Started a profitable Faceless Youtube Channel. My Strategy was revealed! | by David, @journeypreneur


As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been dedicating some time to creating content on YouTube.

Started a profitable Faceless Youtube Channel. My Strategy was revealed!

My goal is to create content with my personal brand, David Journeypreneur, to boost the content I’ve been creating on the blog for a different type of audience (more visual). But along the way, I decided to start by creating niche content to improve my content creation skills, such as the ability to structure the script and content ideas, video editing, and voice recording. For this, I decided to create some YouTube channels where I don’t show my face, but just talk about the video’s theme. The progress has been interesting, and I will explain the process I have been following for creating these videos for my faceless channels.

For my first faceless channel, given my extensive knowledge of technological products, I decided to create a channel where I talk about the best tech products you can buy at the time. For example, the last video I created is called “Best Laptops You Can Buy for Less Than $500 in 2023 – Too Good to be True?”. I intend to create more content related to this type of niche, where I answer questions that users may eventually ask (as I discussed in the previous post, this is a key point in content creation).

Following this pattern, this type of content is essentially infinite, even though it is time-bound (i.e., a video about products of 2023 will not be useful for 2025, 2030, etc.); the content is not timeless. However, the advantage is that we have the opportunity to create long-term content because new technological products will continue to appear, and users’ new needs will continue to surface (be it budget limitations or specific needs of product features). Another advantage is that users often only look for certain ideas about products and are not concerned with who promotes them (unless it’s someone with a greater impact in the area, of course).


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