Where To Take Your Next Creative Adventure


Writer retreats are highly anticipated events that can give writers the boost they need to move forward in their next project. 

If you feel that the excitement of the new year has long worn off and you’re looking for a way to re-inspire yourself in your writing endeavors, you may want to look into writer retreats near you. Or, if you have the ability to travel, you might consider making an extended trip out of it. 


No matter where you are in your writing process, choosing the best writing retreat for your needs can help you continue toward your goals. 

What Are Writer Retreats? 

The goal of writer retreats is to to use dedicated writing time to progress any project in a supportive environment. Unlike writing conferences, retreats primarily focus on the activity of writing. When you attend a conference, the goal is usually multifaceted: 

  • Learn from the workshops you attend 
  • Pitch your project during appointments 
  • Network with other writers 

While writer retreats are a great place to network, their sole focus is to help you, the writer, get closer to the finish line in your work-in-progress. If you’re mid-project or need help getting started, here is a list of writer retreats you can attend no matter where you are in the world. 


Writer Retreats In 4 Regions

Writer retreats span the globe. Whether you find yourself living in the US, Canada, or across the pond in Europe or Asia, below are twenty writer retreat options for you to choose from. 

1. United States 

First, let’s take a look at five writer retreats in the United States. 


This nonprofit residency program offers over 100 residencies and various themed residencies. No matter which session you attend, you will experience:

  • Uninterrupted time for writing 
  • An environment built to support your goals 
  • Fifty acres of idyllic prairie
  • Community dinner every night


Looking for writer retreats based out of New York? Millay offers writer retreats that are both two and four weeks long. These residencies are geared for poets and creative fiction and nonfiction writers. 

Live Free And Write

Located in New England, this writers’ retreat offers both workshops to strengthen your writing abilities and extended time to put your newfound skills to work. 

Private Retreat In Maui

Join just one or two other writers and the retreat’s host in a private home. Surrounded by the scenes and scents of Hawaii, spend your mornings walking the beach and the rest of your day writing. 

Retreat and Create

Have you heard of writer retreats including massages and yoga? Look no further. This retreat offers solitary time to write, the option for community meals, and hiking to inspire you imagination. 

2. Canada

Next up, writer retreats in Canada. Whether you want to cross the border to attend or already reside there, these retreats could help your career.

Writers’ Trust

Writer retreats are frequently open to writers in any stage of the process. This retreat in Canada is aimed at writers who have a minimum of one professionally published book. If you’re looking to surround yourself with established writers and fit the criteria, this is for you.

Fireside Writing Retreat

This retreat offers the option of fireside feedback. While you have time to write on your own, you can spend the evenings with other writers in the firelight, swapping tips. 

Pulp Literature

Don’t have much time but want a brief getaway? This single day writing retreat gives you space to write, workshop your story, and of course, enjoy the wine and dine offerings.

Warbler’s Roost

Rent space at a discounted rate, surround yourself with other creatives in a peaceful environment, and write your book at Warbler’s Roost in Ontario.

Writers’ Residency

A two-week residency focused on poetry writers, this getaway is designed to help you take your writing to the next level in just two weeks.

3. Europe

Who doesn’t love a creative getaway in Europe? Let’s start in Greece.

Corfu, Greece Writer Retreats 

This six night, seven day retreat takes place in Greece, surrounded by just four to seven other writers. If you’re ready for tantalizing food and fantastic views, this writer retreat is for you. 

Tuscany, Italy

Targeted for both writers and aspiring writers, this week away in Tuscany will fuel your creative juices and help you focus on writing in a breath-taking environment. 

Loire Valley

Travel to rural France for peaceful writing sessions. Whether you’re a fiction writer, poet, songwriter, or academic, this retreat is for you. 


Writer retreats often offer one or two of the following, this one offers all three: Quiet time to write, workshops, and feedback sessions to aid your growth. 


This one week writer retreat helps you write your book in the time you spend in Mallorca. Are you on deadline? Sequester yourself on this island and crank out your novel! 

4. Asia

Last, but certainly not least, writer retreats throughout Asia.

Himalayan Writer Retreats 

Located in India, this retreat brings in professionals to teach you how to level-up your writing. If you can’t make the retreat in person, they offer online writing courses as well. 

Memoir Retreat 

This retreat encourages writers to bring their book ideas, first chapters, or even completed draft for feedback, and offer a wide array of idyllic locations for writing.

Write Your Journey

Set in Vietnam, this six day writing retreat provides you the atmosphere and leisure time to write your book. 

Business Writing Retreat

Writer retreats focused on the business aspect are few and far between, and this one is led by an author of six books who also provides business coaching. 

Koh Phangan, Thailand

This week-long retreat takes place on a tropical island. Its focus is to help you take large steps toward the completion of your book, wherever you may be in the process.

Why Attend Writer Retreats: Your Next Step To Success

If flying out of the country or even taking a week off work seems like a luxury you’re not sure you should take, don’t click away just yet. 

Most of us have some vacation time we can take, and even if traveling to one of the above retreats isn’t an option at this time, there is always the option of online writer retreats

If you can take the time off, but you’re not sure traveling to an aesthetic location can really balance out the other variables, consider these few points. Writer retreats:

  • Provide you a change of pace and environment to stimulate creativity 
  • Allow you to meet other like-minded creatives and network 
  • Create a space for you to write without distraction

Provided that you do have the option of going on a retreat this year, you may want to consider the pros of devoting time specifically to your writing. 

Yes, you can tell your friends and family you’ll be in your writing cave and not to disturb you, but we all know sometimes changing our location is the only way to eliminate distractions. 

Besides, you never know what ideas a change of scenery may inspire, what friends you may meet, or how restful writer retreats can be. Let us know if you decide to go on one, and which one you pick!

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