I’m starting multiple niches micro-startups and I will sell my only Saas business | by David, @journeypreneur | Jul, 2023


Hey Solopreneurs. If you follow me regularly, you’ll have noticed that I am consistently working on ways to generate more traffic in a scalable and easily monetizable manner.

Lately, I have been working on my new YouTube channel (to be honest, I’m still at a very early stage, I need to improve the way I create video content), but in parallel, I decided to create multiple sites focused on specific niches.

I’m starting multiple niches micro-startups and I will sell my only Saas business

My motivation to focus on niche sites comes from starting to follow various solopreneurs who have indeed achieved success by creating these websites, making it possible to leave their 9–5 jobs. These are some examples that inspire me to dedicate myself to my niche projects:

  • @NicheSiteLady: She is perhaps one of the people who most inspired me to start focusing on niche projects. More specifically, she created blogs in which she talks and explores different topics (travel, gaming, etc…). I follow her on Twitter and her newsletter, and she speaks very transparently about both the way she develops her projects and the results of each of her projects. She doesn’t make it seem like everything is easy, but she shows that everything is possible if we maintain focus and consistency. And more importantly, not giving up at the first attempt (as she mentions several times, she regrets having given up on her first attempt in 2012 when she didn’t achieve the expected results at the beginning). Interestingly, like me, she is also creating her own YouTube channel. The monetization of these blogs is primarily through Ads, Sponsors, and Affiliate Sales.
  • @levelsio: He is a young solopreneur who has developed various projects also dedicated to market niches. However, his projects do not focus on creating content, but rather, on automating content. He became known through sites RemoteOK.com and NomadList.com, focusing on the audience that wants to find remote jobs and those who want to follow a digital nomad lifestyle (respectively). On these sites, he doesn’t create the content, but rather automates the creation of content, either through User-Generated Content for listing remote jobs or through data processing to present the best places to work remotely. Each…

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