Ampli Review: A Legit Cashback App that’s Worth It?


Before we get to the actual Ampli review, for our Canadian readers, I just want to mention how happy I am to be able to share a review of cashback apps that our Canadians readers can also use to earn extra cash.

Most rewards sites tend to focus on people living in the U.S.  I get questions on social media from our readers in Australia, Canada, India, the U.K. and other countries asking about sites that pay residents of those countries. So I’m happy companies are starting to open up to those markets.


Anyway, if you’ve been a long time reader of MoneyPantry, you know we love Cashback websites and apps like Drop, Ibotta, Rakuten and Fluz since they are great for saving money on everyday purchases.

There are lots of gas, general items and grocery rebates apps out there, and if you’re considering trying a new one, you may have come across Ampli, the subject of this review.

In today’s post, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the app from how it works to how it pays. And, we’ll cover whether or not the app is legit and worth using.

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What is Ampli?

Ampli is a Canadian cashback app. With it, customers can earn rebates on everyday items.

Cashback is paid in real Canadian dollars. There are no points. You just get cash from the outset.

Ampli by Avion Rewards is a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada.


How Does Ampli Work?

Ampli gives you cashback on your purchases. Here’s how it works.

Step One: Download the app & connect your bank account

You can download the Ampli app by entering your phone number on the Ampli website.

Once you sign up through the Ampli by Avion Rewards app, you will get an email in your inbox. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account successfully.

You can learn more about how to activate your Ampli account here.

You will need to connect your Canadian debit and credit cards to Ampli in order to earn cashback.

You can securely connect debit and credit cards from more than 130 Canadian financial institutions to Ampli. By connecting your bank account, Ampli will be able to match your purchases with eligible offers.

Step Two: Shop and earn cashback

Simply shop and you’ll earn cashback. Just pay with your connected bank accounts online and in-store at participating brands. Cashback is added to your Ampli balance within 5 business days. The cashback you earn is on top of other credit card rewards or loyalty programs that you participate in.

Simply use your linked cards to shop at partner brands listed in the EARN screen of the app and Ampli will automatically match your purchases with active offers.

On top of the rebates you earn when shopping at partner brands, you also get access to Featured Offers for more earnings. Be sure to check out the company’s marketing emails and act fast as many are limited-time offers.

Step Three: Cash out

Once your Ampli account balance reaches $15, you can cash out your earnings. You can get paid by Interac e-transfer, which arrives within 3 to 5 business days.

Is Ampli Legit?

Ampli is a legit company that’s powered by RBC. The company says that it upholds RBC’s strict security practices to ensure that your personal information is always protected.

You can safely connect your bank account to Ampli. It uses world-class card connecting technology to ensure your data is safe and secure. This secure connection gives the company read-only access to your transactions when you connect your bank account.

Your data is secure. Ampli uses RBC’s leading security practices to protect your data from being exposed.

Your data is private. Ampli doesn’t view your login credentials and your personal information is always encrypted, appearing as a complex list of letters and numbers.

Your data is anonymous too. Your transactional data is anonymized. The company removes user identity before analyzing it.

Overall, Ampli is a legit cashback app that’s safe to use.

Ampli Pros & Cons

In this section, I’ll cover the pros and cons of Ampli so that you can decide whether this cashback app is for you.


Here are the pros of Ampli:

  • Allows you to earn money passively.
  • Relative low cash out requirement.
  • Allows you to earn real cash.
  • It’s powered by the RBC, so it’s legit.
  • You can stack cashback with other loyalty programs.
  • It features a wide variety of partner stores.


Here are the cons of Ampli:

  • You have to shop at Ampli partner stores for the app to be worth your time. If you don’t really shop at any of the stores featured on the app, then it won’t be a good cashback app for you.

How Much Does Ampli Pay?

How much you earn from Ampli will depend on the number of cashback offers you get and how much each one provides. For example, if you get cashback at 10 stores, you’ll earn more than if you were to get cashback at just two stores. And, if you were to get 25% cashback at a store, you’d earn more than if you were to get 2% cashback at the store.

Cashback offers change, so it’s best to check the app to see what rates are available to you at the current time.

Some previous examples from this Redditor of cashback offers available at Ampli include:

  • 2% cashback on all DoorDash orders over $25.
  • 15% cashback on purchases at Pet Valu.
  • $5 cashback on a $25+ purchase at Michaels.
  • $5 cashback on a $65+ spend at Sephora.


In this section, I’ll provide answers to some common questions people have about Ampli.

How does Ampli pay you?

Ampli pays you by Interac e-Transfer. Interac e-Transfer is a Canadian funds transfer service between personal and business accounts in participating banks and other financial institutions. It’s offered through the Interac Corporation.

What stores work with Ampli?

You can earn cashback from Canadian and global brands, such as:

  • Petro-Canada
  • DoorDash
  • Lowe’s
  • Michaels
  • Landmark Cinemas
  • Adidas
  • Microsoft
  • Sephora

You can find a complete list of Ampli partners visit the EARN screen within the app.

Who can join Ampli?

You must be 18 years old and reside in Canada to join Ampli. The app is not available in the United States or other countries.

How does Ampli make money?

Ampli doesn’t specifically say how it makes money. There are some theories though.

In addition to offers that are visible to all Ampli members, some of the company’s offers are customized, which is why you may see different offers than another Ampli member.

These offers are customized based on member spending habits and activity within the app.

So, Ampli could make money from reviewing this purchase history, since it’s valuable consumer spending data.

Also, Ampli partners with retailers who may pay for market exposure, and Ampli passes part of those profits onto you the consumer.

These are just theories though as Ampli doesn’t divulge how it makes money.

Who owns Ampli?

Ampli is owned and operated by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). RBC is Canada’s largest bank.

Closing Thoughts

Ampli provides you with an easy way to earn cashback on your everyday purchases. Very little effort is required to earn cashback with Ampli. All you need to do is link your cards and use them to pay for your purchases at a participating store. It’s that simple.

You of course have to be comfortable sharing your cards with the company. As I mentioned above though, Ampli is a legit platform powered by the RBC and it ensures that your data is kept safe and secure.

Overall, if you’re looking to earn cashback with little effort, Ampli is a great choice.

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