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I love how becoming an affiliate for a product or service you love is so bloomin’ easy. It’s a fab way of getting paid for the recommendations you make as part of your business and to add a little extra to your bottom line. I also find it helps to inspire new content too. Winner on all fronts, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, to assist you further in your affiliate marketing adventures, here’s the answers to your actual real-life questions all about that subject alone…



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Can anyone be an affiliate for any company?

Usually yes. As long as the company has a programme they’re quite cool about who joins. They may want you to have a website or a certain number of social followers, but this is fairly rare.

How do you become an affiliate?

Google is your best mate for this one. Just type in the brand name you’d like to represent followed by ‘partner programme’ or ‘affiliate programme’. Alternatively, use a platform (details below) and find suitable brands there instead.



What’s your favourite affiliate platform? is my favourite platform for finding brands to represent in your affiliate marketing. there’s loads to go at! When you join, you’ll be charged £5 to make sure you’re not a spammy pam, but you’ll get it back in your affiliate pay-outs. (this is an affiliate link btw – practicing what I preach!) Make sure to join and fill out the forms as a Publisher!



Do I need to have a strong following for affiliate marketing to be profitable?

You don’t need a massive audience no, but you do need at least some people who care about your recommendations.

My suggestion would be to consider this as part of a longer-term strategy so you can incorporate your links into evergreen content (video, blogs, etc.) now, and you benefit as your audience grows. Much better than going back to edit everything and add links later!


I’m a photographer so … amazon affiliate on the products I use…. i.e. , hard drives , cameras , lens , tripods?? Then do blogs? Vids? With the link???

This sounds like a plan, but only if your content is about teaching people how to take good photographs. If it’s not, then you’re not making the right recommendations.

Your affiliations need to be the natural next step for your customer. Think carefully about who you become affiliated with too. Make sure to like/love the products or services you’re promoting so you can speak passionately and authentically about them.

As far as the marketing process goes, blogging, videos, social posts, email and an online shop are all great places to put your affiliate links.


And that’s that. Do you have affiliate marketing questions? Find me on LinkedIn and let me know so I can answer them for you! Oh, and if you need extra help, the Passive Business Academy offers all things passive income for existing business (without the ‘ick’)


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