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TestingTime enlists freelancers for website user testing, focus groups and other market research

Expected pay: $5 to $90 per test


Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: primarily Europe, but remote nationwide and worldwide


Requirements:content goes here

TestingTime review

TestingTime is a product and market research firm that enlists freelancers to do user experience audits of websites, participate in focus groups and provide feedback on advertising and videos.


How it works

You sign up and answer a variety of questions about who you are and the things you like and do. These can include whether you have pets, hobbies, children and/or whether you regularly participate in sports or other activities.

Your answers help match you with potential clients looking for feedback on new products, websites, and advertisements, among other things.

If the site matches you with a potential client, you’ll receive an email inviting you to apply for the test. The invitation spells out what the test involves, whether it can be done online or in person, and how much it pays. However, you may be asked additional screening questions before being selected.

If selected, you’ll be given different time slots to participate. Then it’s just a matter of following the instructions carefully and completing the test.

Primarily European

One thing to note for U.S. freelancers is that TestingTime’s primary market is in Europe. The site says the bulk of opportunities are in its “core markets” of Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. You may get opportunities outside of those markets, but they’re going to be less frequent.

The primary complaint we see about this site is that there are few opportunities. But, you’re frequently asked personal questions to screen you for a potential study.


Because the TestingTime work varies markedly — and some tests are done online and some in person — the pay also varies greatly. However, the pay for each test it noted clearly in the invitation, so you can determine whether or not it’s worth your time.

It’s important to note that you lose any accumulated earnings if you delete your account. So take your money out before abandoning this platform.

Pay goes into your TestingTime wallet. And you can only cash out once your payment hit a threshold. This threshold apparently depends on where you live. If you want to take money out before hitting the threshold, you need to contact TestingTime support.

Once a cash-out is requested, it generally takes at least 10 business days to get paid. Payments are made through PayPal or direct deposit.


We don’t recommend this platform for a variety of reasons, including the fact that there are limited opportunities for U.S. freelancers. Moreover, TestingTime imposes payment thresholds — and has the right to seize any money left in accounts when you abandon the platform. That increases the chance that you’ll never get paid for the work you do here.

U.S. freelancers are likely to find more website testing options with Userlytics, Userfeel and UserTesting. If you’re interested in focus groups, consider FindFocusGroups and Shifrin-Hayworth.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

I’ve been registered already for 1.5~ and I’ve been asked frequently personal questions, but never got an invite for testing. Pure scam. Hope they will be cancelled. DONT ANSWER THEIR SURVEYS!!! THEY EARN MONEY ON U LIKE THAT.

I joined a few weeks back, according to their website people can expect 1 or 2 emails a week inviting them to participate in a survey. I never get any emails and in the time I have been a member, I had one £2 survey!
It’s not worth wasting your time with testing times . I check daily for surveys and there’s nothing to complete.

No studies

I get a reply, I already check for surveys as they suggest in their reply each day, I have had one survey in weeks.

There’s never any surveys to complete and I never receive any invites

So I been with this company for the past couple of months. Whenever I get some studies to complete I do them quickly within 10 minutes after receiving the email of available studies, in case I miss out. Completed my profile fully. EVERY study I have ever taken on here, they rejected me for no reason. Surely I would get one or two but no, ZERO.

Took time to get selected

It might take some time and a few attempts until you actually get selected to a study (which it also did in my case) but filling in these questionnaires is not a big deal and finally taking part in user tests is great fun. By now I have done a few surveys and I even took part in an on-site user test in Cologne, so I helped a retail company to improve their shop. Payment is quick and easy. I can clearly recommend to join!

They pay promptly within a few days. It’s great if you are looking for a bit of pocket money but it won’t replace a part time job. Most sessions now are online which is great too

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