How To Write A Better Sales Page With AI Using ChatGPT


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Writing sales pages isn’t easy.


You have to tap into the mind of someone who is ready and looking for the solution you offer. But you aren’t that person. Maybe you were at one time, but now you are an expert on the topic (or should be if you are creating a product or course on the topic!)

So getting into the right mindset, using the right words, challenging the right objections isn’t always easy and writing a sales page can be the most challenging part of launching a new offer into the world.

But the good news is that we now have AI tools to help us navigate our sales page copy. AI can help you research and plan your sales page, refine your copy, make it more persuasive and even help you name the product!


After recently taking Julie Hall’s fantastic $9 mini course about the new AI tool ChatGPT, it got my brain spinning. Though sales pages weren’t covered directly, I started to wonder, could ChatGPT also help me to write my sales page for my new course?

You see ChatGPT is a far better AI tool than something like Frase or Jasper AI. Rather than just writing content, you can engage directly with it, give it context and even ask it to write in specific styles.

Turns out, ChatGPT is a brilliant tool for helping you to write your sales copy in a fraction of the time it would take you otherwise!


In this article I will show you how to write a sales page using AI with ChatGPT.

This strategy I will be showing you in this blog post will not write your sales page for you but if you want a way to get AI just to do all the heavy lifting for you then definitely check out the Marketing Magic App!

It blows my mind how you can write a few words about your offer and it generates an entire sales page + all your funnel assets in a matter of minutes.

picture of an AI robot thinking

1. Using ChatGPT to research for a sales page

Research your ideal customer

Questions to ask ChatGPT…

  • how would someone feel if they were trying to achieve X with no success?
  • What might someone’s first goals be for helping them to achieve X?
  • how might they feel when they do achieve their goal of X?

This will give you ideas for your hook helping you to identify your ideal customer with a problem or goal and empathising with how that makes them feel.

You can also use the ideas and even some of the words and emotions to pitch the transformation.

‘Imagine the relief you might feel if you could achieve X/Y/Z?’

Whilst I don’t think you can beat surveying your own audience and using their words and phrases within your own copy to reflect how they are feeling, their goals, desires, objections and concerns, using AI is a good 2nd option. Ideally you would use both methods to create the best possible sales page.

Here is an example from my own sales page research…

shows me asking chatgpt what feelings someone whos struggling to grow an email list may have with a list of several emotions and explanations

Research potential roadblocks, objections and questions your ideal customer might have

Questions to ask ChatGPT…

  • What might have stopped someones from taking the first step with X?
  • What are common objections of potential customers who are considering buying an X?
  • What questions might someone ask before they feel confident to buy a X?

You will want to make sure you are addressing these upfront. These are the reasons they might walk away without buying so you need to address them head on and bust some myths, show reasons why they don’t need to worry and perhaps even share some case studies and social proof that dispells some of their fears.

Here is an example from my own research using ChatGPT for a course I am launching about email marketing…

screenshot showing me asking chatgpt for common objections with a list of 10 common objections generated with AI

Research some facts to give your sales page some authority

Facts and figures can add some clout and give your potential customer some confidence that investing in a solution for their problem will be worth it.

Just make sure you check the facts as ChatGPT occasionally gets it wrong.

You might want to copy and paste the same fact into a search engine to find the original study that you can then reference.

Using Chat GPT to name your product

Struggling to find a catchy name for your product? Ask ChatGPT to come up with some ideas.

I tend to let it come up with something generic initially such as ‘give me 10 ideas for a name for a course about X’

Then I ask it to add some personality.

For example ‘Give me 10 more names but make them funny/unique/quirky or use alliteration.

If it’s getting close but you don’t have a winner, ask it to keep going.

If you like part of the name but it’s not yet perfect ask it to create a name including the words X,Y and Z.

Next, ask it to create some taglines. Again you can specify if you want it to be funny, sensible, quirky, alternative etc…

You can also dictate how long it is e.g. create me a 1 sentence tagline or a 3 sentence introduction…

Here’s another example…

Using ChatGPT or AI to write your sales page

It’s true that Chat GPT could probably write an entire sales page for you as long as there is enough information about the topic on the web.

However it doesn’t mean that you should let it.

ChatGPT is still just an AI robot. It is never going to write sales copy that sounds like you or that is packed with personality that keeps your potential customer reading.

You don’t want your sales page to sound generic and the same as every other similar product in your niche.

But there are a few ways you can use it to assist you to write the copy.

Ask it to write the first draft.

Read through it, note down some phrases you like, things you liked about the structure etc then close it down and go and write your own without referencing it too much so it doesn’t start to sound like a robot wrote it!

Ask it to help you with specific sections or phrases

You could write your own copy first and turn to ChatGPT just for those moments of word block where you can’t think how to phrase something.

Ask ChatGPT to suggest improvements

Paste in your copy and ask ChatGPT to make improvements e.g. make it more persuasive or add some facts.

Use AI to correct your grammar

Ask ChatGPT to correct your spelling or grammar. If you are writing in English make sure you tell it which English to use – British or American!


Above I mentioned that I did not think that AI could write personality infused sales copy.

To some extent, I still believe that and I think no matter what tool you use, you will want to think of it as a first draft and make some edits to infuse more of you into the page.

However, my friend Menekse has built a really impressive new app which uses Open AI (the same software that ChatGPT uses) to create your whole marketing funnel in a matter of minutes.

But she’s also addressed the issue of personality.

There’s a way to get it to analyse your existing style of writing and get it to write in the same way.

The result is much better sounding copy.

With the Marketing Magic app you can create everything from product descriptions to entires sales pages, sales emails, welcome series, blog posts and more.

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Summary: Can ChatGPT or similar AI tools help you to write a sales page?

Yes, ChatGPT can help you to write a sales page. However you shouldn’t be tempted to let it write it for you in full. It will never be able to mimic your personality, your experience and your unique approach to the topic.

However, it can be an excellent tool for brainstorming product names, tag lines, researching sales copy content and editing your sales page.

However, a word of caution!

ChatGPT sometimes tells convincing lies. If someone has recorded something incorrectly online previously, ChatGPT could tell your false information so always fact check before you hit publish.

Also remember that ChatGPT may not have very new up to date information. It’s built on its knowledge from pre 2021 plus anything that it has learned since then from user interactions.

And remember ChatGPT is still a robot so use it with caution. Your personality is going to be one of the main factors that determines how successful your product launch will be. ChatGPT cannot recreate that so use with caution…

Where to learn more about using ChatGPT for digital marketing

Firstly I recommend this $9 course which will give you a really good overview of how to use ChatGPT for digital marketing and get your brain spinning with ideas.

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If you are looking for a tool that does most of the heavy lifting for your. Check out the Marketing Magic Appthey have a free trial which you can access here.

Still need more help creating your sales page?

I recommend this sales page copy template and these sales emails templates by Sandra Van Der Lee!

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