How To Cash A Check Without ID? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]


Have a check but no ID? There are still some ways you can cash the check. Check out this guide for more information.

If someone has given you a check and you don’t have an ID, you might be wondering if there is still a way you can cash it and get your money. While it might be a little more complicated without an ID, it’s still possible to cash a check with no ID.


If you don’t have an ID, you can cash the check by signing it over to someone else, depositing it into your bank account, or using ATM check cashing.

You can do any of the above steps to cash a check without an ID. This article will go over the details and process more in detail so you know exactly how to get your money even though you might not have an ID.

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Do You Always Need An ID To Cash A Check?

In many cases, it can be easier to cash a check with an ID because it allows you to take the check into a number of different places and walk away with cash in hand. Unfortunately, there are many people in the United States that do not have any form of identification.

There are many different documents you can use as ID to cash a check. Some banks require certain forms of ID only, so it is always a good idea to call the bank and ask what is accepted. In general, any time you go to the bank, you should be ready to present your ID.

If you do not have an ID, though, there are still a few ways you can cash the check and gain access to the money.


Cashing A Check Without ID

IDs are often required to cash checks and perform other financial transactions. Having to present an ID makes it hard for people to cash checks when they are not the owner of the check. This protects people and their bank accounts and money.

However, If you are the owner of a check and do not have an ID or have lost your ID, it can make it hard to cash a check because banks want to make sure no one is stealing your money and doing scams.

Some use mobile apps to cash checks without their ID, but this can take several days or weeks to get your money which might not be okay if you are experiencing a hard financial situation and need money now.

The best ways to cash a check without an ID are to sign it over to someone you trust or to deposit it into your bank account and then withdraw the money later. Some ATMs also allow you to cash checks. You will need to check the bank to see if they allow this option.

What Are The Best Ways To Cash Check Without ID?

If you have your check and are ready to cash it in, here are the top three ways to do without an ID.

Depositing And Withdrawing

If you have a bank account, you can deposit it into your account. Most banks will only need the check and a deposit slip to put the check into your account. Since you are putting money in and not taking it out, no form of ID is required.

You will need to wait for the check to clear before you can withdraw the money. This could take three to five business days, depending on the bank. If it’s a cashier’s check, you will be able to address the money the next business day. Some banks also allow you access to a portion of the check, such as the first $100 before the check has completely cleared.

Once the full amount is available, you can withdraw the money. You do not need an ID to withdraw the money. You can just use your debit card. If you need to sign a paper inside the bank to withdraw the money, make sure it’s the same signature as the one you put on the back of the check.

ATM Check Cashing

ATMs allow you to deposit cash but also deposit checks. This feature is only available at some banks, though so you need to check with your bank and see if they allow you to cash a check through the ATM. There is also usually a limit as to how much money you can cash. Most banks cap it at $3000.

The remaining amount can be put into the checking account, and you can withdraw it later once it has cleared. You don’t need an ID for this method. You still need to sign the back of the check before putting it into the ATM.

Signing The Check Over

The last method you can use is signing the check over. It should only be a family member or friend that you trust. That way, you don’t need to worry about them stealing your money. You will sign it over by writing their name in the “Pay to the order” section. You should write their full name.

Then, the person to whom you signed it over can take their ID to the bank with the check and cash it. Their ID needs to match the name written on the check. The bank can then cash the check or deposit it, depending on their rules.

How Can I Cash A Check Without A Bank Account?

If you do not have a bank account or ID, the best way you can cash the check is by finding someone you trust and signing the check over to them. They can then cash it for you with their ID.

If you have an ID but no bank account, you can cash the check in the name of the bank that is listed on the check. You could also cash it at a retailer that cashed checks, such as certain department stores and grocery stores.

One of the most common places to cash checks is Walmart. They only allow certain types of checks to be cashed though, such as payroll checks, government checks, and insurance settlement checks. You can try taking the check to your local Walmart and seeing about getting it cashed.

You can also cash the check at a cash checking store. Lastly, you can deposit it at an ATM that has a prepaid account option or a check-less debit card account.

Keep in mind all these ways of cashing a check will be time-consuming and cost you fees. Sometimes the fee is only a few dollars, but they can add up over time if you are doing it every week.

If you need to cash checks regularly, you might want to consider opening a checking account as soon as possible. Saving money on fees can help you financially even more so than you think.

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Can I Use Apps To Cash A Without An ID?

There are some apps where you can cash a check without an ID, but they charge fees. You will also need a smartphone to be able to cash the check. Apps such as Ingo Money allow you to dash personal checks, business checks, and paychecks.

Mobile apps usually allow you to deposit cash as well into a bank account or a prepaid card. You can also put it in your PayPal account.

Your bank’s mobile app might also allow you to cash the check without your ID since you have all your log-in information and security questions through the app. Common banks like Chase Bank and Bank of America have mobile banking options where you cash checks with no ID.

What Form of ID Do I Need?

If you have decided that cashing checks without an ID is complicated and not something you can do long-term, you might want to consider getting an ID you can. Most banks take any form of government-issued ID like a passport, a driver’s license, or a military ID.

No matter what kind of ID you bring, it has to have a photo. You also can’t use an expired ID. Getting an ID does cost money, but it’s usually less than what you would end up spending on fees to cash and withdraw your checks.

In Closing

As you can see, cashing a check without an ID is possible. You need to use an ATM, deposit the money and wait a few days to withdraw it, or sign the check over to a person you trust and have them cash it for you. These are the main ways people use them.

You can also use banking apps or a mobile app from your bank if they have one. You might want to consider getting an ID if you can, as it will help you in the future with banking and financial information.

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