who’re looking to get their grocery bills down, to seniors who just want to be able to cut down on a few expenses so they can have more peace of mind during their retirement years.

Really, these frugal blogs have something to offer everyone, and what’s great is that not only are they providing valuable information for free, but they also help to keep you inspired.

I know that when I read success stories where people have saved a lot of money, it motivates me to do the same. Have a read of these blogs, and you’ll find advice on all aspects of frugal living, from meal planning to home décor to saving for retirement.

What’s your favorite frugal blog? Make sure you share it with us in the comments section below.

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