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The philosophy of doing more rather than doing better has always proved catastrophic for the ones who follow it.

Same goes true when it comes to Content Marketing.


It’s never about how much you produce, it’s always about how better you produce.

Even the biggest of brands find it a really daunting task to produce quality content and that too, at the same frequency.

Anyone who argues with this proven fact has either never done a content audit or is fooling himself.


Given the significance of quality content production at a constant frequency makes content marketing really important for those dealing in content marketing.

Difference Between Content Aggregation VS Content Curation

Content Aggregation VS Content Curation

In present times, when “creating more content” is nothing but a waste of resources which could be judiciously used for something better, content marketing comes handy saving your resources and time.


Content marketing consists of two important processes- Content Aggregation and Content Curation. That is 90% of your content marketing.

Content Aggregation is collecting other people’s information conveniently and using it to augment your original content, hence, giving it a broader perspective.

It is generally an automated process done with the help of content aggregator tools through keywords or specific criteria that you set as per your marketing strategy.

Content Curation, on the other hand, is a broader version of content aggregation. It is not just collecting information together for management purpose rather it is discovering relevant content from various sources so as to generate maximum engagement.

Unlike the wider expanses of content marketing, content aggregation & content curation does not include content generation. It just aims to amass the most relevant and engaging content from a variety of sources and presenting it in an organized fashion.

Leveraging Content Marketing For Business Marketing

I have been saying it again and again. Creating more content should not be the aim. Creating quality content should be.

This very basic idea will help you leverage content marketing efficiently for your business marketing objectives.

If you still don’t realize how to use content marketing for your business marketing, then the below-listed points may clear your clouds of doubts about it.

Come, let’s have a look.

1) Identify Your Marketing Platforms

That’s the first baby step for your content marketing strategy should be studying your target audience’s interest, search where they are most active, where can they encounter your presence the most, and other factors like that.

Having done that, decide the social media and multimedia platform where you want to post your content where it will get the maximum impressions, interactions, and engagement from your potential customer base.

2) Define your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should have clear, loud, and flexible goals. Defining the goals of your marketing strategy in the initial stages itself helps you to give a direction to your marketing journey.

But your marketing goals shouldn’t be rigid. With time, you learn more about the market, your customers, your competition, and the trends. Your marketing goals should be flexible enough to home these changing factors and evolve accordingly. This will always keep you ahead in the race.

3) Display User-Generated Content

One of the most important factors for any content marketing strategy is that your content must be welcomed and accepted by your target audience. It must resonate with the majority of your users and must be interesting and engaging enough to enhance the brand-user engagement.

Displaying user-generated content helps you display user experiences with your brand and showcase their stories. When your current or aspiring users see such user-generated content, it helps to generate trust among the minds of the users and help build a strong brand image.

4) Let Your Content Speak Your Brand’s Voice

Your content must speak your brand’s voice. Aggregating and curating the best and the most relevant user-generated content from multiple social media platforms through keywords, mentions, tagged, and other sources help you paint your content marketing campaign in the colors of your brand image and ideals.

When you display authentic content representing your brand, it helps you build a community around your brand. More your content represents your brand, more is the long-lasting influence of your brand on the users interacting with your brand.

Over To You

Content marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy.

The above-mentioned tips will help you a long way in optimizing your content marketing strategy and boost user engagement with your brand and spread the brand awareness you have been long waiting for.

Let us know in the comments below what’s your experience with content curation or content aggregation or if you think it can help your business if you don’t use them already!

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