6 Ways To Influence A Massive Market


If you are looking for Christian writing work, you’re on the cusp of joining a writing niche that is in no way small.

The faith economy’s annual worth is $1.2 trillion. Much of this is due to writing. Christian writers contribute to the writing world in many ways, a few of which are via personal blogs, journalism, and writing faith-based books.


Contributing to Christian publications can be a fulfilling way to use your talents. In addition, if you’re hoping to transition out of your traditional 9-5 job, there are specific ways you can pursue full-time Christian writing work. In this article, I first define Christian writing work and then dive into five concrete steps you can take to get started. 

Christian Writing Work Defined 

Christian writing work centers on writing, drafting, and editing Christian copy for online or print publication. Whether you naturally gravitate toward online journalism or writing faith-based books, if you want to jump into Christian writing work, there is a place for you.

It takes writers of all backgrounds and talents to create a well-rounded market. In fact, there are many names you may recognize that make a living in Christian writing and whose work spans a plethora of genres and writing styles.


You may know Jerry B. Jenkins’ name from his well-known series, Left Behind. Katelyn Beaty is also a Christian writer, but she steers clear of fiction, taking a more journalistic approach. John Piper’s Christian writing work spans the continents in both book and digital form.

So wherever you find yourself, below are five ways you can get a foot in the door of Christian writing work.

6 Options To Get Started

Breaking into any industry can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. The good news is there are many different roads you can take to begin Christian writing work. No one option is better than another, it simply depends on what’s best for you and your writing goals. 


1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great first step into Christian writing work due to its availability to writers at various stages in their journey. If you are first starting out, you may want to create a simple website and list your services. This way, when you query potential clients, your website adds legitimacy to your request. 

There are also many blogs that hire freelancers and pay per word. Other publications pay per article. For instance, Chicken Soup For The Soul reportedly pays $250 per 1,200-word article, as well as free copies of the book itself. 

Christian writing work may feel difficult to get into, but once you send your first query, you’ve taken that first step. Freelancing is an extremely nonthreatening way to test the waters.

2. Start Your Own Blog

In an era of influencers, blogging is another opportunity to make a dent with Christian writing work. Sadie Robertson Huff (Duck Dynasty) is a celebrity influencer who uses blogging to reach her audience. Sarah Young (Jesus Calling) includes a blog on her author website.

You don’t need to have sold 30 million copies of your book to start a blog, however. In fact, both Sadie and Sarah lacked a writing platform earlier on.  While you can always query established bloggers and ask to guest blog, starting your own blog is a way to get started in Christian writing work. This low investment with potential for high influence is a nearly fail-proof way to get started. 

Don’t forget to blog regularly, whether a month or once a week, so your growing audience knows what to expect from you. As your audience list grows, your opportunity to monetize your blog will increase as well. 

3. Submitting to Paid Publications

Billy Graham started the vision behind the now well-known magazine, Christianity Today. This publication allows freelancers to query ideas, and if accepted, pays them for their article. There are many more paid publications you can check into as you pursue Christian writing work, and here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Query simultaneously
  • Send you best ideas
  • Include a few important credentials 
  • Be brief but efficient 
  • Track your progress 

A simple Excel spreadsheet or even a good notebook can help you document the responses you receive and the dates you queried which publications. 

4. Writing A Faith Book

Sharing your story or writing on faith-based topics is another great way to get into Christian writing work. You can choose to traditionally publish or self-publish your book and even launch a speaking career if your book does well. 

Authors often use books as the launching pad for their career, pulling quotes for social media, specific topics for speaking events, and even building entire online courses to go with the book.  

5. Christian Journalism 

For those with a more journalistic mindset, Christian journalism can be an exciting niche to tap into. You can publish your work in book form, host a podcast, or craft research articles on the current topics in Christianity. 

There are so many ways to use journalism in Christian writing work, and many people are paving the way forward in this area. If you have a background in journalism or are currently studying this writing form, you may want to explore the possibilities in this niche. 

6. Working With Authors

With millions of books published annually you can rest assured that ghost writers and editors are needed. Working with authors provides writers with a unique look at individual stories, provides a behind-the-curtain glimpse at authors’ lives, and can add credibility to their own Christian writing work. 

If you are interested in working with an author, whether editing their manuscript or helping them write it, you can start in a few ways:

  • Sit down with an editor and ask for advice 
  • Look for editing jobs at Christian publishing houses 
  • Add this service to your website and begin freelance editing

Working with authors is one way many well-established writers got into the business, and is a opportunity you can benefit from as well.

Your New Day Job in Christian Writing Work

Getting into Christian writing work is an exciting prospect. If you are a person of faith, pursuing this type of work is not only a helpful transition into a new career path, but distinctly fulfilling as well. 

Here comes the hard part. How do you take the above opportunities and translate them into steps you can take today? Below are a few possibilities that you can pursue with little time investment and zero financial investment: 

  • Build a free website with a template 
  • Email Christian writers in your network asking for advice
  • Browse the above links for paid freelance work
  • Follow this step-by-step process to write your book

Remember that just like any career shift, solidifying yourself in the industry takes time. Use your credentials to establish your credibility and keep in mind that slow and steady, over time, can yield great results. 

Before I leave you to get started, here is a simple mindset tip to focus on as you begin your journey: Treat your pursuit of Christian writing work like the day job you one day want it to be. Prioritize it, give it your all, and pursue it relentlessly. Best wishes out there! 

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