12 Amazing Work from Home Jobs That Provide Free Equipment


Many companies have evolved from the traditional work environment and are now facilitating a virtual workspace. To ensure remote staff are fully engaged, companies provide free equipment to create a more comfortable work from home environment. 

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Here are 12 companies that provide free equipment:


1. Amazon

As the most famous e-commerce company, Amazon hires remote workers for jobs in sales, customer service, HR, business, software development, and other departments. The company provides workers with free equipment that includes an Amazon-owned laptop, headset, and ethernet adaptor to help carry out there duties easily from home. 

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2. American Express

Another large global company, American Express, is a financial corporation that encourages workplace flexibility. If you have customer service experience, working knowledge of risk analysis, sales, and accounts development check their website for job listings. They offer to pay your monthly fees for high speed internet. 

3. Automattic

Automattic is a remote tech company known for creating popular software platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Jetpack, and Cloudup among others. Work from home staff receive free equipment that includes a productive home office setup and a generous co-working allowance. 


You can apply for online positions in engineering, sales, HR, business development, finance, design, and customer service. 

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4. Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media management company and a user-friendly social media scheduling app that employs staff in engineering, customer service, and software development.

As a remote member of staff, Buffer provides laptops, security software, handbooks, and compensation for internet expenses for you to carry out your work. Sign up to their mailing list for the most current job openings. 


5. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a business that enables companies to meet their buyers easily creating a space for productivity and job satisfaction. They are always hiring for remote positions in customer success, data, marketing, people operations, quality assurance, and more. 

Work from home staff is given any free equipment or software required for individual jobs and you can be located anywhere in the world.

6. Convertkit

If you are familiar with the email application by Convertkit then you might also be aware that they are a fully remote company and are always on the lookout for tech staff. 

You can check out their careers page for what online jobs are currently available. If you are based in the US, you are provided with an equipment allowance and additional equipment allowance every two years for updates.

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7. Hilton

Hilton the popular and global hotel chain recruits for remote positions that cover customer service, data engineers, marketing managers, and more. 

They offer flexible work hours, and you will receive a small computer and peripherals such as a headset, mouse, and a USB drive. You can search all the remote jobs that are available and sign up on their careers page. 

Link to job board – https://jobs.hilton.com/us/en/career-areas-wfh

8. FlexJobs

This remote recruitment company helps thousands of people to obtain work from home jobs. They also at times require remote workers for their company in positions such as research, marketing, writing, and computer engineering. 

An allowance is provided for all your office requirements. For instance, office equipment, furniture, use of a co-working space, and even snack subscriptions. Sign up at FlexJobs now.

9. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a company that provides customer service solutions to various industries. They have both face-to-face and remote job openings as customer representatives, technical support, quality assurance specialists, and sales and purchasing account managers within insurance, healthcare, and other divisions. 

There are a number of benefits working for Teleperformance including receiving paid training and you are also reimbursed for setting up a work from home office. 

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10. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings operates as a leisure travel company that markets and sells vacation and cruise packages to persons who wish to travel. They offer remote jobs in areas of sales and negotiation, customer service, and IT. 

Once you sign up and are successfully recruited you will receive a computer, webcam, headset, and setup cost. 

11. Zapier 

Zapier is a company that provides tools that help automate workflows and is used by firms to maximize productivity. Persons from international countries can apply for jobs in business and operations, insights and design, engineering, and marketing. 

Staff are given free computer equipment, software, healthcare, and a competitive salary. 

12. 10Up 

10Up is a digital agency specializing in creating websites, apps, and tools for large companies. They hire engineers, systems architects, web strategists, and project managers globally. Remote staff are given free equipment allowance to purchase tools for the job along with a flexible work schedule.

Final Thoughts

As you go through this extensive list you will see that you have many options to start working from home even if you personally do not have the necessary equipment. It also means that you get to save money as you will not need to pay for any upfront costs or will be fully and quickly reimbursed if you do have to spend on home office equipment,

I hope you find this list helpful in finding a remote job that provides free equipment.

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