10 Podcasts for Writers to Add to Your Playlist (2023)


There is such a huge variety of podcast options, it’s easy to miss amazing shows without suggestions from peers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 current podcasts for writers 2023. Read their descriptions, see why we love them, and check them out for yourself.

Best New Podcasts for Writers in 2023

As writers, we often romanticize the notion that inspiration can only be found in written form. But, my dear scribes, the reality is that new ideas and upskills can be drawn from a variety of sources.


From learning the A to Z of new writing techniques to listening to everyday stories from industry experts, podcasts have emerged as an indispensable resource for every writer’s toolkit.

Alright, so we know podcasts can be beneficial but perhaps you don’t know where to start or its time for a refresh of your existing podcast feed. We hope these suggestions get you started!

1. Self-Publishing School Podcast

🎤 What We Love: Their star-studded guest list of industry experts!


📝 About the Podcast: The “SPS Podcast” is a treasure trove of insights and expertise in the realm of business growth, book writing, and publishing, not to mention marketing. 

With an array of expert speakers, including the likes of Hal Elrod, Susie Moore, and Robert Kiyosaki, to name just a few, each episode promises to be a learning journey of its own,

Through the SPS Podcast, expert advice and experience aren’t tucked away in some exclusive corner, but shared generously and broadly for everyone’s benefit.


And for those of us who like a bit of stargazing, the constant rotation of industry experts on the guest list adds an element of thrill. With its commitment to sharing knowledge and elevating voices from the industry, the “SPS Podcast”, of course, holds a top spot on our list.

🎧 Check out the Self-Publishing School Podcast

2. The Essential Guide to Writing a Novel 

🎤 What We Love: Their step-by-step manual on how to craft a novel. 

📝 About the Podcast: Through The Essential Guide to Writing a Novel, Jim Thayer navigates a roadmap for the new writers and seasoned writers who want to polish up their writing skills. With mapping out a path to writing a successful novel is guided, Jim delivers relevant content which provides a mentor’s voice to writers. 

With his excellent storytelling skills he coaches his listeners with the foundations to write well which is crucial to supporting a good story and a good reader experience. With practical advice for writers, along with easy to understand examples of the concepts he discusses.

🎧 Check out The Essential Guide to Writing a Novel

3. London Writers’ Salon

🎤 What We Love: This podcast is like a nice, warm, writerly hug!

📝 About the Podcast: Wanting to find out how to start up, flourish and sustain a successful writing career? Tune in weekly to listen to two friends, Parul and Matt, as they dive into the creative minds of writers. From popular bloggers, poets, novelists and journalists they have a wide assortment of creative geniuses who share the secrets of crafting a successful and sustainable journey in creative writing. 

A wonderful pick-me-up podcast for when you’re lacking inspiration or feeling lonely in your writing. 

🎧 Check out London Writers’ Salon

4. The Writers’ Hangout 

🎤 What We Love: Celebrates all of the stages of writing! 

📝 About the Podcast: If you’re looking for a fun escape alongside some compelling insight into the writers’ realm then The Writers’ Hangout is where you need to be! This insightful new podcast for writers maneuvers through the many stages of writing, from the initial influences for the first drafts right through to the end and everything in between! 

Sandy Adomaitis and Terry Sampson drop a weekly episode on Sundays where they take you on a new creative adventure to explore the minds of film and television writers. With SO much knowledge to gain, The Writers’ Hangout is a must listen! 

🎧 Check out The Writers’ Hangout

5. Writers Off Topic Podcast

🎤 What We Love: The lightheartedness dive into writing life! 

📝 About the Podcast: Welcome to WOTpod (in other words, Writers Off Topic)! If you’re looking for a frivolous, tongue-in-cheek kind of podcast, then look no further! With Craig Hallam and Miranda Dickinson loose on the microphone, you can expect nothing more than honest publishing, writing and editing advice. With both Craig and Miranda being bestselling authors you can foresee an epic episode bursting with good energy and writing advice. 

🎧 Check out Writers Off Topic Podcast

6. Creating Happy Writers 

🎤 What We Love: An informative podcast for non-fiction writing or business books. 

📝 About the Podcast: Creative Happy Writers is a motivational and empowering podcast that grants you all the essential tools to provide you with a successful writing journey. Host Steph Caswell beautifully articulates how you can write a non-fiction book within your niche. 

She produces mini bite-size episodes highlighting topics such as “Embracing the Blank Page—What to do when you’ve lost your writing mojo,” right through to “The Science of Storytelling in Non-Fiction: Build connection and inspire your readers.” 

This is the perfect podcast for you if you’re just not sure on where to start. With the guidance of Creative Happy Writers the feeling of being overwhelmed seems to effortlessly disappear.  

🎧 Check out Creative Happy Writers

7. The Power of Storytelling

🎤 What We Love: How the power of storytelling can unlock and pave the way! 

📝 About the Podcast: If you’re looking to successfully challenge the power of storytelling and use it in business, then this is THE podcast! Even though Nicola J. Rowley does not directly speak to her audience about ‘writing a book’ as such, her influences through this podcast can be extremely beneficial to authors, writers and bloggers.

With amazing tools to show how to unlock the story potential for you and your brand, Nicola has an array of interviews with business leaders, journalists and celebrities to help you create the perfect writing piece! 

🎧 Check out The Power of Storytelling

8. Writing Around the Kids 

🎤 What We Love: Mother-empowerment! 

📝 About the Podcast: A podcast that gives voice to the many super-human Mums, who are conquering the daily routine of “Mumming” yet, have an amazing outlet via WATK where they can release their visionary flare by finding time to write creatively. 

WATK is a community arts project, which enables mothers of young children to find time to write with woman ruling the roost! With Sam and Anna interviewing various women writers, this podcast is one to watch for as it’s full of inspiration and zest!

🎧 Check out Writing Around the Kids

9. The Writer’s Voice

🎤 What We Love: The charming nature of this show!

📝 About the Podcast: The Writer’s Voice is like the VIP section of The New Yorker’s ritzy podcast hangout, where fiction, poetry, and radio hours sway together. But what gives The Writer’s Voice that exclusive velvet-rope charm? It’s all in the name! 

In this show, writers don’t just birth their pieces onto the page—they cradle them into a microphone, lending an extra layer of intimacy. The New Yorker’s glitz, it’s attracting some of the best chart-topping writers of today.

So, if you’re a writer looking to understand how our current slice of history is getting inked onto the page, this podcast is your golden ticket. Consider this your friendly nudge in the right direction.

🎧 Check out The Writer’s Voice

10. The Writer Files

🎤 What We Love: The mighty creativity hacks for writers everywhere

📝 About the Podcast: Say hello to The Writer Files, hosted by your friendly neighborhood writer-detective, Kelton Reid. He here’s to unearth the secret recipes for productivity and creativity in the world of writing. Intrigued yet?

The guest list boasts the likes of John Scalzi, the genius behind “Old Man’s War”; Greg Iles, the flame of “Natchez Burning”; Jay McInerney, the illuminator of “Bright Lights, Big City”; and Kevin Kelly, the founding father of WIRED magazine.

Recent episodes includes titles like “How to Stay Creative with Bestselling Author Austin Leon” and “The Writer’s Brain on Productivity v. Creativity.” So grab your earbuds, get comfy, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of The Writer Files. It’s like a celebration for your creativity!

🎧 Check out The Writer Files

There we have it, 10 new podcasts for writers 2023 for you to check out and possibly add to your listen list. Let us know if we’ve helped you discover a new favorite and if you know of a great writing podcast we missed, help a fellow writer out and mention it!

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